Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Vocalist Roseanna Vitro's Reissue of 1984 debut w/Kenny Barron Trio, "LISTEN HERE"

Vocalist ROSEANNA VITRO  – performer, recording artist, educator and journalist – reissues LISTEN HERE, the debut album that launched her career. Featuring veteran pianist Kenny Barron, the project ushered into the spotlight a formidable new artist with chops and sensitivity in equal measure – a galvanizing spirit who, having already proven she could move live audiences, now certified her power on vinyl. Though this is a first recording, Vitro shows herself a mature jazz singer. 

Vitro decided to re-release LISTEN HERE because the time was right. She and her husband Paul Wickliffe, an accomplished sound engineer with a storied career, recently became grandparents. Their perspective has changed. “It was time to take stock of my life and look back at my career,” she says.  “Some of my earlier records were never transferred to a digital format, so they are no longer available. And many reviewers and DJ’s who have known me over the years have moved on. I think these early recordings stand the test of time, and I want to introduce them to a new generation.” 

Esteemed jazz journalist Neil Tesser said in USA Today, “Roseanna can sing rings around half the vocalists you can name. Her warm, confident clarity of tone is immediately noticeable, but most startling is her boldness of phrasing.”  He might have added, “her unerring talent for finding the truth - through song, through the communal experience of sharing it.” The evidence can be heard easily. 


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