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B.B. King live in Japan – really cooking here on a concert performance that's quite different from his other live records of the time! The set's a double-length one – originally a 2LP set – and most tracks are nice and long, with lots more room for solos from B.B. – stretching out wonderfully in front of a crowd that's clearly going out of their minds – almost as enthusiastic, at least in the way they're recorded, as the Apollo crowd at a James Brown performance! Although not issued in the US at the time, the material is essential BB King – really great tracks that are some of the best he recorded in the 70s. Titles include "Jamming At Sankei Hall", "Hikari", "Chains & Things", "You Are Still My Woman", "Niji Baby", "How Blue Can You Get", and "Eyesight To The Blind". (SHMCD pressing.) ~ Dusty Groove


Sweet sweet sweet soul from The Moments, and one of their rare early albums for the Stang label! The tracks are all beautiful New Jersey harmony soul, of the sort that The Moments and others put on the charts in a large way during the early 70s – and the band's smoothing their act up a bit, but still has some of the roughness that makes the best New Jersey soul albums so compelling! Of course, Sylvia Robinson probably had something to do with that – as she was still just hitting her stride in the studio – finding a great way to present the group with all the fragility of their earliest years, but also a bit more punch than usual. Titles include their hit "Love On A Two Way Street", a surprisingly great cover of "Rocky Raccoon", and other nice ones like "So This Is Our Goodbye", "I Do", "Key To My Happiness", and "Lovely Way She Loves". ~ Dusty Groove

EDDIE HOLMAN - A NIGHT TO REMEMBER   A wonderful late 70s comeback for Eddie Holman – best known to folks for his earlier sweet soul work, but sounding equally great here on a set of club-heavy tracks! Although Eddie's falsetto soul might have seemed like a strange choice for the disco-oriented Salsoul label, this album actually works well – and stands as a good representation of the shifts in styles along the East Coast soul scene during the 70s. Eddie's voice is still in great shape, and he's great on the ballads like "You Make My Life Complete", "Immune To Love", and "It's Over" – but he also fits in great with the more up-tempo tracks, which were arranged and produced by Ron Baker and Norman Harris! Titles include "Time Will Tell", "All My Life", and the title cut, "This Will Be A Night To Remember". CD's got some killer bonus tracks – including "This Will Be A Night To Remember (orig Tom Moulton 12" mix)", "Time Will Tell (orig Tom Moulton 12" mix)", "You Make My Life Complete (orig single)", "Somehow You Make Me Feel (orig single)", and "I've Been Singing Love Songs (background vocals)". ~ Dusty Groove



Flyer features the compelling, virtuosic performances of Jeremy Powell on tenor sax, Ian Goodman on drums, and Mark Neuenschwander on bass. Tom composed the tunes and the quartet brings them to life in an exciting way. The hard work of recording engineer, Steve Connelly, of Zen Studios in St. Petersburg, and the legendary mastering engineer Bob Katz, located in Orlando, contribute to a high quality audio experience. Flyer also includes two of Tom's solo acoustic tunes, including the title track and "Changes in the Instant."


Anthony's voice has been described as both tough and vulnerable. His songs move from swagger and swing to sweet and luscious. Marc Myers (journalist, author, historian, founder JazzWax, and contributor to the Wall Street Journal) writes crisply, "Dig the voice!" Anthony says, "My goal is to write and record music with melodies and lyrics with deference to those that comprise the American songbook." The music has been called sophisticated by some. Others in the music industry have described the songs as, "filled with passion and wonderful surprises". Of course, the eye is of the beholder (or of the ear in this case). What is not subjective is that the musicians in the recordings are consummate professionals with impressive backgrounds. Their resumes include playing with such diverse notables as Frank Sinatra, Les Paul, Elvis Presley, Olivia Newton-John, Stan Getz, Buddy Rich, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago, Lionel Hampton Big Band, and other prominent names and bands in the music industry, as well as performing in Broadway stage productions. Anthony concludes, "I hope that jazz enthusiasts, and those with an ear for pop music, will take the opportunity to listen and judge for themselves".


In this most recent endeavor by Tim Chokan, he continues to do his part to keep the Trumpet alive and make it cool again. Tim presents his Collection No. 5, "The Fun One" - A Smooth Jazz Quartet with Trumpet, bass, keyboards/synthesizers, and drums ! smooth Old School Soul inspired jazz that is fresh, funky, and FUN!! With a shout out to the acoustic guitar, "The Fun One" features two special guest guitarists: Kevin Chokan on track two, the slick "Highway Man", and track thirteen, the old school "Bootsey". Also, Perry Heinitz on the beautiful track six, "5 Jazz", with the Harmon Mute on the Trumpet. Also, the melody of track three, "Jazz Dance", was inspired by Solomon Burke, Jr.
, the son of the King of Rock and Soul, Solomon Burke. "The Fun One", instrumental, original, contemporary smooth jazz music that appeals to everyone young and old, fifteen songs that will pick you up and get you going, all with the intention of having Fun!

~ CD Universe

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The Hammer Klavier Trio is jazz as it lives and breathes today. Three bright musicians use acoustic and electric instruments in a fun and unfussy concoction of classical jazz and contemporary rhythms that feels right for this moment. Their quirky and earnest melodies, sharp rhythms and hipster attitudes acknowledge with appreciation jazz's recent and older past, but are inspired not fettered by it. In fact, it frees them. So HKT keyboardist Boris Netsvetaev adds an edgy touch of electronics on "Hysterioso," his variant of Thelonius Monk's "Mysterioso," for no other reason than because it brings a smile, and the groove cut by bassist Philipp Steen and drummer Kai Bussenius is in step with how people move.

And the rest of Rocket in the Pocket demonstrates equal confidence, though after the lyrical, impressionism a la Bill E vans feel of "A Sketch in Dark Colours" you don't expect the dirty Fender Rhodes distortion effect Boris employs in his solo on "Suicide Train." Or Philipp's lead bass part on "Tekla," with Boris' haunting backdrop of a voicing. Or the free-time episode at the center of "Plan B," followed by chordal figurations reminiscent of a Herbie Nichols composition. But you accept it all, since these three clearly know what they're doing, and it's exciting.

Those are two reasons why the Hammer Klavier Trio has made many a strong impression and won an ever broadening fan base since forming at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater in 2002, where its members first met at a concert of the Joe Lovano-Bill Frisell-Paul Motian trio. The genuine originality of St. Petersburg-born Netsvetaev's compositions and arrangements, and the sensitive flexibility by which Steen and Bussenius make the music their own are two more. The intriguing drama and engaging playfulness heard throughout this album, though, are the main things. No other explanation is necessary to enjoy this music than hearing "Rocket in the Pocket," the album's title track. It shows off what HKT weaves together and how. A backbeat as funky as any in-crowd needs, a motor goosing Boris' elegantly precise and unerringly decisive piano line, Steen and Bussenius synchronizing their parts into an irresistible rhythm. Happy surprise! You can dance to it!

Good music wins out: the path from the release of HKT's 2008 recording debut Now I Know Who Shot J. F. K. to the issue of Rocket in the Pocket has been marked by positive steps. These include the trio's iœberjazz festival set, a clip of which can be seen on Youtube. The Jazz Journalists Association nominated the video for a 2011 Jazz Award, and digging the music too, featured HKT at its annual Jazz Awards gala at City Winery that June. The trio developed the opportunity to perform before the jazz media elite into an NYC mini-tour that reached NYC's hard-core aficionados, with gigs at Small's, Miles Cafe, the Garage, Puppet's in Brooklyn and the German General Consulate.

