Monday, September 30, 2019

Spyro Gyra - Vinyl Tap

Seminal contemporary jazz band mines a collection of vinyl classics for their first album in six years. “Vinyl Tap” drops October 11 with the first single, “Can’t Find My Way Home,” released on September 23. 

Free of the tension of having to write great songs, the five members of Spyro Gyra were laughing and having fun in the recording studio. Creativity flowed as the venerable contemporary jazz band revisited the songs that inspired them from their youth when they were listening to music on vinyl. That artistic fount was spun into “Vinyl Tap,” Spyro Gyra’s first album in six years, which drops October 11 on the Amherst Records label.                                             

“It was tensionless as we ‘warped’ the tunes. We had a world of brilliant music to choose from and we didn’t have to worry about writing brilliant music. It was a really fun project to make,” said saxophonist Jay Beckenstein, who will lead Spyro Gyra on tour to support “Vinyl Tap” with a string of US concert dates beginning November 15 in Newark, NJ after a three-week international trek that begins at the Cancun Jazz Festival on October 23. 

When Spyro Gyra manager Phil Brennan proposed the album’s concept a few years ago to bandleader Beckenstein for their 31st album, he knew that it might take some convincing, so he came prepared with an intriguing concept. Brennan suggested that the band use their arrangement talents to transform the originals into something brand new. The challenge appealed to Beckenstein, who soon overcame any misgivings. 

“It’s cliché (to record covers) in saxophone-based contemporary jazz. We did not want to sound like a fantastic wedding band. I was really afraid that if we didn’t do our own thing, that our identity would be lost. It was imperative in the creative process – and everybody (in the band) knew this in a big way – that things had to be mixed up. Things had to be jolted out of the old way of approaching the songs. We really tried to come up with a new take on whatever (song) we were doing. We put solos into tunes that really are complete extensions that never had anything to do with the originals,” said Beckenstein. 

What initially stands out on “Vinyl Tap,” which was produced by Spyro Gyra, are the wildly imaginative arrangements. Beckenstein said, “The arrangements were put together with everyone in my basement with all the equipment set up. We were all together in the pre-studio arrangement process. It was all done democratically. Spyro Gyra is a musician’s group collective. When you have five talented guys, you can do some cool arranging things.” 

Spyro Gyra are Beckenstein, Tom Schuman (keyboards), Julio Fernandez (guitars), Scott Ambush (bass) and Lionel Cordew (drums). The musicians have somewhat of a wide range of ages, which explains some of the diversity of the material recorded for “Vinyl Tap.” Beckenstein selected the album opener, “Secret Agent Mash,” a supercharged and ultrahip mashup of “Secret Agent Man” and “Alfie’s Theme.” “Sunshine Of Your Love” is virtually unrecognizable in its new form as a Latin big band number. The first cut going for playlist adds on September 23 is the plaintive “Can’t Find My Way Home,” which takes on a bit of a western feel and benefits from the soulful perspective of Beckenstein’s saxophone protagonist. “What A Fool Believes” is slowed to become a contemplative power ballad that breaks into a mid-song swing cadence. 

“I spent a lot of time listening to radio – classic rock radio – looking for material that had fantastic melodies. If there was a beautiful, arching melody, like ‘What A Fool Believes,’ it would definitely translate to my saxophone ‘voice,’” said Beckenstein.     

Adding chromatic and bass harmonicas by Gary Schreiner, “The Cisco Kid” vacillates in time and tempo, letting the band members stretch out into improvisational banter. Exemplative of Spyro Gyra’s ethos, each band member shares the spotlight equitably, adding sweetness and redolent depth to “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.” “Tempted” always oozed soul, but the band’s reading is deliberate, adding romance and underscoring the sweeping chorus. “Stolen Moments” is another that essentially becomes an “original” composition in Spyro Gyra’s inventive hands after the piece was reconstructed using entirely new, deft and complex rhythms. The set closes with an exhilarating romp cascading through a groovy expanse on “Carry On.”

“This is the first record we’ve done where we have allowed ourselves to do other people’s material full throttle,” said Beckenstein. “That is not to say in any way that we tried to copy what other people did, but it was really great to reach outside of our writing capabilities for inspiration for us to take off on. And that’s what this album is about.”

“Vinyl Tap” contains the following songs:
“Secret Agent Mash”
“Sunshine Of Your Love”
“Can’t Find My Way Home”
“What A Fool Believes”
“The Cisco Kid”
“You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”
“Stolen Moments”
“Carry On”


Robert Glasper month long residency begins October 3.

Grammy winning artist & producer set to play 56 shows in one month.

Esperanza Spalding & Roy Hargrove Tribute Added; Appearances from Yasiin Bey, T3 (Slum Village), Terrance Martin & More!

Blue Note Jazz Club and multi-Grammy winning artist and producer Robert Glasper announce special guest and bassist Esperanza Spalding  as an addition to a powerhouse line-up of artists during Glasper's October residency at the jazz club. Robert Glasper will perform with Esperanza Spalding on October 15 & 16, with two shows each night at 8PM and 10:30PM. This must-see event marks the second year of Robert Glasper's Residency at Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City. His residency brings out some of the biggest names in entertainment and is unmatched in its artistic production.

Blue Note Jazz Club and Robert Glasper have also announced a Roy Hargrove Tribute to the residency schedule on October 22 & 23, with two shows each night at 8PM and 10:30PM. Hargrove passed away in late 2018 and was an artist with whom Glasper worked very closely. The artists performing with Glasper, such as Terrance Martin complete a special and significant tribute to Hargrove's legacy and impact in the jazz artist community.

The Robert Glasper Residency at Blue Note New York consists of 56 shows in 28 nights from October 3, 2019 to November 3, 2019. Featured artists alongside Robert Glasper include Chris Dave, Derrick Hodge, DJ Jahi Sundance, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Vincente Archer, Damion Reid, Esperanza Spalding, Justin Tyson, Luke James, Terrance Martin, Keyon Harrold, Marcus Strickland, Ben Williams, Elena Pinderhughes, Renea Neufville, T3 from Slum Village, Casey Benjamin, and more.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Brian Culbertson tells “Winter Stories” in a jazz trio

Inspiration strikes artists even when on holiday break. As pianist Brian Culbertson strolled the frigid streets of Chicago last winter, he felt compelled to write music. Feeling the cold air, seeing his breath and hearing the crunch of snow under his feet spurred the creation of “Winter Stories,” a contemplative collection of melodic musical “stories” recorded in a jazz trio setting. The first “story” that will preface the BCM Entertainment release dropping October 4 is “Morning Walk,” which went for playlist adds on Monday.     

