Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Windows is the title of David Boswell's latest release on My Quiet Moon Records®. This record features the amazing musicianship of Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets, Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Lorber) on bass, Dean Taba on bass, Rod MacDowell on bass, his brother John Boswell (Hearts of Space recording artist) on the piano, and M.B. Gordy III (Rita Coolidge, Doobie Brothers) on the drums and percussion with John Fumo on trumpet in a guest spot.

Jazz guitarist David Boswell was born in San Francisco, CA, and raised in Saratoga, CA. His family was musically inclined (his older brother, John Boswell, also became a professional musician), and he began taking guitar lessons in second grade. At 12, he formed a rock band that played school dances. At 16, he attended a Pat Metheny concert he likened to "a religious experience" and became immersed in jazz. He later was chosen to be part of a group of young musicians who traveled to Woodstock, NY, to study with Metheny, Dave Holland, and Jack Dejohnette for several weeks. He made a living, however, in playing in the rock genre rather than jazz, as a member of the Bay Area band the Metro Jets, which recorded an album, About to Surface and played extensively around the San Francisco bay area. Moving to Los Angeles, he played in another rock group, Model 2, while earning a degree in the guitar program at the Grove School of Music. He also studied film scoring at UCLA, which was where he learned the intricacies of writing for a full orchestra.

Boswell became a session musician in Los Angeles, notably appearing on albums by such Broadway musical performers as Stacy Sullivan, Joanne O'Brien, Kevin Koelbl, Cindy Benson, and Franc d'Ambrosio, David Burnham.... While doing studio work, he was also working in a jazz trio with renowned bassist Dean Taba and drummer John Mosser. It was at this time that Boswell became a prolific composer and in 2004, he released his first solo album, Hold Tight to Your Dreams, on My Quiet Moon Records label. He followed it in March 2006, with his second album, Bridge of Art which celebrated a hit on the Smooth Jazz charts with the tune "Simple Life" followed by "I Like That" featuring Nelson Rangell on the saxophone and Yellowjackets co-founder Jimmy Haslip on the bass as well as his brother John Boswell on the Piano and MB Gordy on drums and percussion. He came back with the same rhythm section line-up for "Windows" with the addition of Dean Taba and Rod MacDowell sitting in the bass chair for a few tracks and John Fumo on the trumpet as a special guest on one track.

David Boswell has a unique approach to his music with his use of synthesized guitars, acoustic guitars and the incorporation of his voice as a melodic instrument. David's music transports the listener on amazing and special journeys. The music is cinematic at times yet always leaves you with beautiful melodies to sing in your head even when the music stops.

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