HKT was welcomed everywhere. "When's your next recording?" people asked. Here it is, Rocket in the Pocket. Launch and soar.

~ Howard Mandel, president, Jazz Journalists Association

Friday, December 28, 2012


Voyage features Smooth Jazz Chart-topping trumpeter Rick Braun and internationally renowned multi-instrumentalist Mino Cinelu on percussion (Miles Davis, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Sting). We think this album is a landmark on the smooth jazz scene. It is energetic with full sounding arrangements and captivating percussion grooves. No band other than Groove55 can swing the funk as well as this.

The first track from their new album Voyage is called "Feeling Good". It features Rick Braun on trumpet, and Mino Cinelu on percussion.

"Black Market" is Groove55's interpretation of a composition by the late Joe Zawinul. "Black Market" was on the album of the same name which came out in 1976. Joe Zawinul is best known for his crossover radio hits "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" and "Birdland".

Track three from Voyage is called "Pick Me Up". It's just a fun groove intended to be somewhat reminiscent of the traditional funk tune with horns, but treated with a modern touch. The solid and steady rhythm section makes you tap your feet while listening, truly a ''picker upper'' of a song. "Pick Me Up" is a composition by our bass player, Yves Nadeau.

The melody in "Hornets" seemed a perfect match for Rick Braun's mute trumpet. Yves Adam plays the Alto sax on this one, and the two instruments blend perfectly.

The recipe for "Secret Weapon" is some cool trumpet, a good helping of groove, a pinch of swing and a dash of espionage for spices.

"Cotton Candy" speaks of Duke (Edward Kennedy) Ellington, the cotton club and the swing era. Born in 1899, The Duke wrote over 1000 compositions and in the century since his birth, there probably has been no greater composer. He was know for his eloquence, his charisma and his innovative use of the big band format.

"White Sneakers" was composed by bassist Yves Nadeau, after listening to a number of bass players originated from Africa. Although the song is better described as world music, Yves idea was to capture the energy and the rhythm of African music. Daniel Lemay's drum on this song is scintillating.

"Maiden Voyage" is a composition by Herbie Hancock and features a fantastic percussion solo by Mino Cinelu, as well as a bass solo by Yves Nadeau, and also puts into light the exceptional playing of the clarinet by Yves Adam. "Maiden Voyage" is considered a standard with its uplifting melody.

"Colors" is a cool groove with a catchy melody that will stay with you throughout the day.

"Fly By" is a short portrait of a jazz improvisation with a hint of funk in the background.

~ CD Universe


"The Reckoning" is a uniquely varied body of work, consisting of a mixture of original compositions and arrangements of infrequently recorded tunes in the jazz repertoire. As has become the standard for my prior recordings, stylistic variety is ever-present within this collection of songs. While seeking to create music that is inviting to a wide variety of listeners, my hard bop roots are front and center in the flavor and spirit of the album. The original compositions on the album strongly reflect the influence of this period of jazz history on my musicianship, consisting of tunes that are substantive yet relatable to many.

The arrangements of per-existing tunes represent personal favorites from the catalogs of jazz giants Kenny Dorham and Hank Mobley. In keeping with the edgy, hard-bop spirit of my work, I sought the assistance of the best musicians in New York to help in bringing my music to life. I enlisted the help of NYC jazz standouts Greg Gisbert on trumpet, Hammond B3 Organist Pat Bianchi, and the incomparable Lewis Nash on drums. The caliber of musicians joining me on the album give my music an infectiously organic spirit; all while exuding the highest standards of quality and musical substance. "The Reckoning" marks the first time that these three individuals have ever come together to record, yet they play like they've been performing together for years! The combined personnel on this album work together to create a recording that is a exceptional listening experience. The album is highly effective in striking a harmonious balance between the old and new while allowing me to stay true to my individual voice as a musician and composer.

The Tracks:
1. No Room for Squares - One of my favorite tunes by Hank Mobly, and a song that I've been waiting a long time to record. The chemistry between Pat and Lewis is phenomenal on this track!

2. One for C.P. - One of my original tunes written specifically for the album as a tribute to my late father Clarence Phillips. Though this funk tune was written to purposefully be accessible to less experienced listeners, substance and integrity was not compromised in doing so. If the funk doesn't get you, the hip chord progression and fantastic solo work will! Check out Greg Gisbert's killin' solo on this one!

3. Shalom - Another of my original tunes written a while back and revisited for this recording. Inspired by my fascination with Cannonball Adderley's version of "Fiddler on the Roof", this hard bop monster is constructed around the Jewish scale commonly employed in Klesmer music.

4. You Are Who You Are - Another original written specifically for the album. A pretty jazz waltz with a interesting chord progression that is a nice counterbalance to the other tracks on the album.

5. Sinister Intent - My personal favorite on the album. Another original tune that uses a "jungle" or "breakbeat" feel. Intricate counterpoint and unorthodox harmonization between the two horn parts make for a unique and distinctly gritty melody. Lewis Nash is a killer on this track, and the solo work of everyone in the group is second to none! You'll never see the ending coming!!

6. Lotus Blossom - My arrangement of the Kenny Dorham classic. Some interesting experimentations with tempo manipulation and metrical superimposition that's reminiscent of Wynton's "Autumn Leaves" from the 80's. Rumor has it that you might hear me lay down my horn and rip a few scat choruses on this track! An interesting twist on a great tune.

7. Isfahan - My favorite Billy Strayhorn tune. This one pays homage to the lineage of jazz. No fancy arrangements or slick harmonic experiments - just the hard swingin', straight-forward jazz that I grew up loving! Pretty tune that has been overlooked for far too long! It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I present to you "The Reckoning". ... Full Description God bless, and more importantly, enjoy!

~ CD Universe


Featuring acclaimed NY Trumpeter Tatum Greenblatt, cited by Wynton Marsalis as "one of his favorite young trumpet players," the Verve Jazz Ensemble projects a wide array of richly developed voices on this compelling compilation of music. From reinterpreted Bebop standards (Lady Bird, Boplicity, and Jordu), to a dynamic big band reduction (Big Swing Face, originally made famous by Buddy Rich), to two distinct treatments of well-loved jazz classics (Henry Mancini's The Days of Wine and Roses, and Oscar Hammerstein's Softly as in a Morning Sunrise), listeners will immediately hear a deeply integrated group that delivers its musical art with great style and passion.

Tatum Greenblatt's beautiful, crystal-clear trumpet voice lends a bluesy edge throughout, showcasing his rich jazz roots set on a contemporary platform and vision. Tatum takes full advantage of his voicing on the band's hypnotic rendition of Boplicity, creating a smooth, rich mood any New York jazz lounge would be proud of at 3 AM. Tenor sax man and arranger Jon Blanck brings his soulful, driving, yet ever-sensitive approach on every tune, linking with Tatum's trumpet to generate a warm blend of dynamic jazz.

Jon turns it up on the VJE's intriguing and funky jazz samba rendering of Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, featuring a broad and beautiful solo.

