Thursday, April 19, 2012


Reclaiming the innocence of the past with new passion, the a cappella ensemble Street Corner Renaissance’s Life Could Be A Dream, is just that… a dream! Group founder, Maurice Kitchen, successful insurance professional, quit his job and joined forces with Torre Brannon Reese (community youth advocate), Kwame Alexander (minister), Tony Snead (legal assistant) and Sonny Banks (transportation worker). “I just didn't want to die, a claims adjuster.” The only claim Maurice is making these days is, “We’ve closed the generation gap for vibrant Baby Boomers who dare to dream the impossible dream yet again.” Together they have created their unique style of Doo Wop, R&B and Jazz.

Life Could Be A Dream a feel-good album featuring 17 songs with a special guest appearance from Wally Roker (bass singer from The Heartbeats). From the title track (also known as “Sh-boom”), “Hit the Road Jack,” and “Earth Angel” to more contemporary songs like “Billy Jean” and “Love Train,” to the Gospel anthems “Change Is Gonna Come” and “Jesus Gave Me Water,” these five talented gentlemen will leave you transfixed by their flawless harmonies and contagious whimsy. After all, they’re “theme” uses the melody from “Meet The Flintstones.” The group thrills audiences throughout the U.S. at festivals, arts centers, cruises and nightclubs. Sharing the stage with Take 6, George Duke, Patti Austin, Kool and the Gang and Boyz II Men. Look forward to the past with Street Corner Renaissance!
~ Scott O’Brien //

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