Wednesday, April 04, 2012


While Pete Belasco is truly one of the most satisfying singers of our time, seven years is a very long wait without getting some... Some of that seductive slow groove, some soulful crooning and some cleverly, evocative lyrics. Sure, Pete Belasco’s signature sound lingers, which is why radio stations worldwide continue to support his two previous recordings (Get It Together and Deeper)… with Lights On, the wait is over my Belasco-starved friends! This new project is everything you’ve been holding out for! Subtle, sexy and intelligent with skillfully crafted tunes in a similar vein as vintage favorites Mayfield, Marvin and Smokey. Fans of today’s neo soul, will also enjoy discovering Pete’s Lights On… a relevant musical tale of a sweet, sweet life. We are so fortunate that this sensitive artist was willing to venture back into the recording studio to deliver 12 entrancing new songs, plus 2 bonus tracks. Favorites for me include the infectious “Rock It” and the stunning “My Eyes.” Radio will be thrilled and fans will be relieved… and I can finally relax as I am Belascofied once again! ~Sandy Shore /

1. Ain’t Doin It
2. Lights On
3. Rock It
4. Down
5. My Eyes
6. Repay You
7. Stubborn (Stay Focused)
8. Later
9. One
10. Just Me
11. Sweeter
12. Who’s The Man
13. My Eyes (Organic Mix)
14. One (Organic Mix)

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