The group's rhythm section is also aptly featured, playing with a synchronization that gives the Verve Jazz Ensemble a solid yet highly flexible foundation. Note bassist Chris DeAngelis' solid undercurrent and footprint everywhere on the album. Pianist Matt Oestreicher's array of well-crafted, spicy and eclectic fills, accompaniments, and solos bring to mind pianists from McCoy Tyner to Red Garland, and many in between. And driving the band is VJE drummer and leader Josh Feldstein. Josh's swinging, thoughtful, and elegant percussive pulse sets the stage for a distinctly different, truly enjoyable rhythmic experience from tune to tune. Josh especially digs in on the uptempo and novel quintet interpretation of Big Swing Face, seamlessly blending the small jazz ensemble sound with a big band drumming approach, resulting in a wide-open, kickin' tune.

As the listener will very likely agree, it's indeed about time the Verve Jazz Ensemble has released their debut album, It's About Time.

~ CD Universe


Put this CD in the jazz bin! It includes tunes written by Duke Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael, Sammy Cahn, and Louis Jordan, as well as songs by Steve Winwood of Blind Faith, Jack White of the White Stripes, and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zepplin. All are given inspired jazz interpretations by pianist Mike Ewbank, bassist/vocalist Tommy Dean and percussionist Colin Agnew. From the traditional to the contemporary, this album creates a musical mosaic that is easy to listen to and full of surprises.

"Blues Say Goodbye" is the creation of pianist Mike Ewbank and bassist/vocalist Tommy Dean with Colin Agnew on drums and is a faithful reflection of their live performances. The piano work is agile and inspired. The vocal performances range from subtle to over the top. The drums and bass consistently propel things as they should. You will be blind-sided by the song selection:

The first track starts with a jazzy unison bass and vocal scat ala "Slam" Stewart, which introduces a low down and dirty version of The White Stripes' rock anthem, "Seven Nation Army." After two verses Ewbank's fiery piano solo abruptly starts with a lick akin to a fire alarm bell ringing out a warning before settling into a swinging stroll. Dean takes the song out with a multi-toned falsetto scat that toys with the gritty vocal overtones of his voice over an extended instrumental vamp.

Before you've even had a chance to contemplate what you just heard, you encounter a light and airy piano introduction to Hoagy Carmicael's classic, "Georgia On My Mind." This trio takes it back to its Great American Songbook origins with a feel that invites a bit of Vaudeville "soft shoe" dancing. Everything about this performance is light and easy, disguising the tremendous technique required to convincingly play stride piano. Whoa! Is that a Ray Charles piano quote introducing the piano solo? You can tell these artists could do this one in their sleep, though there is nothing sleepy about their performance.

The drummer's ending brush flourish on "Georgia" becomes the intro to an energetic Latin feeling "It Was A Very Good Year." Mike Ewbank shines on this piece. His solo is an excellent display of the effective use of space and repetition as he states his musical premise, takes a breath, and says it again with a variation that soon launches into melodious musical excursion that goes into a jagged rhythmic transition as the verse form repeats. He makes it all work with style and grace.

Just as soon as you think you might have this little album pegged, the trio reveals rolling cascades of piano over a tatoo of brushes pushing a descending bass line. If you're a fan of early Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood it sounds familiar, but you won't know why until Dean's soulful voice proclaims, "Come down off your throne and leave your body alone... " and you find yourself in a beautiful swirl of sound and lyric as these musical chameleons make this poignant rock classic their own.

So you reach the title track and it starts with a jaunty unison bass and piano left-hand over a slightly swinging brush figure and an understated back beat. Ewbank sprinkles bouncy chord accents between the bass ostinato then opens some room for a plaintive vocal that tells an old story of estranged lovers. In the lyric the blues are personified as an insistent old drunk badgering the singer with tales of sadness and woe. The only cure is the return of the lost lover because the blues knows that three is a crowd.

Karen Greene provides musical magic on Led Zepplin's "Going To California" with tasty soprano saxophone responses to Mike Ewbank's beautiful piano excursions.

~ CD Universe


Jean Laughlin is an originator, poised to slide into any musical setting. Complimented by the best Chicago jazz musicians in a full orchestra setting, Jean collaborates with tasteful, inventive nuances complimenting many of the songs enriched improvisational solos. Bringing her dynamic relationship with Jim Martin to its full expression once again creating an album of warmth and love with her latest CD project Miracle of Life. Jim’s superb charts brings Jean’s music to life with the masterfully assembled string section and big band horns completing the orchestra.

Laughlin presents a full range of ballads from jazz, to Broadway, to cabaret. The story-lines of each tune exudes the challenges of our daily lives, bringing humor and whimsy to life’s absurdities throughout her big band arrangements. “I’ve always thought that music is a form of communicating with others, a way of connecting with each other. Through music we can share our thoughts and feelings and even heal broken hearts” says Laughlin.

Jean’s solid vocal and musical command underlie each composition’s appeal. She began singing at age five and studying classical piano at seven. At the age of eleven, she performed on the nationally televised ‘Bob Crosby’ Show.

After settling in Chicago, Jean became a fixture in recording studios, recording television commercials, voice-overs and radio spots for large advertising agencies like Leo Burnett, J. Walter Thompson and Foote, Cone & Belding. She worked with Chicago legend Shelley Long by performing in many corporate industrial shows.

Currently many of Jean’s big band charts are being performed around the globe. She offers her arrangements and lead sheets to other singers with the hope that her songs will reach a larger audience.

“Jean is a seasoned professional, bringing her uplifting life’s perception not only through her lyrics but through the melodic flow and rhythmic musical backdrop. There is not a person that couldn’t relate to the message of her inspired offerings of song” says Jaijai Jackson, creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

Jean released her first album I'm Glad There Is You in 1992. She wrote and produced Confessions of a Woman released in 1996, Who Am I? in 1998, What Am I Looking For? in 2001, No Easy Way in 2007. Her latest CD Miracle of Life was released in 2012 receiving international radio airplay.

“I want to thank Jaijai Jackson for giving me the opportunity to be featured on The Jazz Network Worldwide, I am truly honored!

I've always thought that music is a form of communicating with others, a way of connecting with each other. Through music we can share our thoughts and feelings and even heal broken hearts.

For a long time it has been very difficult for Independent artists to get their music out there, but now Jaijai Jackson has created The Jazz Network Worldwide, an incredible vehicle that allows jazz musicians to share their music and drink in the wonderful work of the many talented artists on this site. Thanks again, Jaijai! May I wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season!” ~ Jean Laughlin




Early grooves from Leon Pattillo – later a club maestro, but working here in a much rootsier style at the head of Leon's Creation – an ultra-cool funk combo from San Francisco! The album's got a groove that really lives up to the promise of its title – a heady brew of funky tracks played by a tight young group – often with vocals in the lead from Leon and a female singer, but sometimes featuring other group members – adding a nice sense of variety while the players riff away with boundless energy! Pattillo plays some great organ at times – and other instrumentation includes guitar, bass, trumpet, tenor, and even some cool violin – and titles include "Confusion", "If I Had The Power", "Sightless", "Back Roads", "This Is The Beginning", and "Mirage". ~ Dusty Groove


