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Marchio Bossa is a jazz band founded by Piero and Pippo Lombardo in 2001, and their primary objective was to produce what they consider to be the best blend of bossa nova and samba jazz possible. In doing so, they utilized elements from the bossa nova sound of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes, etc., and to mixed it up with other jazz and funk elements from the likes of Al Jarreau, Earth Wind & Fire, and Pat Metheny, among others. Overtime, Marchio Bossa have matured to an elegant and refined act, both live and on recordings, boasting some of the most talented Italian musicians.

Their latest album, Italian Bossa Bar, reflects the new-euro bossa groove that they have so well perfected.  To date Marchio Bossa have released four albums (plus compilations), each of which achieved both critical and sales successes worldwide: Italian Lounge Music (2003, Azzurra Music); No Bossa No Party (2004, Azzurra Music); Fantasy – The Best Of Lounge (2006, Azzurra Music); Colorando (2008); and The Very Best Of Italian Lounge Music (2009).

Francesca Leone - vocals; Pippo Lombardo - piano and keyboards; Guido Di Leone - guitars; Pierluigi Balducci – bass; Mimmo Scialpi - drums.

Guest Musicians:
Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet), Daniele Scannapieco (tenor) sax, Gilson Silveira (percussions), Gaetano Partipilo (contralto sax), Rocco Zifarelli (guitar), Marco Tamburini (trumpet), Leo Gadaleta (strings), Bruno Tassone (baritone sax), Fabio Lepore (vocals), Tommy Gargano (vocals).

Marchio Bossa - Italian Bossa Bar Tracklist:
1. E Questo Samba Va
2. Your Smile
3. Goodbye My Friend
4. Ama
5. Windmills Of Your Mind
6. Morena
7. Cafè Bossa
8. Uma Batida De Amor
9. Case Vuote
10. Vorrei
11. Suoni D'acqua
12. Nascita Di Un Nuovo Amore

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