Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Alific is the product of musician and producer Brendan Dane who started out playing bass guitar in a number of different styles of bands growing up. Ranging from rock, reggae, funk, jam and hip hop to infectious beach style dub rhythms, Alific has no boundaries when it comes to music. Gaining knowledge of the recording arts while in college, Alific crafted the skills of recording, engineering and producing by learning from his musical influences and always leaving room to grow as a professional.

Alfic enjoys acquiring new recording tricks and production techniques and continues to strengthen his own skills as a musician by continuously practicing and learning from close friends and fellow jammers. Living life to its fullest, Alific continues to create and produce music wherever his living situation may be. Currently living in DC, Alific writes, records, and produces all his music out of his home recording studio and his main goal is to make grooves that will get you tapping your feet.

“There is no right or wrong way of creating music. If its your own, it can be anything you want it to be”, says Alfic.

Alific released his debut album Dub In The District back in August of 2011, and if you enjoy reggae, then you will truly enjoy this album. On Dub In The District, Alific produces nifty baselines and has some underrated vocals. It has something for everyone, and his aptitude mixing in the studio combines for an awesome album and live experience. Whether he continues to collaborate with others or do it on his own Alific will be filling people’s playlists for years to come.

Alfic says that “the foundation of every song is the bassline" of which there is plenty of in Dub In The District.

Favorite tracks on here include "Sun Roots", "Campfire", "Looking Back", and the title song "Dub In The District". Enjoyable and recommended.

Brendan Dane - all instruments, vocals, lyrics
Andy Schmitt - vocals, lyrics
Todd Smith - drums
Dr. Peter Dane - keyboard

1. Full Moon Raid [3:35]
2. the Dubbal Vision [2:51]
3. No Workin [2:38]
4. Campfire [3:47]
5. Sun Roots [2:35]
6. Looking Back [4:21]
7. Poons [4:30]
8. Stolen [3:05]
9. Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop [3:23]
10. Dub In The District [3:15]

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