A brilliant collection of work from this overlooked Chicago soul singer – a set that brings together his whole 1974 album for Dakar, plus bonus singles from his late 70s years at Chi-Sound Records! First up is the sublime I Enjoy Loving You – one of a rare few albums cut by Sidney Joe Qualls – a fantastic 70s soul talent who's probably better known for his work behind the scenes, and as a songwriter, than he is as a voice on his own. The session is produced with a style that kind of mixes Brunswick Chicago soul with rootsier southern elements – stepping proud in the 70s territory of Johnnie Taylor or Tyrone Davis, but sounding way way better here, and with a much more independent vibe. Plus, the album boasts some incredible material – original tunes written by the likes of Sam Dees, Clifford Davis, George Davis, and others. Titles include "Shut Your Mouth", "Run To Me", "I Enjoy Loving You", "Please Help Me", "Can't Get Enough of Your Love", and "The Next Time I Fall in Love". CD then features 5 more bonus tracks from his 1979 studio work with Carl Davis' Chi-Sound label – tracks that include "I'll Run To Your Side", "Let The Woman Know", "So Sexy", "Good Ol Funky Music", and the classic "I Don't Do This To Every Girl I Meet". ~ Dusty Groove


A wonderful step forward for drummer Max Roach – working here in very creative company with saxophonist Anthony Braxton! Although Roach could have easily rested on his laurels as a famous bop drummer – and have spent endless years touring on highly-paid revival/reunion tours – he was a true creative giant who never stopped expanding his talents, especially during the late 70s, when he was matching up with some of the greats of the avant garde. This album is a perfect example of that commitment to modernism, as Roach duets with Anthony Braxton on a set of 7 fantastic tracks that stand apart from individual work by either artist – more loose and open than earlier Roach work, but a bit more inside than some of Braxton's – with fresh results from both players that never fail to delight! Titles include "Dance Griot", "Birth", "Tropical Forest", and "Spirit Possession". (Very heavy vinyl – with a bonus CD of the album!) ~ Dusty Groove

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Over the last 40 years, singer Bryan Ferry has established himself not only as the frontman of one of rock's most iconic bands, but also as a unique interpreter covering the songs of others. The songwriters he's covered have been transformed into something wholly other by him. Ferry's ability to find and reveal what is hidden in a lyric, a musical phrase, or even a key signature is uncanny. The Jazz Age finds Ferry covering himself in radical fashion: he doesn't sing. He is credited as co-producer (with Rhett Davies) and "director." The Jazz Age celebrates Ferry's 40th anniversary in music by re-recording some of his classic tunes -- from the 1972 Roxy Music album to 2010's Olympia -- inspired by the sounds of '20s jazz. Ferry's looked deeply into the past before -- 1999's As Time Goes By paid tribute to the music of the '30s, an album of sung standards from the era -- but not his own.

This set was performed by many of the same British jazz musicians who performed on that record under the musical direction of Colin Good. Musically, Ferry and these musicians drew on the influences of Louis Armstrong's Hot Sevens, Duke Ellington's Orchestra, Bix Beiderbecke's Wolverines, and the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. But they also found inspiration in the heady historical era before 1929 detailed so intensely in the novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Michael Arlen, and Ernest Hemingway. All 13 of these tunes have been wildly revamped and offer interesting textures: a bass clarinet and baritone saxophone are used instead of a double bass to carry the bottom end, but the music here is played so well, it doesn't feel gimmicky. All of the original melodies have been left intact, though tempos are often completely reset.

The sprightly "Do the Strand" features piano, brass, reeds, banjo, and drums all competing for dominance (they were recorded live in the studio), and swings hard. "Love Is the Drug" is played as a moaning, bluesy dirge, while "Avalon" retains its sense of melancholy even as clarinets, trumpets, and piano commingle in a midtempo dialogue on different aspects of the melody. "Virginia Plain" is a fingerpopping dancefloor jaunt that recalls flappers doing the Lindy Hop. Given that Ferry doesn't sing on The Jazz Age, the appeal for casual fans is debatable. But for the faithful, trad-jazz heads, and open-minded listeners, the musical quality -- from expert arrangements, virtuosic playing, and the brilliant concept -- offer something wholly different and rewarding. ~ Thom Jurek

2012 album from legendary Rock/Pop vocalist Bryan Ferry. The Jazz Age is a step back to the classic Jazz era of the 1920s. By re-recording hits with top Jazz musicians, Bryan Ferry has given a new sound to his back catalog and the album includes hits such as "Don't Stop the Dance" and "Slave to Love". ~ CD Universe



Some of our favorite albums ever from pianist Muhal Richard Abrams – an amazing run of eight records for the Black Saint/Soul Note label – rich in fresh colors, tones, and new musical ideas! There's a sensitivity to some of these records that you don't always get with Abrams – a personal feeling that brings in a much-needed warmth to his complex compositional forms – often in collaboration with other players on the Chicago scene, but also with a wider range of avant players, especially from New York – where Abrams would have a great influence in the 80s. The lineup of musicians here is wonderful – a virtual who's-who of the jazz left at the time, at least from an American perspective – with performances from George Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell, Amina Myers, Thurman Barker, Baikida Carroll, Andrew Cyrille, Craig Harris, Stanton Davis, Marty Erlich, Dick Griffin, Cecil Bridgewater, Fred Hopkins, Dierdre Murray, and so many others. The set features 8 full albums, each in a tiny LP-styled sleeve – and titles include Siphumonesty, Mama & Daddy, Blues Forever, Rejoicing With The Light, View From Within, Hearinga Suite, Blu Blu Blu, and Think All Focus One. ~ Dusty Groove


Amazing music from trombonist George Lewis – five different albums that each show a different side of his talents! First up is Shadowgraph 5 – a great early Black Saint, and a key example of the way the AACM spirit thrived overseas, thanks to the efforts of labels like this! The work is quite serious and experimental – almost compositional in nature, and definitely heading towards the AACM promise of "Great Black Music" – and other players include Roscoe Mitchell on saxes, Leroy Jenkins on violin, Muhal Richard Abrams on piano, Douglas Ewart on bass clarinet and other reeds, and Abdul Wadud on cello. One track even has Lewis playing the Moog in addition to trombone and tuba! Imaginary Suite is a duet with Douglas Ewart – and features Lewis both on trombone and electronics – and even his trombone at times is "electronically modified", making it a really cool-sounding instrument. Ewart plays a bit of percussion – plus bass clarinet and flute – and often hits some electronically-sensitive sounds with his reeds, making the album a really compelling interplay between acoustic and electric elements. Homage to Charlie Parker is hardly the bebop outing you might expect from the title, and instead a set of complicated work that's heavily in the AACM tradition! Side one features "Blues" – an investigation of older blues harmonics, but done in a very freeform, experimental way – with tenor trombone from Lewis, piano from Anthony Davis, bass clarinet from Doug Ewart, and moog from Richard Teitelbaum. Change Of Season is a killer tribute to the music of Herbie Nichols – played by a committed batch of modernists who are clearly inspired by his genius – including Misha Mengelberg on piano, Steve Lacy on soprano sax, and Han Bennink on drums. The set's completed by Dutch Masters – Lewis' last album for the label, done with a compelling lineup that includes Misha Mengelberg on piano, Steve Lacy on soprano sax, Ernst Reyseger on bass, and Han Bennink on drums – but in a style that's very different than the previous Change Of Season album. ~ Dusty Groove


