Wednesday, April 04, 2012


The Polish-born vocalist, who began her career with hits throughout Europe by Matt Bianco and then made the transition to become a very successful solo artist in the '90s, is in stunning form at this recent concert recorded in Lodz, Poland. As well as hits such as "Promises", "New Day For You" and "Cruising For Bruising", Basia also performs "Astrud" (about Astrud Gilberto) and the new studio recordings "Wandering" and "From Newport to London". Danny White, who also began with Basia in Matt Bianco, is again her musical director, producer and co-writer. The album also includes three brand new exclusive studio recordings. Jazz FM

1. Third Time Lucky (Live)
2. Drunk On Love (Live)
3. Cruising For Bruising (Live)
4. How Dare You (Live)
5. If Not Now Then When (Live)
6. Love Lies Bleeding (Live)
7. I Must (Live)
8. Astrud (Live)
9. New Day For You (Live)
10. A Gift (Live)
11. An Olive Tree (Live)
12. From Now On (Live)
13. Promises (Live)
14. Time and Tide (Live)
15. Copernicus (Live)
16. There's A Tear (Acoustic Version)
17. Wandering
18. From Newport To London

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