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Multi-instrumentalist, Fernandez "Urban Blu" Billingslea, fondly known as ‘Dez’ to his associates in the music industry, has lead a very exciting musical career. After numerous musical compositions and many stage performances a shocking experience occurred. Back in September 2009, “Dez” found himself at the brink of death, holding on to his strong faith through a very rough “out of the blue’ bout of pancreatitis. “I guess God had to get my attention”, explains Dez. “He has allowed me through all my trials, tribulations to continue to use the gift that he gave me”. This experience left him with a renewed spirit after going through a life-changing health scare of pancreatitis and given a second chance to be fully-expressed musically with a new perspective on his upcoming CD Awakening.

Garnering over 27 years of musical experience, Dez has launched his lifelong passion of playing jazz and owning his own recording company. To date Dez’ has shared the stage with national artist like Najee, Herbie Hancock, TS Monk, Eric Benet, Cassandra Wilson, Tuck & Pattie, Steve Turre & Sanctified Shells, Regina Carter, Claudia Villella, Cyrus Chestnut, Papo Vazquez, David S. Ware, Amel, Dr. Billy Taylor, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Currently Dez is the President/CEO of Urban Blue Entertainment Inc. and under this umbrella he utilizes his expertise as an accomplished producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Being a musician and composer of music Billingslea noticed how quickly the music industry was changing with the explosion of the internet making the world a smaller place and technology allowing the world to be more accessible. “Social media is becoming an indispensable part of the marketing mix, not only for the music business, but also for many other types of businesses. It’s one of the best ways to reach fans, customers, or clients. It was important to me to launch my own social network, not only to share my musical expertise, but to use this platform for blogging, open forums to discuss the variables of life through my experiences, to the authentic leanings to health and wellness making sure that I use my personal experience as a conduit for someone elses life no matter what side of life they walk on” says Dez.

Out Of The Blu is Dez’s current CD in the marketplace as he is evolving and assembling his new self-produced and engineered musical endeavor entitled Awakening offering his new perspective on life, and its meaning. “Dez is a magical soul, he shares his story in such a way that gives you a sense of value upon your own life, his story is quite compelling and his music is the perfect backdrop for this understanding. We are excited to be the first to hear a sneak peek of his new project Awakening before its release in early 2013, shares Jaijai Jackson, the creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide social network.

To join ‘Dez’s’ bandwagon, be sure to swing by his new social network at

"I’m so honored and blessed to have the opportunity to be featured on the Jazz Network Worldwiide. Jaijai Jackson is a seasoned jazz pioneer and artist, she is revolutionizing all genres of music from jazz to R&B. In addition to being featured on her Jazz Network, artists get a chance to be featured along aside some of the greatest musicians in the world . . . this is an honor within itself and it gives artists, musicians, and producers exposure that they would not normally get.

No matter what the labels and corporations are doing, musicians are taking it upon themselves to use social channels to connect with fans, offer value, and create relationship. This has ultimately led to new business models and revenue streams from sponsorships, touring and live appearances, custom products, and social monetization through advertising.

One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was to attend college and obtain a degree in Computer Science. This decision is directly related to my past and present success. Not only am I a seasoned IT Professional that excelled in the corporate arena, but this skill allowed me to fund my passion of music by allowing me to obtain all the tools of the musician trade".

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