Seminal work from trumpeter Dave Douglas – a half dozen albums recorded for the Black Saint/Soul Note labels, all of which show his depth and diversity – some with Douglas as a leader, some as a key player in other groups! Even at the start, Douglas showed a tremendous ability to step out into new settings and explore new ideas – which he certainly does on the albums in this set – each of which represents a different facet of his abilities, in ways that together make the package one hell of a collection! Albums include Parallel Worlds, which features a quartet with Mark Feldman on violin and Mark Dresser on bass; Force Green, led by bassist Mark Dresser, and featuring very interesting work on voice by Theo Bleckman; Bounce, a record by the John Lindberg Ensemble – led by bassist Lindberg, and also featuring saxes from Larry Ochs, and great drums from Ed Thigpen; Rova's 1995 recording of John Coltrane's Ascension, with three tenor saxes, two altos, two trumpets, two bassists, piano, and drums; Convergence, which features a group with Fedman on violin and Erik Friedlander on cello; and Dave Douglas Five, which has a quintet with Mark Feldman on violin, Erik Friedlander on cello, Drew Dress on bass, and Michael Sarin on drums. 6 albums in all – all in tiny LP-styled sleeves. ~ Dusty Groove

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Though his multifaceted four-decade solo recording career should have merited a proper box set long before, jazz guitar great Larry Carlton finally got around to releasing a unique three-CD set -- on the same day he put out the third disc, Four Hands & A Heart, Vol. 1, as a stand-alone project. As its simple title implies, Then & Now is less a typical comprehensive compilation than a unique window into the different approaches Carlton took to his axes during his breakthrough years of the late '70s-early '80s and the 2010s -- with the 1978 live album Mr. 335 Live in Japan (never before released in the U.S.) beautifully sandwiched in the middle. Truly a set created for Carlton's most die-hard longtime fans -- but certainly enjoyable for any fan of melodic jazz fusion -- Then & Now offers some inevitably fun time-traveling, because the first thing the listener will want to do is listen to the songs culled from Larry Carlton (1978), Sleepwalk (1982), and Strikes Twice (1980) one by one and see how they match up with the more intimate, stripped-down versions (featuring mostly electric or acoustic guitars and essential percussion) that were recorded more recently.

For the most part, the new arrangements show a delightful mellowing with age, a more laid-back style (sometimes favoring acoustic over the electric) compared to the frenetic flurry of notes on the originals. On what is perhaps the most familiar and enduring of these, "Sleepwalk," none of the original emotion is lost -- but the simplicity and sound purity of the new rendering make it essential. Although some of the retro instrumentation and production are crucial to understand the original tracks as products of their time, it's great to hear the melodic and rhythmic essence of these melodies without the time-stamped bells and whistles. The classic, high-energy "young" Carlton sound also comes across powerfully on the seven-track live CD, which had only been officially available in Japan till now. There is some overlap here as well, with three live performances of songs that appear on the other CDs of the set. Although the focus is on the guitarist's personal evolution, the first two discs allow listeners to re-experience supporting performances by some of the best musicians Carlton has ever worked with, including the late Jeff Porcaro, Abraham Laboriel, Greg Mathieson, Robert "Pops" Popwell, and Terry Trotter. ~ Jonathan Widran

This is a once in a lifetime project! Larry Carlton has taken 21 tracks from albums he has previously recorded (Larry Carlton 1978, Sleepwalk 1982, and Strikes Twice 1980) and is re-releasing them along with 14 NEW versions of original songs which features Larry recording electric and acoustic guitars to his classic songs and is titled "Four Hands & a Heart Volume One". ~ CD Universe



Really beautiful vocal work from Corinne Chatel – spare tunes that mostly feature overdubbed vocal passages, sung wordlessly, often with a very musical feel – yet one that's quite offbeat too! There's a quality here that really reminds us of some of our favorite Meredith Monk work from years back – really imaginative, and never gimmicky at all – with an approach that's very abstract, yet somehow all makes complete sense too – logic that's all its own, yet really beautiful overall! Titles include "Call", "Les Sirenes", "Heartbeats", "Berceuse", "Angels Vocalizing", "Awakening The Goddess", and "South India". ~ Dusty Groove


A really compelling blend of sounds – and a set that's billed as a hip hop album, but which is way way more than that – more a wonderful hybrid of global styles, all wrapped up with the crispness of the contemporary Brazilian underground! The set begins with a number that's straight out Afro Funk, the rolls into tracks that really run the gamut – a hip hop number or two, other African styles, and most especially, some of those cool genre-defying moments that we've really come to love from Brazil in recent years. Criolo's vocals are wonderful, especially when he's singing – with a warmth that takes us back to singers of the samba soul generation – and titles include "Bogota", "Mario", "Subirusdoistiozin", "Linha De Frente", "Lion Man", "Sucrilhos", and "Samba Sambei". ~ Dusty Groove


International superstar Andrea Bocelli will release his new studio album, Passione on January 29. Filled with romance and beauty, Passione is a lush collection of Mediterranean love songs featuring duets with global pop stars Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, and the late Edith Piaf. The album reunites Bocelli with 16-time Grammy Award-winning producer David Foster, who produced Bocelli's 2006 release Amore, which sold more than 4.2 million copies. Passione is in essence the second volume of Amore, with a "fil rouge" which ideally connects the albums. As with Amore, which featured timeless masterworks, Passione includes several beloved classics such as "Love Me Tender," "Girl From Ipanema," and "Sarà Settembre," (better known to English-speaking audiences as Neil Diamond's "September Morn"). Jennifer Lopez is featured on the soft and sensual track "Quizás Quizás Quizás" and Nelly Furtado joins Bocelli on "Corcovado." The album also features a duet with the late French chanteuse Edith Piaf on the song "La Vie En Rose." On the album, Bocelli sings in six languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Neapolitan) with his unmistakable voice, as Foster accompanies him on piano, along with Peruvian guitarist Ramon Stagnaro. The sensual sound is rounded out by Cuban, Brazilian, and Portuguese rhythms and a 63-piece orchestra recorded in London.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


A full three albums by the legendary Pyramids – all packaged together in one complete set, with a bonus video too! The Pyramids recorded three key records during the 70s – each of them an underground classic, all served up in a wonderful bit of spiritual soul jazz with a really cosmic feel! The group are heavy on percussion and reeds – blending congas and assorted other percussion instruments with soprano sax, alto, and flute – all in a captivating sound that builds up nicely over the course of the album's two long tracks! The music is very organic – never too forced, nor never too far out – and there's a majestic quality to the whole thing, one that really lives up to the group's name and image on the cover.

And although the ensemble hail from Ohio – hardly a spot you'd peg for spiritual jazz in the 70s – they're a key link between the early 70s avant movements in Chicago and St Louis, some of the hip grooves in Detroit's Tribe Records scene, and the growing loft jazz movement in New York. The reeds are especially nice – alto sax from Idris Ackamoor and flute from Margo Ackamoor – and all other group members play percussion, and vocalize too – singing along with some of the tunes in chanting, chorus formation, which adds an even further element of soul to the mix. Includes the full albums Lalibela, King Of Kings, and Birth Speed Merging – with bonus video content of The Pyramids Live On KQED in 1975. ~ Dusty Groove

Monday, December 24, 2012


Chuck Lamb pianist andcomposer started the jazz fusion group Dry Jack, (cited in the Rolling Stone History), with which he released two internationally acclaimed albums on the Inner City Label..all original music primarilly composed by Chuvk Lamb, a native of upstate New York. He joined forces with vocalist/composer Theano, a native of Brooklyn, New York, who appeared in the film, WOMEN in JAZZ, (hosted by Carmen MacCrae) and voted Best Jazz Musician in WestWord/1994.