When Culbertson returned from that inspired walk, he started composing the first piece for the album that, over time, will become a four-album series: separate stories for each season. He wrote and demoed one song per day for ten consecutive days. After each day’s session, he’d head back into the cold, taking the demo out for a walk. Upon his return, he’d make adjustments to the composition until “it was just right.” 

Best known for crafting a catalogue of R&B, jazz and funk hits, Culbertson felt that this pensive and introspective album would best be presented by a jazz trio. Knowing that drummer Khari Parker has a deft touch with brushes to craft the gentle rhythms, Culbertson had only one acoustic bassist in mind: Steve Rodby (Pat Metheny Group). They knew each other from the Chicago jingle scene at the beginning of Culbertson’s professional career and Rodby played on a track on the keyboardist’s second album, “Modern Life” (1995). 

“Understanding Steve’s jazz/pop sensibilities and knowing how musical and ‘in tune’ he plays upright bass, I knew that he was the only one who could play on this record,” said Culbertson.

Culbertson describes “Winter Stories” not as a Christmas album, but as a hybrid. “It is very melodic with a pop structure, but utilizing traditional straight-ahead jazz elements - acoustic piano, upright bass and drums with brushes – which give it a ‘holiday’ feel, but also something you can listen to any time since these are all new original songs. However, what was unusual is that the three of us didn’t record together. I produced the album using a layered approach, which also makes it more of a pop-styled record, replacing each demo track one at a time. I first recorded piano, then layered Wurlitzer, Rhodes and B3 organ parts sparsely to add depth here and there. After that was drums and then bass was last. A couple tracks also called for percussion, which was played by Lenny Castro.” 

While writing his “Winter Stories” - the inspiration for all ten stories is shared in the accompanying liner notes, which is another first for Culbertson – he spotted a painting online that he felt perfectly encapsulated the album’s motif. So, he bought the painting and made it the album cover.

“It was exactly what was in my mind. I wanted it to be like an intriguing book cover, the kind that after you look at it, you get a sense of what the music is like and then compels you to want to listen,” said Culbertson, who curates, hosts and headlines his second annual Chicago Jazz Getaway running this Thursday through Sunday, a spinoff of his wildly popular Napa Valley Jazz Getaway.     

A second single from “Winter Stories” is planned for just prior to the holiday season. Going for adds on November 18, “City Sleigh Ride” is one of the album’s more up-tempo and fun adventures, and the only song with sleigh bells. “While most of the album is on the slower, more ruminative side of things, it was important for me to break up the feel a little bit with a couple tracks,” said Culbertson. 

After a recent YouTube Premiere with fans, the video for the album opener, “Sitting By The Fire,” is now available for viewing ( “I’d say the best time to listen to this record is when it’s the coldest and bleakest outside,” said Culbertson. “These songs will warm you up and keep you cozy.” 
“Winter Stories” contains the following songs:
“Sitting By The Fire”
“Montana Skies”
“Morning Walk”
“City Sleigh Ride”
“Waltz For M”
“Island Dream”
“Northern Lights”
“Frosted Window”
“Starry Night”


Craft Recordingsis pleased to announce the release of the vinyl box set edition of The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions from The Miles Davis Quinteton November 8th. Celebrating the 70th anniversaryof Prestige Records, the deluxe six-LP set presents the quintet’s marathon sessions for the iconic jazz label, recorded between 1955–56, which resulted in classic albums such as Cookin’, Relaxin’,Workin’, and Steamin’. Plus, the box set offers a bonus LPwith audio from radio and TV appearances by the group. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTI, the discs are housed in a collectible 20-page hardcover linen-wrapped portfolio-style book, featuring stunning photographs of Davis and the band, plus in-depth liner notes from esteemed jazz historian Bob Blumenthal.

Miles Davis’ First Great Quintetwas assembled in 1955—a pivotal year for the trumpeter and bandleader. Following a triumphant set at the Newport Jazz Festival, Davis was at the top of his game, and enjoying newfound recognition by industry leaders, critics, and fans alike.With a lineup that featured pianist Red Garland, bassist Paul Chambers, drummer Philly Joe Jonesand a relatively unknown tenor saxophonist named John Coltrane (replacing Sonny Rollins), the unit became the dominant small jazz group of the late '50s and helped define the hard-bop genre. In his liner notes, Bob Blumenthal writes “The Miles Davis Quintet heard here was Davis’ means of seizing the moment when his physical health and his musical concepts were on an upswing...This is the band Davis organized when he wanted his recordings to stand for more than snapshots of his momentary interests.” 

Over the course of a year—from November 1955 to October 1956—the quintet recorded three exceptionally productive sessions with famed engineer Rudy Van Gelder, simulating nightclub sets at Van Gelder’s Hackensack, New Jersey studio. The resulting 32 tracks—presented in chronological order in this collection—would make up five complete and significant albums: the quintet’s 1956 debut release, Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet, Cookin’ (1957), Relaxin’ (1958),Workin’ (1959), and Steamin’ (1961). The quintet’s recording of “’Round Midnight” would represent this ensemble’s lone contribution to the album Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants (1959).The majority of these tracks are pop and jazz standards, along with several original compositions from Davis. Highlights include a rendition of Thelonious Monk’s “’Round Midnight,” which Davis would adopt as a signature tune, a scorching drum solo from Jones on “Salt Peanuts,” Davis’ exquisite use of the Harmon mute on the intimate ballads “My Funny Valentine” and “It Never Entered My Mind,” Garland’s inspiring solo on “If I Were a Bell,”and a standout performance from the rhythm section on “Blues by Five.”

Blumenthal writes that during this era, “Davis understood the potential of the new, longer 12-inch album format, and used it to create definitive performances in a variety of moods.” Adding, “The key was contrast, which began with the juxtaposition of Davis’ concision, Coltrane’s complexity, and Garland’s sparkle; extended to the textural variety the rhythm section provided each soloist; and was capped by the distinctive range of the band’s repertoire.”
Because much of the Quintet’s material was performed outside of the studio—in nightclubs and concert halls—a bonus LP is included, which featureseight TV and radio appearances, including live performances at Café Bohemia, the Blue Note in Philadelphia and on Tonight Starring Steve Allen, offering a broader view of the group’s exceptional work together.

