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This new 4-CD, career-spanning collection features 56 songs including hits, live performances, demos, unreleased tracks, and the exclusive new single, “There’s Only You”. In addition to showcasing Luther’s soulful, sexy vocals the set also offers duets with Dionne Warwick, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce Knowles. Plus, the full-length version of Aretha Franklin’s “Jump To It” provides a shining example of his masterful skill as a record producer. A lavish, 60-page full color book with artist info, photos from the Vandross family album and a powerful essay written by Luther’s mother completes the collection.

Disc 1
1. Ready For Love (Album Version)
2. If You Can't Dance (Album Version)
3. Meet Luther Vandross (Album Version)
4. The Glow Of Love (Album Version)
5. Never Too Much (Album Version)
6. Don't You Know That? (Album Version)
7. A House Is Not A Home (Album Version)
8. Bad Boy/Having A Party; Bad Boy\ Having A Party (Album Version)
9. Since I Lost My Baby (Album Version)
10. She Loves Me Back (Album Version)
11. Who's Gonna Make It Easier For Me
12. If This World Were Mine (Album Version)
13. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (Album Version)
14. Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do); Superstar\ Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) (Album Version)

Disc 2
1. If Only For One Night (Album Version)
2. Creepin' (Album Version)
3. Wait For Love (Album Version)
4. 'Til My Baby Comes Home (Album Version)
5. It's Over Now (Album Version)
6. The Night I Fell In Love (Album Version)
7. There's Only You (Album Version)
8. Anyone Who Had A Heart (Album Version)
9. So Amazing (Intimate Mix)
10. Give Me The Reason (Album Version)
11. Stop To Love (Album Version)
12. There's Nothing Better Than Love (Album Version)
13. So Amazing (Album Version)
14. For You To Love (Album Version)
15. Here And Now (Album Version)

Disc 3
1. Love The One You're With (Album Version)
2. Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me) (Album Version)
3. Georgy Porgy
4. Power Of Love/Love Power; Power Of Love\ Love Power (Album Version)
5. Don't Want To Be A Fool
6. I Want The Night To Stay (Album Version)
7. Endless Love (Duet with Mariah Carey) (Album Version)
8. Any Love (Album Version)
9. Knocks Me Off My Feet (Album Version)
10. Your Secret Love (Album Version)
11. Never Let Me Go (Album Version)
12. Can Heaven Wait (Album Version)
13. The Closer I Get To You (Duet With Beyonce Knowles)

Disc 4
1. Isn't There Someone (Album Version)
2. Dance With My Father (Album Version and Radio Version)
3. Take You Out (Radio Edit & Album Version)
4. I'd Rather
5. Buy Me A Rose
6. Shine (Main)
7. Got You Home (Main)
8. Jump To It (Original 12" Mix)
9. Hot Butterfly (Disco Remix)
10. Searching (Live)
11. Always And Forever (Live)
12. Windows Of The World/What the World Needs Now; Windows Of The World\ What the World Needs Now (Live)
13. The Lady Is A Tramp (Album Version)
14. A House Is Not A Home

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