Together they have produced ninerecordings to date. Still in the arms of privilege - being music channelers -they built a strawbale music sanctuary in Crestone, Colorado, replete witha small performance/workshop space. Chuck , as well, performs (for the last 7 years) and records ('Classified'/2008. on the Koch label) with the Brubeck Brothers Quartet. Theano created her unique (free form) vocal workshop, One Voice Choir, nine years ago. They have gratefully garnered acclaim from Downbeat, Jazziz, Keyboard, The NY & the LA Times and countless other publications and media sources.

They travel insanely - hither, thither and yon ... and have enjoyed and relished greatly their musical interactions withmany gifted artists including Bela Fleck, Paul McCandless,Tuck & Patti, Woody Herman Orchestra, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Ursula Dudiak, Michael Moore, Dave Weckl, Ginger Baker, Joey Baron, Riffs, Ernie Watts, Jay Clayton, Eddie Daniels, Michael Murphy, Paul Pomaine, Ron Miles, Nelson Rangell....Yeah, the grateful kids have fun! ~ CD Universe



Lots of earthy percussion here – especially on the leadoff 12" mix of "Alegria" – a flurry of bumping basslines and heady rhythms, peppered here and there with these echoes of older African grooves – almost drifting into the mix as if they're coming from a radio in the next room! The tune's also featured in a radio edit – and the flipside features the very percussion "Cuca (Manga Bo rmx)", which is almost a batucada cut at points – plus the heavier "Puxa (Beat Laden rmx)". (Limited pressing – with bonus download too!) ~ Dusty Groove


A 70s Afro Funk classic from Blo – really trippy grooves from this legendary Nigerian trio – and arguably their greatest album ever! Rhythms here are tremendous – not the usual sort of Afro style, and instead tightly focused at the roots, and coming off with this blistering blend that really drives the tunes strongly – jamming, but without ever jamming too much – kind of a steady fire that really sounds great underneath the vocals! The core elements of the trio are augmented by keyboards from Joni Haastrum and Segun Bucknor – each important Afro Funk players in their own right, who both really help add a nice sort of psych element alongside the skittish grooving of the guitar, bass, and drums. Titles include "Blo", "It's Gonna Be A Good Day", "Native Doctor", "Do It You'll Like It", "Atide", and "Whole Lot Of Sh*t". (Limited edition – with heavy vinyl and cover, and insert too!) ~ Dusty Groove


A 60s set from Memphis bluesman BB King – but one put together with a very distinct Chicago touch as well! The set's produced by Johnny Pate, and recorded live with a vibe that's similar to King's classic recording at The Regal – but it's almost got even more of a soulful punch, thanks to backing from a cool small combo that includes Bobby Forte on tenor, Kenneth Sands on trumpet, Duke Jethro on Hammond, and Louis Satterfield on bass! BB's vocals are great – in his best early form – and the tunes are bluesy, but also smoke with a nice degree of soul – and almost some jazzy touches at times from the tenor and organ. Titles include "Don't Answer The Door", "Blind Love", "Tired Of Your Jive", "Night Life", "Buzz Me", and "Waitin On You". CD features two bonus tracks – "Goin Down Slow" and "Sweet Sixteen (parts 1 & 2)" – both additional live numbers. ~ Dusty Groove

Friday, December 21, 2012


Here are the liner notes from "Apollo: Tribute to the Miles Davis Quintet", written by Lucas Sader.

The Storm and The Calm

Leaders are born somewhere between the storm and the calm, the seeds of unrealized change and the blossoms of a new reality. Trumpeter Miles Davis is widely recognized as both a musical and cultural icon. Miles led many paradigm shifts within jazz, through the unrelenting innovation of himself and his music, the effects of which have yet to be fully realized. Above anything else, Miles was a leader. Time and time again he acted as an artistic beacon, guiding music safely through many foggy mornings and torrential storms. Within the ancient labyrinth of Greek mythology there were twelve principal deities who made their home atop Mount Olympus. Apollo was one of these Twelve Olympians and represented a litany of virtues within their culture, including music. He was director of The Muses, a group of goddesses who oversaw the arts and sciences, and the lyre was his instrument of choice. I titled this album after Apollo because both he and Miles are iconic symbols who embody the power, beauty, and grace which music possesses. Miles constantly innovated throughout his career. His first groundbreaking project as a leader, the 1949 record Birth of the Cool, broke down racial barriers and epitomized the sound of cool jazz. Miles popularized the use of modes within jazz through the title track on his legendary 1958 album Milestones, and in 1969 he recorded Bitches' Brew, which was a critical stepping-stone toward the jazz-rock/fusion movement of the 1970's. Many of his records actually have the phrase "Directions in Music by Miles Davis" on their cover.

This record pays homage to Miles' legendary "Second Great" Quintet of the 1960's, which featured tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter, pianist Herbie Hancock, bassist Ron Carter, and young drumming phenom Tony Williams Individually, each musician is widely considered to be one of the most influential artists to ever play their instrument, but as a musical unit they were able to achieve something greater. Their extraordinarily high level of interaction, relentless creativity, and amazingly organic overall sound redefined the quintessential sound of a small jazz group and changed the landscape of music forever.

The Lucas Sader Project is dedicated to providing it's own unique perspective on music while honoring those who have walked before us. This recording features world-renowned trumpeter Derrick Gardner, alto and tenor saxophonist Paul Balcain, pianist Paul De Gurse, and bassist Karl Kohut. Each member of the group brought their own musical concept and sound to the music while capturing the spirit of Miles' Quintet. It was an honor to share this incredible experience with four musicians who are professionals and people of the highest caliber.

Musically, Miles was always moving forward. I felt it was essential to do the same in selecting and interpreting the diverse mosaic of material that comprises this album, through including works that Miles' group performed and recorded along with my own original compositions and arrangements. Our interpretations of jazz standards which Miles' group arranged, Cole Porter's All of You and Victor Young's Stella By Starlight, are featured here along with tunes written by members of Miles' group, including Eighty-One by Ron Carter, Victor Feldman's Joshua, and The Sorcerer by Herbie Hancock. My arrangement of Miles' classic ballad Blue in Green and three of my original compositions, the title track I penned in Miles' memory, Apollo, our theme for the album, Blues for Wynton Kelly, and Moonrise, round out the recording's material.

Battle born and battle worn, leaders are the product of many victories, and many more defeats. They view falling not as a setback, but as an opportunity to grow; to learn how to pick themselves back up. I believe that, while growth is at the root of leadership, leadership lies at the root of progress. ... Full Description I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this album. I know that we had an incredible time recording it for you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continuing support. Always remember that there is a leader within all of us.

Carpe diem,
- Lucas Sader, October 2012

At 21 years of age, Lucas Sader has established himself as a drummer, bandleader, composer, arranger, educator, and journalist.

Sader leads The Lucas Sader Project, a Winnipeg-based group committed to producing a fresh outlook on jazz music, which also features world-renowned trumpeter Derrick Gardner, alto/tenor saxophonist Paul Balcain, pianist Paul De Gurse and bassist Karl Kohut. Balcain, Kohut, and De Gurse are in-demand artists throughout Canada, while Gardner has worked with a litany of artists, including the Count Basie Orchestra, Harry Connick Jr., Dizzy Gillespie and Tony Bennett. The group's debut album, titled "Apollo: Tribute to the Miles Davis Quintet", pays homage to one of the most innovative groups and bandleaders in the history of music; trumpeter Miles Davis and his legendary 1960's Quintet.