The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions was originally released as a CD box set in 2006, garnering wide critical acclaim. Jazz Times wrote that “To sit down with the 32 [tracks], from “Stablemates” to “My Funny Valentine,” is to fall in love all over again with irreplaceable music whose magic is utterly manifest yet elusive of description.” All Music proclaimed, “Miles freaks…will have to have this,” while Pop Matters declared the collection to be “Perfect.” Upon its release, it peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

New Music Releases: Victor Haynes; James Bowman III; LR-60 & Qero

Victor Haynes – Take It To The Top

Victor Haynes is Expansion’s longest serving artist who as an accomplished singer and songwriter has enjoyed immense popularity over many years. “Take It To The Top” is Victor’s first physical CD release since 2014, and finds him at the top of his game with his velvet voice, original quality songs and rich arrangements. Just ahead of this CD release the digital album reached No.1 on the UK Soul Chart, this physical release coming complete with bonus track and remix.  Includes: Take It To The Top, Destiny, Strong Love, Do I Qualify, Spend Some Time, Jazz Street, Tapestry Of Love, Who Do You Love, and more.

James Bowman III - Things on My Mind

Colorful, uplifting, steady grooving and wildly inspiring, singer and songwriter James Bowman III’s latest album Things On My Mind offers a seamless merging of gospel energy, sacred reverence and urban oriented Smooth Jazz. Having played with Brian McKnight and Mervyn Warren and opened for everyone from Edwin Hawkins, Kirk Franklin and Bebe and CeCe Winans, the multi-talented artist and seductive vocalist has plenty to communicate about - the Lord, marriage, family and relationship. Led by a spiritual lyrical reworking of an Earth, Wind & Fire classic, the collection offers a positive overall message to combat the harsh discourse occurring in the world today. ~

LR-60 & Qero - INCA

INCA, the fascinating debut album by LR-60 (aka veteran trumpeter Skip Warren) and electronic artist Qero (Michael Beaumont), brings a highly original, sonically trippy and transcendent vibe some describe as “organic psychedelica” to the Smooth landscape. There are Latin rhythms, pocket grooves, throbbing beats and dreamy ambiences, yet the deeper flow and intricate, percussive tapestry of their trance-inducing, hypnotic exotica tap into Inca spiritual traditions and the colorful, expressive cultures of Mexico, Central and South America. Warren started his career touring for ten years with legendary bluesman Bobby “Blue” Bland – and these influences add depth and texture throughout. ~

New Music Releases: Soul Togetherness 2019; Gabriele Poso; Stephen Riley

Soul Togetherness 2019 (Various Artists)

Expansion’s most successful and longest running compilation series returns with its 2019 collection. It’s the 20th edition. The concept remains the same, the tracks better than ever, fifteen must-have modern soul room gems taken from the year’s biggest dance floor spins on the soul scene. While tracks here have topped UK soul charts, many have not been available in all formats. Once again, attention is paid to the ‘flow’ of the 15 gems chosen here from uplifting new soul, shuffling boogie beats, rare groove/80s revival sounds, Brit soul, and R&B played at modern soul events. Participants this year include Lukas Setto with a signature song for 2019 for the first time here on CD and LP alongside other new artists Laville, DCR, The Terri Green Project, SolatiMusic. New music too from Shaila Prospere (first time CD/vinyl), Tre Williams, veteran artists Angie Stone (first time on vinyl), Glenn Jones (also first time on CD/vinyl), Rockie Robbins and Raheem Devaughn. There’s a superb new cover of the Inner Life track “Make It Last Forever” from Steal Vybe, a 70s revival tune from Steve ‘Doc’ Willoughby.

Gabriele Poso – Batik

Future Afro-Latin jazz house from Italian master percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Gabriele Poso. Featuring guest vocalists Nailah Porter, Nina Rodriguez, Quetzal Guerrero & Sofia Rollo. Following a long-term collaborative partnership with Osunlade / Yoruba Records, as well as albums on BBE and Agogo Records, on ‘Batik’ Poso further develops and matures his sound – exploring his extensive roots in Afro-Cuban percussion, while delving into the realms of jazz and soulful house.  Tracks include: “Batik”, “Black Sand”, “Equitoreal”, “Xango”, “Suite For Tambores”, “Africa Linda”, “Sokere”, “Kumave”, and “Lime Tree”.     

Stephen Riley - Oleo

Magnificent long-blown solos from tenorist Stephen Riley – on an album named after a Sonny Rollins tune, and which definitely carries a bit of the Rollins approach in its sound! Yet the album's also got plenty of Riley's strengths in the mix, too – that great raspy sound he can get on the tenor, which also echoes a bit of Ben Webster, but with more contemporary phrasing – matched in the frontline by the trumpet of Joe Magnarelli, who we always love in an open date like this – with just the bass of Jay Anderson and drums of Adam Nussbaum for support. The lack of piano allows for plenty of structural freedom on the tunes – and titles include "Oleo", "Minority", "Doxy", "Valse Hot", "Lazy Bird", "On Green Dolphin Street", and "St Thomas". ~ Dusty Groove

Friday, September 27, 2019

Brandon Williams - The Love Factor

Detroit-bred Brandon Williams’ life has always included music in some capacity. First as a listener, then as a musician, and ultimately, as a producer. He is a musical architect that is quickly making his name and stake as a front-runner in the music industry with the release of his 2014 debut album entitled XII featuring Robert Glasper, Jean Baylor (formerly of Zhane’), Frank McComb, Nicholas Payton, Choklate, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and more. The album has received high praises from musical luminaries such as Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick (Incognito), Chuckii Booker, Maysa Leak, Ledisi, Rahsaan Patterson, Marion Meadows, Dianne Reeves, Sinbad, Will Downing, Jill Scott and many others. He has also been personally endorsed as a great producer by the legendary Quincy Jones.

