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Together with Steely Dan, James Taylor and Christopher Cross, Michael Franks belongs to the rare category of the best California sound songwriters. His early influences were rock and blues, but Michael Franks has rapidly added jazz and funk touches to his music. He has been often compared to Mose Allison and he is also a huge Antonio Carlos Jobim fan. He wrote a song to him as a tribute to him, “Antonio’s Song” and a full -LP entitled Abandonned Garden in 1995. Michael Franks’ musical alchemy is unique : Jazz, pop, funk, bossa-nova, soft-rock, fusion...

In 38 years and 18 albums, he has collaborated with the greatest jazz & pop musicians. The list is endless : Wilton Felderr (The Crusaders), Larry Carlton, David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, Jeff Lorber, Vinnie Colaiuta, Joe Sample, Steve Gadd… Same thing for producers, including Tommy Lipuma.

This new Box Set offers the best of Michael Franks on 5 CDs focusing on 4 themes. The fifth CD contains the rare and mythical live recording of Michael Franks with Crossfire, available on CD vinyl replica format.

Combining substance (73 track including unreleased and rare tracks) with form (4CD Box Set + 1 CD vinyl replica), RHINO FRANCE delivers the ultimate Graal to the artist’s fans and everyone in search of two redeeming values : musical sophistication and the care for details.

The set ibncludes 73 Remastered Tracks on 5-CDs, featuring unreleased tracks, rarities & many more…
Also features the much sought-after album Michael Franks With Crossfire Live available on CD vinyl replica format, and a 16- page booklet with a foreword by Michael Franks and track-by-track liner notes + photos. The entire Box Set was supervised by Michael Franks


  • “Coming Home To You” : Taken from the “Author Author” original soundtrack. Track composed by Dave Grusin and Marylin & Alan Bergman . Never released on CD !!
  • “Jealousy” – Geyster Remix – (Previously Unreleased) . Unreleased “Jealousy” remix by Geyster. This remix was based on the original multi-track tapes. A killer electro-soft rock track not to be missed !
  • “Blue Pacific” –Alternate Version- (Previously Unreleased) . A wonderful version featuring a different line-up from the original album track. With Joe Sample , Larry Carlton , John Guerin & Freddy Washington.
  • “This Will Never Do” (Previously Unreleased) . Taken from the musical Noa Noa. As good as a Michael Franks classic.
  • “Somewhere in the Rain” . Taken from the rare Over The Sky, Yuming International Cover Album only released in Japan.
  • “I Bought You A Plastic Star For Your Aluminium Tree” . Alternative version of the Watching the Snow album Track. Previously available on the Jazz Christmas Party compilation.
  • Bob Mintzer with Michael Franks : “Foolish Heart” . Michael guests on saxophonist Bob Mintzer’s beautiful LP.
  • Anri With Michael Franks : “Antonio’s Song / The Rainbow” . Taken from Japanese superstar Anri’s Angel Whisper album. A great interpretation of the Michael Franks’ classic.
  • Me Phi Me with Michael Franks : “(Think…) Where Are You Goin” . Amazing Michael Franks collaboration with the hip-hop/R&B 90’s band. A true vocal wonder.
  • Joe Sample with Michael Franks : “Leading Me back To You” . Michael Franks featuring on Joe Samples’ Spellbound album. A 80’s jazz-fusion classic.
  • Besides being a great interpreter, Michael Franks is most of all a dedicated composer. Also included are two covers of Michael’s classics in this boxset : “Popsicle Toes” by The Manhattan Transfer and “Nightmoves” by Dee Dee Bridgewater .
Pop & Funky Grooves
01 Can’t Seem To Shake This Rock ‘n’ Roll 4:20
02 Born With The Moon In Vergo 6:13
03 Monkey See, Monkey Do 3:35
04 B’wana-he No Home 4:57
05 When The Cookie Jar Is Empty 5:09
06 All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go) 3:48
07 Jealousy 3:38
08 Laughing Gas 3:26
09 Alone At Night 4:24
10 When Sly Calls (Don’t Touch That Phone) 5:52
11 Your Secret’s Safe With Me 4:40
12 Woman In The Waves 5:59
13 Barefoot On The Beach 5:05
14 Somehow Our Love Survives 5:01
15 Practice Make Perfect 4:55
16 Now That Your Joystick’s Broke 2:46
17 The Dream 5:16

Jazz & Exotic Summer
01 Monk’s New Tune 5:42
02 Hearing «Take Five» 5:41
03 Don’t Be Blue 3:31
04 When You Smiled At Me 5:04
05 Popsicle Toes 4:36
06 Sanpaku 4:15
07 Eggplant 3:38
08 Sometimes I Just Forget To Smile 3:53
09 Mice 5:27
10 Rendezvous In Rio 5:37
11 The Way We Celebrate New Year’s 6:24
12 Under The Sun 5:27
13 Tell Me About It 4:27
14 Tahitian Moon 4:37
15 Like Water, Like Wind 5:19
16 The Art Of Love 4:12

Soft & Cool School
01 Dragonfly Summer 5:04
02 Nightmoves 4:04
03 Lotus Blossom 4:20
04 The Lady Wants To Know 4:46
05 On My Way Home To You 4:52
06 Living On The Inside 5:40
07 String Of Pearls 4:33
08 One Day In St. Tropez 5:19
09 Hourglass 4:46
10 Rainy Night In Tokyo 4:42
11 Never Say Die 3:34
12 All I Need 4:48
13 Like Moon Behind A Cloud 6:24
14 Blue Pacific 5:00
15 Still Life 4:15
16 The Cool School 5:48

Rarities & Previously Unreleased Tracks + Duets & Some Covers
01 Coming Home To You 3:59
02 Jealousy -Geyster Remix- (Previously Unreleased) 4:20
03 Blue Pacific -Alternate Version- (Previously Unreleased) 4:54
04 This Will Never Do (Previously Unreleased) 5:29
05 Somewhere In The Rain 5:52
06 I Bought You A Plastic Star For Your Aluminum Tree 4:57
07 Foolish Heart Bob Mintzer with Michael Franks 5:24
08 Antonio’s Song / The Rainbow Anri with Michael Franks 5:33
09 Leading Me Back To You Joe Sample with Michael Franks 5:07
10 (Think…) Where Are You Goin? Me Phi Me with Michael Franks 4:32
11 Ladies’ Nite Michael Franks with Bonnie Raitt 4:11
12 When I Give My Love To You Michael Franks with Branda Russel 4:25
13 Now Love Has No End Michael Franks with Valerie Simpson 6:14
14 Island Christmas Michael Franks with Veronica Nunn 5:45
15 Popsicle Toes The Manhattan Transfer 4:12
16 Nightmoves Dee Dee Bridgewater 3:11

Michael Franks with Crossfire : Live
01 Don’t Be Blue 3:43
02 When the Cookie Jar is Empty 6:35
03 The Lady Wants to Know 5:50
04 B’Wana-He No Home 4:35
05 Chain Reaction 4:20
06 Antonio’s Song 4:38
07 Monkey See, Monkey Do 6:10
08 Popsicle Toes 4:35

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