Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Saxophonist Leo Gandelman is a celebrated Brazilian musician in both MPB and classical music. Gandelman returns with his unique take on jazz music with a new studio album full of remarkable Brazilian samba-jazz compositions. This deluxe package features the full high-definition CD album and a bonus DVD featuring the record played live in its entirety plus a documentary shot during the making of Vip Vop. This is a high-quality sax-led jazz record full of invention and intrigue.

"When I think about Brazilian saxophone, I think about Leo Gandelman. During all the years of his carreer, this musician, arranger, composer and producer, positioned his parabolic to different musical directions and Jazz elements, but never left our cultural and artistic roots behind, constructing note by note, scale by scale, record by record, a brazilian vocabulary for the Saxophone and our music. His trademark is his signature !"

Charles Gavin (producer, composer and author of '300 important albums of Brazilian music')

CD Album (FARO165CD)
1. Leo Gandelman - Sinal Vermelho (Red Sign)
2. Leo Gandelman - Nego Tá Sabendo (They Know)
3. Leo Gandelman - Vip Vop (Very Important People / Very Ordinary People)
4. Leo Gandelman - Luz Azul (Blue Light)
5. Leo Gandelman - Lançamento (Release)
6. Leo Gandelman - Numa Boa (Feeling Good)
7. Leo Gandelman - Neshama (To My Father)
8. Leo Gandelman - Camisa 7 (Jersey #7)
9. Leo Gandelman - Reza (Pray)
10. Leo Gandelman - Alma Cubana (Cuban Soul)


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