On the music scene since he was 12, his career is quite impressive. A direct protégé of Grammy and Billboard super producer Michael J. Powell (Anita Baker), he is a powerhouse of musical knowledge and abilities, receiving requests to perform, engineer, MD, arrange and produce around the clock. Known as one of the premiere drummers on Detroit’s live music scene, he is also known for being one of the “go-to music guys” in general because of his gift to play numerous instruments and his versatile repertoire. In 2009, he collaborated with Vickie Winans on “How I Got Over”. The album earned him 9 Stellar Awards nominations (winning one), a Grammy Award nomination, and a NAACP Image Award. As a musician and producer he has worked alongside and lent his hand to such artists as; Pharoahe Monch, Bobby Creekwater, Jadakiss, Dr. Dre, Jazmine Sullivan, Foley (Miles Davis), Alchemist, Xzibit, Lin Rountree, Barrett Strong, Jay Electronica, Leon Ware (Marvin Gaye, Minnie Ripperton), Eminem, Onaje Allen Gumbs, Don Blackman, Bernard Wright, Jeymes Samuels, and Ryan Leslie. His production work can also be heard in various television commercials which include the 2011 AT&T “Swag/FLY ERRR” TV commercial, the 2015 “Honda Fit” TV commercial featuring ?uestlove (The Roots, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), and the 2016 AT&T “Network Of You” spot featuring Young Guru (Jay-Z).

At 37 years old, he is a tastemaker with an undeniable track record. As an musician, he has performed with Musiq Soulchild, Chantae Cann (Snarky Puppy), Talib Kweli, Dionne Ferris, Eric Roberson, Najee, Angie Stone, Wyclef Jean of The Fugees, Raheem DeVaughn, Keyon Harrold (Miles Ahead), Gordon Chambers, Rance Allen, Ronnie McNair (The Four Tops) Kevin Toney, Kim Burrell, Carvin Winans, Jaguar Wright, Derrick Hodge, Gene Dunlap, Johnny O’Neal, Geno Young, Talib Kweli, Earnest Pugh, Millie Scott, Martha Reeves, The Last Poets, Sy Smith, Zo!, Carmen Rodgers, Conya Doss, Mike Phillips, and Sherry Scott, formerly of Earth, Wind & Fire. He’s also opened for some of the industry’s finest including; Faith Evans, Morris Day and The Time, Jose James, The Isley Brothers, Angela Winbush, Janelle Monae, George Duke, Liv Warfield, Regina Belle, P.J. Morton (Maroon 5), Joe Sample, Norman Brown, and Jonathan Butler,  just to name a few.

Performing with national tours, and with his own bands, he’s graced the stages of Detroit’s premier venues, and he’s also had national exposure at hot spots such as the legendary Bitter End in NYC, the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, City Winery, and the House of Blues in Dallas. As a producer, Brandon has worked in studios across the world from New York, to The Caribbean and even South Africa. Because of his plethora of abilities, he has acquired the respect of many legendary artists that he now calls friends including; the late artists George Duke, Ricky Lawson, and James ‘J. Dilla’ Yancey, along with Denaun Porter, George Clinton, Lalah Hathaway, Karriem Riggins, Randy Crawford and a host of others. He’s also recorded with the legendary Stevie Wonder.


New Music Releases: Calvin Richardson; Neal Francis; Vin Gordon

Calvin Richardson – Gold Dust

Calvin Richardson has for the past 20 years been one the best male vocalists to emerge out of the neo-soul movement, beginning with his breakthrough hit Keep On Pushing. He wrote Charlies Wilsons hit There Goes My Baby, recorded duets with Angie Stone, guested on Raphael Saadiqs Excuse Me and has regularly hit the Urban AC charts. Gold Dust delivers the straight-from-the-heart real soul music with a contemporary flair that has won Calvin a loyal and passionate fan-base. Tracks include: “If You're Thinking About Leaving”, “Be Your Friend”, “Do You Wrong”, “Love You Tonight”, “Ain't Nothin Like The One I've Got”, “Let Me Love On You”, “Still In Love”, “She Never Had A Real Man Like This”, “Beautiful Woman”, and “Macaroni and Cheese”.

Neal Francis - Changes

Blue-eyed southern soul from Neal Francis – a set that feels like one of those great rock/soul albums that were captured during the height of the Muscle Shoals scene – although with maybe a bit more contemporary funk at the core as well! Neal's songs are super-catchy – and take us back to that moment when the right rock artists were picking up plenty from soul styles in Alabama and Tennessee – then turning the music into well-crafted hits for the better side of the 70s scene. Titles include "Change (parts 1 & 2)", "Put It In His Hands", "Can't Live Without Your Love", "This Time", "She's A Winner", "These Are The Days", and "How Have I Lived". ~ Dusty Groove

Vin Gordon — African Shores

Fantastic work from Vin Gordon – who may well be one of the greatest reggae trombonists since the legendary Rico – working here in a very classic style that features plenty of contributions from saxophonist Nat Birchall! Nat's very much in the space of his previous collaboration with Gordon – and also plays piano, bass, and percussion – alongside co-producer Al Breadwinner, who handles drums, guitar, organ, and piano too! Tracks are a mix of echoey, dubby numbers that still have straightforward solo work from Gordon – and others that have maybe a tighter tuneful vibe, but which still fit the strong spirit of the entire session. The quartet also features Stally on baritone and David Fullwood on trumpet – stepping out in all-instrumental splendor, on titles that include "Gusum Peck", "Shucumooku", "Sa La Vie", "African Shores", "Gold Coast Dub", "Styler Man", and "Spill Over" ~ Dusty Groove

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lost Tapes Transformed Into New Jazz Release From Saxman Sonny Lewis - "Fillmore Street Live"

Saxman Sonny Lewis is a legendary jazz musician who almost slipped away into history. His career was launched in Paris in 1961, sitting in with Bud Powell, and spanned the next three decades. At home in any setting, he performed with Art Blakey, Barry White, poet William S. Burroughs, and classical composer Terry Riley, and played on a wide range of recordings, including three gold albums with The Whispers. However, until now, there have been no dedicated jazz releases focused on his astounding talent. 

Discovered among the musician's personal collection of tapes, the archival recording used to produce this new release, "Fillmore Street Live", was taken from the master recording of a major street fair in San Francisco in 1998. Cars and buses were rerouted away from the busy intersection of Fillmore and California streets, where a large crowd assembled to hear the Sonny Lewis Quartet celebrate the strong jazz tradition of the Fillmore Street neighborhood on the 4th of July.