The album is printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Paper using vegetable-based links to limit it's environmental footprint. The album also supports Winnipeg's arts community and economy as every aspect of production, including recording, mixing, mastering, design, printing, and packaging, was done locally. Recorded and mixed by Larry Roy at Musirex Productions. Mastered by Jordan Jackiew at Resosound Productions. Designed by John Funk at Underscorefunk Design.

Lucas Sader Music would also like to acknowledge the support of Manitoba Film and Music, FACTOR Canada, the Government of Canada through the department of Canadian Heritage (Canada Music Fund), and of Canada' Private Radio Broadcasters in the production of the album.

Sader is currently enrolled in the last year of his Bachelor of Jazz Studies degree in the University of Manitoba Marcel A. Desautels Faculty of Music, where he has had the privilege of studying with many world-class artists. He is currently a pupil of Quincy Davis and has also studied with Terreon Gully and George Colligan. Other teachers and mentors include David Schnieder of The Music Cellar, Bill Kristjanson, and Curtis Nowosad.

Lucas has had the great fortune of performing and recording with many different artists in a variety of settings, including Jimmy Greene, Steve Kirby's Jazz on Wheels, Larry Roy, Anna-Lisa Kirby, the Paul De Gurse Quartet (as part of the 2011 TD International Winnipeg Jazz Festival), Will Bonness, Erin Propp, and both the University of Manitoba Jazz Lab Band and Jazz Orchestra. For over two years, Sader was a member of Winnipeg-based rock group Departures. They embarked on a cross-Canada tour in the summer of 2010 following the release of their debut EP, titled "Kino-Pravda".



Jazz guitarist Jeff Perry has a been called a "fusion guitarist in the best sense of the word" with a "personal voice that encompasses the intelligence of jazz with the emotion of the blues and the romanticism of Brazilian music" (Blues News Magazine) The nationally-known jazz club the Dakot calls him " of the Twin Cities' Best". Perry has been recognized for his composing skills by jazz legend and Grammy-winner Dave Holland and by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Schooled both "on the street" and at the country's top music schools - Berklee College of Music, Boston MA and the American Conservatory, Chicago, IL - the guitarist has been influenced by a wide variety of music including Dixieland, swing, Bossa Nova, be bop, cool jazz and pop and rock music. He skillfully combines these influences to create a unique and inviting sound. ~ CD Universe


On the album Actualize, the Paul Zaborac Trio, featuring Bill Williams on bass and Deva Permana on drums, explores the concept of using the saxophone as an accompaniment instrument through the various extended techniques available to the saxophone. By using the saxophone in such a way, the ensemble explores and pushes the boundaries of the traditional tenor trio format. This novel approach to the saxophone is also juxtaposed with more traditional approaches to the instrument and ensemble, creating a music rich in contrasts and textures. The inspiration for exploring the concept of using the saxophone as accompaniment came from listening to jazz piano trios. In this ensemble a wide variety of textures can be created despite the limited instrumentation because of the piano's ability to provide both accompaniment and melodic material. This affords the ensemble a large degree of flexibility that is not as easily achieved in a jazz saxophone trio due to the saxophone's limited comping ability. This led one to explore using the vast array of extended techniques available to the saxophone as a means for it to function as an accompaniment instrument and provide more diverse textures. Inspiration for how to effectively utilize these extended techniques was largely drawn from the classical contemporary saxophone idiom, where there are examples of them being applied in a virtuosic and musical fashion. ~ CD Universe


The Arch Stanton Quartet, based in upstate New York, is putting a new spin on bop and post-bop jazz, with angular funk and latin grooves, expansive improvisation and inventive original tunes steeped in the post-bop tradition.

"Recorded live, this pianoless group offers up a magnificent seven originals and one classic cover. A highly eclectic CD, the material ranges from straight-ahead harder bop ('Along for the Ride') to more cerebral Monk-flavored rock-tinged fare ('Modest Sleuthing'). 'Della Royale' struts a Cajun-flavor and 'Flying Gurnard' exhibits freer expressive tonalities on which the group shines brilliantly. 'Compared to What' (not the Les McCann-Eddie Harris classic) pounds a heavy beat and 'Estate' ('Summer') is a beautiful rendition that sends it all home." -Nick Mondello, review of "Along For The Ride" on CDBaby



Gilles Peterson takes on the Black Jazz catalog – and the results are completely sublime! The set features Gilles P selecting and mixing his favorite cuts from the legendary label – and the package is a great reminder that, in the years before he dedicated himself more strongly to 21st Century grooves, Peterson was our main man to go to for spiritual jazz like this! There's definitely a special magic to the whole thing – a way of choosing and sequencing the cuts that really unlocks the music even more – even if, like us, you already own all the titles on the Black Jazz label. The whole thing's got a wonderfully righteous vibe – filled with power and soul – and tracks include "Aunt Lovey" by Calvin Keys, "Maiden Voyage" by Kellee Patterson, "Second Wave" by Roland Haynes, "All Your Lover All Day All Night" by Cleveland Eaton, "Beauty & The Electric Tub" by Henry Franklin, "Spring Thing" by The Awakening, "Ndugu's Prayer" by Walter Bishop, and "Awakening Epilogue" by The Awakening. ~ Dusty Groove


The RZA-curated Iron Fists Chronicles! This limited volume in the Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack series is a 2CD compilation of classic Stax deep soul – and it's not only the material that inspired the score for RZA's directorial debut – but also funky soul bedrock for his most legendary Wu Tang productions! It's got classics and relative rarities alike by The Dramatics, The Emotions, Soul Children, Mad Lads, Sweet Inspirations, Isaac Hayes, Mel & Tim, Booker T & The MGs, Johnnie Taylor, William Bell and many more! You know the RZA isn't compromising or messing around when he's including Isaac Hayes' 15+ minute "Joy" in the set list – and the whole thing is great – really a top-shelf compilation from the Stax vaults! Nearly 2 1/2 hours of music on 2CDs! Includes "I Forgot To Be Your Lover" by The Mad Lads, "I Could Never Be Happy" by The Emotions, "All It Takes Is You And Me" by Sweet Inspirations, "Move Over" by Soul Children, "Steal Away" by Johnny Taylor, "Keep The Faith" by Mel & Tim, "Sing A Simple Song" and "LA Jazz Song" by Booker T & The MGs, "Poverty's Paradise" by 24-Carat Black and more. ~ Dusty Groove


Some of the greatest albums ever from tenorist George Adams – packaged together here in a sweet set that also features the CDs in tiny LP-styled covers! Much of the music here was done in collaboration with fellow members of Charles Mingus' group – three albums with pianist Don Pullen, and all with drummer Dannie Richmond – players who are very simpatico with Adams' vibe, as they all together find rich new ground after the passing of Mingus. There's a soulful swing to most of the records – that way that Adams and Pullen had of being sharply creative, yet still rooted in straighter jazz modes too – balancing both impulses perfectly, especially over the progression of albums in this set. The package includes tiny LP-styled reproductions of the records Don't Lose Control, Hand To Hand, Gentleman's Agreement, and Live At The Village Vanguard Volumes 1 & 2. ~ Dusty Groove

Thursday, December 20, 2012


37 Newly Added Titles Complete Digital Discography of Legendary Artist

Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings/RPM Records announce the recent addition of thirty-seven deep catalog album titles to the online discography of legendary recording artist Tony Bennett. Available now on iTunes: Tony Bennett 's entire Columbia Records catalog including his Columbia Records singles, outtakes, rarities and more.The newly remastered and digitized Tony Bennett album collection spans the entire career of the great American pop vocalist as documented in the albums and singles he's made for Columbia Records (beginning in 1952 through the present).  

