Thursday, June 28, 2012


After more than 2 years from Volume 11 finally releases the new volume of the most important italian collection of Chill Out music : Chill Out Cafe Volume 12 selected by the Irma stuff. This too is a double CD format and Super Jewell Box Plus, collects the best of Irma's gender, including songs from albums recently released and unreleased tracks or released in digital format only. Some songs are by artists 'historical' label as Ohm Guru, DJ Rodriguez, Zeb, Master Garofalo and Don Carlos, and others are previews of new albums such as Black Mighty Wax with Sarah Jane Morris and the new song of United Peace Voice, some remixes like : Be Noir 'Give me your love' by Alex Natale or 'Aaron Tesser - I want you to stay' by Nossa Alma Canta … and many new artists like Agostino Maria Ticino, Melchior Sultana, Sugarpie And The Candymen, Fast Lane, Locomotif, The Blue Hammock, Mauro Falardo and some confirmations as From P60, Asuka Sakai, John Type, Nu Braz and others for a total of 33 tracks.
CD 1
1. John Type - Sunflower Lola (Interanima Laser Soul Remix)
2. Sugarpie And The Candymen - Lemon Tree
3. Sabo & Zeb - Nosso Coracao (Chris X-Bass Lisi Remix)
4. Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra - Ride The Sun
5. Black Mighty Wax - Shake Your Heart (Feat. Sarah Jane Morris)
6. Fast Lane - Inevitable
7. Nu Braz - Segunda Feira
8. Agostino Maria Ticino - If I Had Said To You
9. United Peace Voices - Make A Better Day
10. Dj Rodriguez - Killer Sound
11. Be Noir - Give Me Your Love (Alex Natale & Fluid Deluxe Lux Love Remix)
12. From P60 - Every Morning
13. Elmio - I Lost It When You Spoke (Love Acoustic)
14. Kalweit And The Spokes - Around Ther Edges
15. Maestro Garofalo - Blackbird
16. Melchior Sultana - Il Bahar
17. Faze Liquide - Soft
18. Belladonna - Natural World

1. Maestro Garofalo - Sun Groove
2. Lux Departure - The Ghost Feeling
3. Locomotif - Forget
4. Karin Maria Andersson - You Will Follow
5. Sakai Asuka - Fashion
6. From P60 - Hurts
7. Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair - I Want You To Stay (Nossa Alma Canta Rework)
8. The Blue Hammock - Estou Feliz
9. Mauro Falardo - Lime’s Culture
10. From P60 - Move On
11. Irwin - Peace
12. Jeannie - Hot Cold Water
13. Agostino Maria Ticino - An Easy Way To Spend A Day
14. Ohm Guru - Movie Guru
15. Don Carlos - Acid Moon

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