Featuring Sonny Lewis on flute and tenor sax, "Fillmore Street Live" is a straight-ahead tour-de-force, featuring classic jazz standards from Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. Latin rhythms are explored as well—the album opens with Sonny on flute, playing a song from the film Black Orpheus, and concludes with the group bringing the crowd to its feet for a rollicking rendition of St. Thomas. The Sonny Lewis Quartet features Percy Scott, keys; Harley White, Sr., bass; and Paul Smith, drums; with each musician making significant contributions.

"Fillmore Street Live" is a copyrighted work published by Sonoma Coast Records. Dedicated to bringing quality music back into the music industry, the solar-powered independent label brings listeners an astonishing mix of superb archival and newly-recorded psychedelic rock, jazz, and blues releases. For information on pianist Rob Catterton's new album, "Live in the Redwoods – A Grand Piano tribute to the Grateful Dead," visit For more information about Sonny Lewis, please visit for photos, bio, and news on upcoming releases.

New Music Releases: Cornell CC Carter; Ashley Henry; Dego

Cornell CC Carter – Absolutely 

The eagerly anticipated follow up to ‘One Love’, which was last year’s number one independent soul album of the year, is soon upon us. ‘Absolutely’ is an album described by Cornell as ‘Songs that came through my Soul and out of my Heart!.’ No sales pitch required – suffice to say it’s all killer – no filler. Eight original songs and two classic covers from our heroes Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye (Mr Gaye’s heavenly spirit filled the room when CC & Co laid this one down!) These songs have never been heard before until now, apart from the taster track and U.K Soul Chart / Sweet Rhythms Chart summer hit ‘I See Love’. Tracks include: “Say Yes”, “I See Love”, “Earn It”, “Come Live With Me Angel”, “I Could Never”, “Ever Since”, “Love Thang”, “Morning Touch”, “Ghosted”, and “We’re A Winner”. 

Ashley Henry - Beautiful Vinyl Hunter

Tremendous work from pianist Ashley Henry – a British pianist who seems to be soaring out of the underground to become one of the leading figures in overseas jazz – a role that he definitely fills with this fantastic major label debut! The set's every bit as great as Henry's previous material, but also expands the palette too – showcasing a bold musical vision that's equally great on vocal and instrumental fronts, as Henry welcomes in a lineup of guests who include Makaya McCraven on drums, Theo Croker and Keyon Harrold on trumpets, Judi Jackson and Milton Suggs on vocals, and the team of saxophonist Binker Golding and drummer Moses Boyd. Yet the work is clearly Henry's own – great tunes that have a soaring, spiritual current – maybe rooted in a tradition that runs from Woody Shaw through Robert Glasper, then finds its flowering in the really rich soil of the contemporary London scene. Titles include "Realisations", "Star Child", "I Still Believe", "Sunrise", "Battle", "Dark Honey", "Ahmed", "Introspection", "I Still Believe", "Colors", and "Between The Lines". ~ Dusty Groove

Dego - Too Much

A fantastic full length set from Dego – one of the few members of the 4Hero scene who've kept the music flowing and growing into new territory in recent years – especially with the same longform vibe that we always loved from that legendary group! Although short doses of cosmic sound can be great, there's nothing to compare with a full dose like this – a rich musical vision that holds us rapt throughout, as it moves through shifting rhythms and different modes of contemporary soul – thanks in part to vocal guests who include Ivana Santilli, Samii, Lady Alma, Sharlene Hector, and Sarina Leah! A few tracks have bold, long instrumental workouts – blinding keyboards and quick-changing rhythms – and titles include "A Strong Move For Truth", "My Standards Are Not Too High", "A Where Pringle Deh", "Come Of Age", "Just Leave It", "Life Can Be Unreal", "You Are Virgo", "Remini Dream", "I Don't Wanna Know", "Good Morning", and "Unknown Faults". ~ Dusty Groove

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

YES! TRIO: Ali Jackson / Aaron Goldberg / Omer Avital "Groove du Jour

Bound by a friendship of twenty-five years, drummer Ali Jackson, pianist Aaron Goldberg and bassist Omer Avital-three contemporary masters of jazz-release their second collaborative studio effort "Groove du Jour". Vibrant and exhilarating, their recording magnifies the spirit of swing and celebrates the excitement of playing together. With Yes! Trio, jazz is far from having said its last word!

The Yes! Trio is a group. A group created informally at the beginning of the 1990s, during a period when jazz went through a phase of refocusing before experiencing a new expansion. Coming from different horizons, its members, in their twenties at the time, met in New York and with the same desire, fittingly: to play jazz with the vitality of swing, to soak its spirit, to learn from their elders in order to be in a position to express it as their own musical language in all its modernity, its timelessness. It is no small intellectual exploit that this generation of musicians had chosen at the dawn of the new century to be faithful to an art that a wounded community had invented to save its soul. 
Aaron Goldberg and Ali Jackson met in 1991, when they were passing their auditions at the Manhattan School of Music. Coming from a family of African-American musicians from Detroit (his father, Ali Sr., a bassist, recorded with Yusef Lateef and John Coltrane), where he was a student at the famed Cass Tech High School, Ali Jackson (born in 1976), was given guidance in his teens by Max Roach, Donald Byrd and Betty Carter, and accompanied Aretha Franklin before even moving to New York. Aaron Goldberg (born in 1974) comes from a Jewish family in Boston, the son of scientists and destined for brilliant studies himself, discovered jazz as a teenager and was given private lessons by Jerry Bergonzi. Omer Avital and Aaron Goldberg met shortly later, in 1992, when both were students at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, before Goldberg returned to Boston to study at Harvard, where he obtained his degree. Born in Israel in 1971 to Moroccan and Yemenite parents, Avital had moved to New York several months before, hungry to play with his idols after having studied at the Thelma-Yellin School in Tel Aviv (which has turned out to be a true breeding ground for Israeli jazz talents). Though Avital met Ali Jackson during a European tour several months later, it is at the New York club Smalls starting in 1995 that these musicians began rubbing shoulders, when Avital became one of the lynchpins of a variety of groups, including his own.