In addition to all of Tony's original albums, each with its original jacket design and original sequencing and, in many cases, bonus material, fans have access to newly curated collections -- "Rarities, Outtakes and Other Delights" (2 volumes) and "The Columbia Singles" (6 volumes)."The Columbia Singles" brings together for the first time all of the singles Bennett recorded for Columbia Records, the label he signed with in 1950. Most of them recorded in the early 1950s, "The Columbia Singles" includes the a-sides and b-sides that were not included on individual albums.  

"Rarities, Outtakes and Other Delights" collects rare tracks, previously unreleased outtakes, guest appearances on other artist's albums, soundtrack songs and more beginning with the recently discovered 1946 V-Disc recording of "St. James Infirmary Blues" that "effervescent delight," which was Tony's very first known recording. Nestled among the "Rarities" are two tracks from another fabled concert Bennett gave at the Latin Casino in Philadelphia with the Count Basie Orchestra, which was recorded and never released.

Tony Bennett fans will rejoice at the first digitization of On The Glory Road, a mythic session recorded in June 1962, at the height of his early 1960s career. A lost Tony Bennett masterpiece, On The Glory Road had been recorded, assigned a catalog number and assembled, only to be left on the shelf when Tony's "(I Left My Heart In) San Francisco" (originally the b-side to "Once Upon A Time") became a national hit and a compilation album of the same name was released instead. A smattering of tracks from Glory Road have been released but this allows fans to hear the whole album presented in its originally intended form.

Tony's latest album, the critically-acclaimed Viva Duets is available on iTunes, a one-stop spot to shop for all things Tony Bennett this holiday season. Alongside the digital editions of the complete Tony Bennett album collection, iTunes offers ebook and enhanced ebook editions of Tony's memoir "Life Is A Gift" and "The Zen of Bennett," the feature length documentary conceived and created by Danny Bennett , Tony's son and longtime manager.

When Tony Bennett - The Complete Collection was made available in a limited edition box set a year ago, Nate Chinen , reviewing the set for the New York Times (November 23, 2011), observed, "We aren't likely to see a recording career like this again."

Tony Bennett - The Complete Columbia Records Digital Collection
1.Rarities, vol. 1
2.Rarities, vol. 2
3.The Columbia singles, vol. 1
4.The Columbia singles, vol. 2
5.The Columbia singles, vol. 3
6.The Columbia singles, vol. 4
7.The Columbia singles, vol. 5
8.The Columbia singles, vol. 6
9.Cloud 7 – 2.7.55
10.Tony - 1.14.57
11.The Beat Of My Heart – 12.9.57
12.Long Ago And Far Away – 7.28.58
13.In Person! – 4.27.59
14.Hometown, My Town – 7.13.59
15.To My Wonderful One – 2.15.60
16.Alone Together – 7.11.60
17.A String Of Arlen – 10.24.60
18.Tony Sings For Two – 2.6.61
19.My Heart Sings – 8.7.61
20.Mr. Broadway – 3.19.62
21.On The Glory Road - 6.18.62
22.I Left My Heart In San Francisco – 6.18.62
23.Tony Bennett At Carnegie Hall – 7.3.62
24.Tony Bennett At Carnegie Hall – 7.3.62
25.I Wanna Be Around – 2.18.63
26.This Is All I Ask – 7.22.63
27.The Many Moods Of Tony – 1.20.64
28.When Lights Are Low – 4.20.64
29.Who Can I Turn To – 11.16.64
30.If I Ruled The World / Songs For The Jet Set – 4.19.65
31.The Movie Song Album – 1.31.66
32.A Time For Love – 8.20.66
33.Tony Makes It Happen – 3.20.67
34.For Once In My Life – 12.6.67
35.Yesterday I Heard The Rain – 7.22.68
36.Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album – 11.6.68
37.I've Gotta Be Me – 7.30.69
38.Tony Sings The Great Hits Of Today! – 1.7.70
39.Something – 10.14.70
40.Love Story – 2.10.71
41.Get Happy – 9.22.71
42.Summer Of '42 – 1.12.72
43.With Love – 5.24.72
44.Sunrise, Sunset – 6.22.73
45.The Art Of Excellence – 5.12.86
46.Bennett/Berlin – 11.10.87
47.Astoria – 5.31.90
48.Perfectly Frank – 9.15.92
49.Steppin' Out – 10.5.93
50.MTV Unplugged – 7.27.94
51.Here's To The Ladies – 10.24.95
52.Bennett On Holiday – 2.4.97
53.The Playground – 9.29.98
54.Bennett Sings Ellington – 9.28.99
55.Our Favorite Things – 10.23.01
56.Playin' With My Friends – 11.6.01
57.A Wonderful World (with k.d. lang) – 11.5.02
58.The Art Of Romance – 11.9.04
59.Duets – An American Classic – 10.11.06
60.Duets II - 09.20.11
61.A Swingin' Christmas – 10.14.08
62.Viva Duets - 10.23.12



If you think you know Jazztronik, think again – because this beautiful set has the group working live in the studio – all spontaneous, without any overdubs or added programming – in a mode that's even more soulful than before, and which really represents a great progression for the Jazztronik style! As you'd guess from the name, there's always been plenty of jazz in their music – but this time around, the liveness really makes things crackle – and brings in an even deeper vibe and sense of humanity to their whole groove – whether the cuts are vocal numbers with a soulful finish, or some of the more cosmic instrumentals. Not really club jazz, but something even greater – and a tremendous achievement for Ryo Nozaki – one that's got us loving his music all over again! Titles include "Love Tribge", "Tiger Eyes", "Mista Swing", "Black Dragon", "Voyage", "Butterfly Dance", "Saumrai", and "Beauty Flow" – all done in new versions here. ~ Dusty Groove


Maybe the most smoking collaboration so far between The Dynamites and vocalist Charles Walker – a singer who only seems to sound younger and younger with each new record – driven on by the sharp funky sounds of the group! Walker's got a way of stretching out a note that's rooted in 60s deep soul styles – yet also has a compactness that fits in well with The Dynamites' hip blend of Hammond, trumpet, guitar, and saxes – all stepping out with a beautifully soulful vibe on the album's host of original tracks! Titles include "Wakie Wakie", "I Just Want To Know", "Love Is Only Everything", "Please Open Up The Door", "So Much More To Do", and "Yours & Mine", which features a guest appearance from Bettye Lavette! ~ Dusty Groove


A really unique album from funky drummer Alphonse Mouzon – a set that has him putting away some of the guitars used heavily on other Blue Note records, in exchange for a keyboard-heavy groove that almost sounds a bit like Gene Harris a the time! In addition to drums, Alphonse solos a fair bit on Arp, moog, and organ – alongside other keyboardists Harry Whitaker and Leon Pendarvis – both of whom contribute some really great work to the set. Tracks are shorter and more focused than before – and a number of them include vocals from Alphonse, sung in a rough-edged style that goes quite nice with his heavy drums on the set! Titles include the incredible break track "You Don't Know How Much I Love You" – worth the price of the album alone – and other tracks include the great "Funky Snakefoot", plus "Tara Tara", "Ism", "I've Given You My Love", "I Gotta Have You", "A Permanent Love", and "Where I'm Drumming From". ~ Dusty Groove


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