Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Syco/Columbia Records have announced that they will be releasing the first album from British "X-Factor" sensation Rebecca Ferguson, Heaven, on May 29. That same week, Ferguson will perform cuts from Heaven on The Today Show, The View and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Critics at home and abroad have already hailed Ferguson as being "in the same league with Aretha Franklin" (The Daily Telegraph) whose "voice is the main attraction" (examiner.com) during her live shows because she doesn't need "flashy choreography or outrageous costumes" to make herself stand out. The New York Daily News, in a 4 **** review, raves, "rich and resonant, tawny and thick, the voice of Rebecca Ferguson has a timbre like no other and a character that speaks of a full life." Heaven is a "seamless blend of old soul, dusty blues, and even a bit of country and rock" (Uptown Magazine). According to Glamour magazine online, the album, written by Ferguson and produced by an impressive roster of music legends, is "soulful, emotive and incredibly accomplished."

Ferguson's first U.S. TV performance will be on The Today Show on May 29, followed the next day by an appearance on The View. She'll make a second appearance on Today on June 1 and will head to Los Angeles for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on June 26. Ferguson became an overnight sensation after her first appearance in the selection rounds for the 2010 edition of the British "X Factor." Though she eventually came in a close second, she became such a fan favorite that when she first performed her single on the show last November, pre-orders for the album on Amazon.com saw more than a 700% jump, nearly twice that of Rihanna, who sang a song from her new album on the same program.

And she has developed a large group of celebrity fans, including British music icon Adele. "She's been such a support and said such lovely things about me," Rebecca says of the singer. "She even admitted she voted for me 80 times when I was on the show. She means every word she sings, which I love."

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Emma said...

This is one amazing album!! I don't think I've taken it out of my CD player since I got it. I became a huge fan of her after I saw her live video for "Glitter & Gold." I definitely recommend checking it out, her incredible voice will blow you away! http://vevo.ly/Kd9J13


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