It would be another fifteen years before the three musicians would make their first recording together. In the meantime, each has had brilliant careers that we are all aware of. Proudly wearing the colors that his mentors Max Roach and Elvin Jones taught him, Ali Jackson has asserted himself as one of the great heirs of the drum tradition, demonstrating the depth of his erudition for over a decade as a member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra under the direction of Wynton Marsalis (he has also played in Marsalis' small groups), after having accompanied musicians such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jacky Terrasson. Active for a time with Marsalis as well, Aaron Goldberg made a name for himself in saxophonist Joshua Redman's quartet, one of the major groups during the latter part of the '90s. He has launched several trios, the latest with Matt Penman and Leon Parker, while collaborating with artists such as Freddie Hubbard, Nicholas Payton, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Guillermo Klein. Bassist Omer Avital has shown himself to be a leader as well after having played with "historical" figures such as Roy Haynes and Jimmy Cobb upon his arrival in New York. Drawing inspiration from his roots (he returned to Israel for almost three years to study the oud and to immerse himself in the traditional musics of the Near East, and co-founded the groups Yemen Blues and Third World Love) he has led several groups of which one of the trademarks is to combine the voices of several saxophones and to blend the expressiveness of jazz with his own heritage.

This trio says yes to pleasure, to joy, to humor, to the energy of an expression that is not masked by technique but which serves to communicate and to interact with the others, even at the most elementary level of a simple beat/groove. Through the intimacy that each of the three members have developed with the language of jazz, Yes! Trio has this capacity - relatively unique in the current musical landscape - of mobilizing a large corpus of the history of jazz without aping it nor becoming a mere nostalgic exercise. Their vivacity, their naturalness, their happiness, their liberty illustrates how much these artists have become contemporary masters of this music, yet never forgetting to integrate the fundamentals, starting with blues and swing, but also expanding it to other spaces, to romantic melodic reminiscences, to Batucada rhythms, to a church tambourine or to urban rhythmic accents, in the web of this repertoire chosen by the three musicians, which also includes a sublime ballad with a pointillist arrangement, "I'll Be Seeing You", and a classic of modern jazz written by Jackie McLean.
The Yes! Trio is not just another trio. It is the incarnation of a certain truth in jazz, its very sound first of all, but also a way of approaching music that does not stay on the surface of things, or within a polite tonality or a well-played phrase. The trio also emphasizes the organic matter of the instruments, which counts as much as the notes played, the texture of skin beneath the drummer's brushes, the slap of a string of the acoustic bass. It makes the instruments speak as if they were human beings. It inverses roles, transforming the piano into percussion and the drums into melody. It effaces the hierarchies between the members of the trio to the point that, quite often, the thread of the music ceaselessly flows between the musicians in turn. Avital's bass talks and laughs, Jackson's drums murmur his spells in our ears, Goldberg's piano gives a speech and makes jokes, and it is an entire collection of stories that are spoken and performed in our presence. No, jazz has not yet said its last word, and continues to say yes to those who embrace it and love it. 

1. Escalier (Ali Jackson) 6'32
2. C'est clair (Omer Avital) 7'43
3. Dr. Jackle (Jackie McLean) 5'44
4. I'll Be Seeing You (Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal) 7'21
5. Muhammad's Market (Omer Avital) 5'58
6. Claqué (Ali Jackson) 4'38
7. Tokyo Dream (Aaron Goldberg) 4'54
8. Groove du Jour (Ali Jackson) 4'20
9. Flow (Omer Avital) 6'24
10. Bed-Stuy (Omer Avital) 6'09


The prolific Israeli-born, Boston-based, drummer/composer Dor Herskovits' new album, Flying Elephants, is chock-a-block with expressions of love, humor and creativity. Like most great works of art, music, dance, architecture, etc., the music on Flying Elephants began as just a seed of an idea in the brain of Herskovits, which was then transferred to notes engraved on paper. It came to exist in the material world, and then took on a life and uniqueness of its own once Herskovits' band mates got a hold of the music and ran it through their minds, bodies and ultimately their instruments. The result is a resplendent suite of music, played by what is in essence a "family", a band that Herskovits calls his "dream team"; Hery Paz - saxophones, Caio Afiune - guitar, Isaac Wilson - piano, Max Ridley - bass, and Dor Herskovits - drums and compositions.

Flying Elephants was conceived of with these specific musicians in mind - in fact, choosing this cast was the very first step the leader took. Knowing their strengths and utilizing their strong personal/musical connections, the album became a true group effort, shining a light on the member's uniqueness, their fearless and ego-less creative instincts, and unparalleled abilities as true improvisers.

In Herskovits' vision for this album, he aimed to make it a rich and complete work of art. Combining the liner notes with poetry, paintings, and descriptive nuggets, in order to create full, multi-faceted experience for his audience. He has also created a stop motion animated video for the title track. "This shows the eclectic nature of the album and the array of colors, atmospheres and purpose each of the songs might play, for me, and for the listener, such as invoking humor, introspection, peregrination, energy, aggression, romance, dance. "It was a natural to have the album art work done by our saxophonist Hery Paz, as his work is a big influence in my life," explains Herskovits.

Stylistically, the album encompasses a wide variety of influences and styles - traditional jazz (New Fashioned, Recursion), avant-garde/free jazz (Scottish Fold, Bangin'), modern jazz (Palette, Come to light), Cinematic music (Recursion, Flying Elephants) meditation music (Water), rock/metal (Flying Elephants), progressive rock (Magenta), and classical (Sob). The drummer/bandleader elaborates, "I believe that it is accessible music that can potentially bring any listener in. Yet, it is fresh, original and has many layers one can enjoy as the music is explored deeply." 

The title track, an avant-garde leaning lullaby, and the seed from which the entire album was born, "Flying Elephants," is a gift to the drummer's newborn son, in utero when the band was in the studio laying down this music. This composition is a heartfelt soundtrack to his future dreams, which symbolizes the power of our imaginations. "Flying Elephants" tells the story of, "a baby in a crib who falls into a wonderful dream filled with adventure. Elephants, stretched from a mobile coming to life, baby asking them to play, they embark on a voyage, flying into a dream world, elephants joyfully marching with heavy feet...Until baby is woken back to our world," explains Herskovits.

"As the knowledge of the pending baby inspired me to write a song for him, each of the other compositions have their own story and identity, some of which are embedded in this composition, and others took on a shape of their own as they were performed. Since music is the most abstract art form, it also engages our imagination in a powerful way and I wanted to celebrate that with this album. To me, music always opened up an inner world and a strong spiritual connection to people and nature. This is what always drew me to music, what excites me about it and ultimately what I hope to pass on to the listeners."

