Friday, April 13, 2012


Just Follow The White Signs is the debut album by ROOM732, and it features instrumental music that is filled with sound textures from the world  of ambient and new age music. The difference here is that ROOM732 takes it to the next level.

ROOM732’s music not only has depth, but also pulse and edge. The music in Just Follow The White Signs is put together by small journeys of moods and sound stories. Each individual track appears with its own sound pattern and safely melts together with the rest of the tracks in a thread of sound and rhythm.

What you’ll find here are classic chill out vibes with Brian Eno-esque production traits that carries you on a pleaseant wave, and along the way you will hear touches of Trentemoller, Jonsi, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, as well as Cold Play. The title of the debut album Just Follow the White Signs, is an invitation to relax, and to let the sounds be the white signs that guide your experience in your intimate space.
ROOM732 is the creation of Frank Gustafson, and through the creative maniplulation of sound, combined with regular conventional instrumentation (such as guitars, keyboards, and percussion), he has created ROOM732’s 'studio music' as he likes to call it.

Gustafson’s road to ROOM732 has been a long path through various forms of expression, including theatre, dance, film, photography, painting, and writing. Over the years music has become a more and more profound factor. Today music is the art-form in which he feels that he can express his soul in the most direct way.


Skytte said...

Jeg er enig i anmeldelsen af " ROOM 732- just follow the white signs" .

Der er dybde,puls,store følelser i musikken, som fortæller , små historier. Man kommer vidt omkring.

Man slapper af, og kommer ud på en lille rejse i musikkens verden.

Annette Theresa said...

Sounds great! A true storyteller! Can't get enough of it.


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