Isaac Wilson, is a pianist, keyboardist, and composer. A native of Los Angeles, he began playing the piano at the age of 4, teaching himself to play his favorite songs and piano works by ear. He moved to Boston to attend New England Conservatory of Music, graduating in the spring of 2015, having studied with Fred Hersch, Jason Moran, Ran Blake, and many others. While in Boston, Wilson performed on numerous occasions with saxophone greats Jerry Bergonzi and George Garzone. A recent recipient of a Master's Degree from Berklee's Global Jazz Institute lead by Danilo Pérez, he studied under many Jazz luminaries while attending the one-year program, and had the opportunity to perform at the 2015 Monterey Jazz Festival, the 2016 Panama Jazz Festival, and the 2016 Newport Jazz Festival. Wilson also won first prize at the 2016 Keep an Eye Jazz Awards in Amsterdam. Wilson has also conducted clinics around the world, and was on faculty of the inaugural Berklee Newport Jazz Festival Summer High School Program. Wilson is an artist committed to the exploration of folkloric music from around the globe, and the possibilities of melding jazz with other genres and disciplines within the Arts. He performs internationally and in the United States in a wide variety of musical contexts, and his debut trio album, Dis-Connect, was released in February of 2018.

Hery Paz, saxophonist and painter originally from Cuba, embodies a rich and diverse color and sonic palette. His eclecticism is explicit not only in painting but also in his distinction as a musician and composer. He has won the acclaim and respect of legendary jazz musicians such as Fred Hersch, who called him, " . . . a revelation, a musician of extraordinary strength". Paz is currently an integral element of the creative music scene in New York City, where he has worked with artists such as Francisco Mela, Ralph Alessi, Fred Hersch, Dave Liebman, Thomas Morgan, George Garzone, Tony Malaby, Ingrid Laubrock, Kris Davis, Ethan Iverson, Miguel Zenón, Frank Carlberg, Tom Rainey, Gerald Cleaver, Bob Moses, Ran Blake, Joe Morris, Charles Downs and Michael Attias. Paz also holds a Master's degree from the New England Conservatory in Boston.

Guitarist and composer Caio Afiune is making a lasting impression on the East Coast jazz scene. Currently in Boston, Afiune has not only been performing extensively as a leader and a sideman, but is a part time faculty member of the prestigious New England Conservatory. Originally from São Paulo, Afiune's compositions uniquely blend together the essence of Brazil and his immensely deep knowledge of the North American jazz tradition. He can be seen performing along jazz giants such as Jerry Bergonzi, Luciana Souza, Jaques and Paula Morelenbaum, Mark Zaleski, Phil Grenadier, and most recently Christian Sands.

Max Ridley is a Boston-based musician, composer and educator. He was awarded full-tuition scholarships to study at Berklee College of Music for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Ridley earned his graduate degree from Berklee's Global Jazz Institute under the direction of pianist and educator Danilo Perez and has gone on to share the stage with renown musicians such as Kenny Werner, Ingrid Jensen, Bob Mover, Jason Palmer, George Garzone, Terri Lyne Carrington, Ra-Kalam Bob Moses and Perico Sambeat. He has performed in venues such as the Blue Note, Dizzy's Club at Jazz @ Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center and the Umbria Jazz Festival. Ridley has toured domestically and internationally and has also spent time embedded in the artistic community of Valencia, Spain, which he considers his second home. Ridley remains very active in the musical community of Boston as a first-call sideman, leader and co-leader of various groups.

Dor Herskovits is an Israeli drummer and composer based in Boston. As a sought after sideman, he plays in various jazz and experimental groups on the Boston-New York line. He has also toured around the US, Canada, Europe and China. Herskovits has recorded many albums as a sideman, featured on labels such as Newvelle and Endectomorph music, alongside musicians such Grammy award-winning guitarist Bill Frisell, Michael Blake and Jason Palmer. He has also performed with George Garzone, Jon Cowherd, Steve Cardenas, Elan Mehler, TJ and the revenge, Bert Seager's Tet-rap-tych, Max Ridley's Basement Philharmonic, Daniel Rotem and Xiongguan Zhang. As co-leader of Earprint, he received critical acclaim from publications such as Downbeat magazine, NPR's critics' poll and many more. In 2018, he established the Dor Herskovits Quintet, featuring saxophonist Hery Paz, guitarist Caio Afiune, pianist Isaac Wilson and bassist Max Ridley. Their debut album Flying Elephants will be released in September 2019.

Also coming out this Fall featuring Dor Herskovits, EARPRINT Presents EASY LISTENING, (Available October 18, 2019, also on Endectomorph Music)

Ars Nova Workshop Unveils Lineup for 2019 October Revolution of Jazz & Contemporary Music October 1 - 31 | Philadelphia, PA

Ars Nova Workshop is excited to unveil the complete line-up for the 2019 October Revolution of Jazz & Contemporary Music. The festival’s third annual incarnation is its most ambitious and diverse to date, expanding from four days to an entire month of programming and featuring an eclectic mix of legendary artists and modern-day innovators. "We started this festival two years ago, hoping to bring a critical mass of the outstanding musicians that Ars Nova Workshop presents throughout the year together, in one place, around a single event that celebrates the spirit of improvisation, experimentation, and freedom, and provides an opportunity to settle in for deep listening that can cleanse our minds and refresh our souls,” states Mark Christman, Executive & Artistic Director of Ars Nova Workshop. The festival also marks the beginning of Ars Nova Workshop's 20th Anniversary Season, which is sure to include must-see performances throughout 2020.

The October Revolution, which The New York Times has called “a State of the Union for free improvisation and avant-garde composition,” has been committed to exploring the furthest edges of contemporary and experimental music in its myriad forms. The 2019 edition is no exception, with iconic figures who have helped shape the evolution of modern music for half a century alongside emerging stars altering its progression in distinctive new ways. The events will take place at venues across Philadelphia, with 13 ground-breaking performers and ensembles, more than half of them led by women, an indication of the festival’s (and the music’s) dedication to diversity and inclusion.


The festival opens with a generation-bridging duo performance pairing NEA Jazz Master Roscoe Mitchell (founding member of the influential Art Ensemble of Chicago, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary) and Philly-based poet and musician Moor Mother (a member of the Art Ensemble’s latest manifestation). The month also includes the first Philly performance by Fred Frith (Henry Cow, Naked City) in three decades, leading a trio featuring a special surprise guest; Chicago drummer Makaya McCraven, a genre-blurring envelope-pusher whose ensemble will feature Tortoise guitarist Jeff Parker and Blue Note rising star Joel Ross on vibes; drone explorers Sarah Davachi, Matchess, Lea Bertucci and Angel Deradoorian (the latter a former key member of the Dirty Projectors); former Bad Plus pianist Ethan Iverson and his quartet with a rare Philly appearance by trumpeter Tom Harrell, celebrating their new ECM release; and an ultra-rare appearance by vocal legend Patty Waters in her first local concert in more than half a century.

The festival will also allow audiences to experience what may well be the landmark performance one of the city’s most beloved institutions, The Painted Bride Art Center: an awe-inspiring performance bringing together Adam Rudolph’s improvisatory Go: Organic Orchestra with the forward-looking Indian classical musicians of Brooklyn Raga Massive. Drummer Charlie Hall of indie-rock darlings The War on Drugs will assemble a special ensemble to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of Miles Davis’s immortal album In a Silent Way. And the festival draws to a jaw-dropping close with the return of two long-dormant ensembles forged by vibraphone great Khan Jamal and now led by guitarist Monnette Sudler: Sounds of Liberation, which made a triumphant return to the stage earlier this year, this time with special guest saxophonist David Murray stepping in for the late, great Byard Lancaster; and the Creative Arts Ensemble featuring drummer Chuck Treece, recreating Jamal’s dizzying psych-jazz classic Drum Dance to the Motherland for the first time since its release in 1972.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Motown's 60th Anniversary Celebration Continues With Special, Limited Edition 'Motown In Mono' Vinyl Series

Five Classic Motown Albums Newly Remastered in Mono from Their Original Analog Master Tapes for 180-Gram Deluxe Vinyl Editions

Motown's 60th Anniversary celebration continues with today's announcement of a special, limited edition 'Motown In Mono' vinyl series, featuring The Four Tops' Reach Out (1967), The Marvelettes' Sophisticated Soul (1968), The Miracles' You've Really Got A Hold On Me (1963), Diana Ross & The Supremes' Reflections (1968), and The Temptations' The Temptations Sing Smokey (1965). To be released worldwide on November 8 by Motown/UMe, the albums are available now for preorder as a collectible five-LP set with a custom turntable slipmat, exclusively from The Sound of Vinyl's global online stores. All five albums are newly remastered from their original analog master tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, pressed on audiophile-quality 180-gram vinyl, and packaged in deluxe Stoughton tip-on jackets.

Motown’s 60th Anniversary celebration continues with today’s announcement of a special, limited edition ‘Motown In Mono’ vinyl series, featuring The Four Tops’ Reach Out (1967), The Marvelettes’ Sophisticated Soul (1968), The Miracles’ You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (1963), Diana Ross & The Supremes’ Reflections (1968), and The Temptations’ The Temptations Sing Smokey (1965). To be released November 8 by Motown/UMe, the albums are available now for pre-order as a collectible five-LP set.

Sophisticated Soul has never before been commercially released in mono, and Reflections was issued in mono in the UK only. The mono LPs for You've Really Got A Hold On Me (also generally known, from the album's cover art, as The Fabulous Miracles), Reach Out, The Temptations Sing Smokey are long out-of-print and rare.

"There was a big reason why mono was a great thing for Motown -- the emphasis then was radio," explains remastering engineer Kevin Gray. "They did special mixes in mono, intended for radio, and those are the ones we grew up listening to."

"I'm approaching these Motown albums by trying to keep everything balanced within the same framework," Gray continues. "Within an album, I try to find a level that is representative of what the album was supposed to be, and then I match everything as closely as I can to that with EQ. I certainly don't find any need to add further compression. The tapes have held up well. I'm always pleased when that happens. It's been very rewarding to work on them, and they sounded very, very good."

Learn more about the 'Motown in Mono' vinyl series at and preorder the limited edition five-LP set at

Stream all of Motown's greatest hits:

The Four Tops - Reach Out
1. Reach Out I'll Be There
2. Walk Away Renee
3. 7–Rooms of Gloom
4. If I Were a Carpenter
5. Last Train to Clarksville
6. I'll Turn to Stone

1. I'm a Believer
2. Standing in the Shadows of Love
3. Bernadette
4. Cherish
5. Wonderful Baby
6. What Else is There to Do (But Think About You)

The Marvelettes - Sophisticated Soul
1. My Baby Must Be A Magician
2. Destination: Anywhere
3. I'm Gonna Hold On Long As I Can
4. Here I Am Baby
5. You're The One For Me Bobby
6. Reachin' For Something I Can't Have

1. Your Love Can Save Me
2. You're The One
3. Don't Make Hurting Me A Habit
4. What's Easy For Two Is Hard For One
5. The Stranger
6. Someway, Somehow

The Miracles – You've Really Got A Hold On Me
1. You've Really Got A Hold On Me (Wm. Robinson)
2. I've Been Good To You (Wm. Robinson)
3. Such Is Love, Such Is Life (Wm. Robinson)
4. I Can Take A Hint (Robinson, Bradford, Ossman, Rogers)
5. Won't You Take Me Back (Wm. Robinson)

1. A Love She Can Count On (Wm. Robinson)
2. Whatever Makes You Happy (Wm. Robinson, R. White)
3. Heartbreak Road (Wm. Robinson, R. White)
4. Happy Landing (Wm. Robinson, R. White)
5. Your Love (Wm. Robinson)

Diana Ross & The Supremes – Reflections
1. Reflections
2. I'm Gonna Make It (I Will Wait For You)
3. Forever Came Today
4. I Can't Make It Alone
5. In And Out Of Love
6. Bah-Bah-Bah

1. What The World Needs Now Is Love
2. Up, Up And Away
3. Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)
4. Then
5. Misery Makes Its Home In My Heart
6. Ode To Billie Joe

The Temptations - The Temptations Sing Smokey
1. My Girl
2. The Way You Do The Things You Do
3. What Love Has Joined Together
4. It's Growing

1. Who's Lovin' You
2. You'll Lose A Precious Love
3. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
4. Baby, Baby I Need You
5. (You Can) Depend On Me
6. Way Over There
7. What's So Good About Goodbye
8. You Beat Me To The Punch


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