Thursday, February 04, 2021

New Music Releases: Alan Goldsher, Shawn Raiford, Hamburg Spinners

Alan Goldsher - Spiral Dance

On October 21, 2020 the New York Times revealed that pianist Keith Jarrett had suffered two strokes. He likely won't play in public again. A lifelong Jarrett fan, bassist, keyboardist, producer, and Gold Note Records founder / CEO Alan Goldsher was compelled to honor to the jazz legend with a cover of Jarrett's gem, "Spiral Dance." The tune's arrangement is a standard one -- melody / solo / melody -- but the beat takes a sharp left from Jarrett's original 1974 recording. Goldsher explained, "I layered multiple drum loops, then mixed them so they sound jacked-up and weird,". Over and under this jacked-up, weird groove -- and right beside some James Brown samples -- Goldsher pounded the hell out of his keyboard, creating a jazz / electronica soundscape that evokes Jarrett-ness, but most definitely doesn't duplicate it. "Keith recorded several albums with his oftentimes radical reworkings of jazz standards," Alan said. "That being the case, regardless of how he feels about the track, I know he'll appreciate the fact I tried something different." "The only other thing I can say about this tune," Goldsher continued, "is that I hope my fellow Keith fans enjoy it."

Shawn Raiford - Man With A Horn

With one listen, you’ll step deeply into the alluring saxophone world of Shawn Raiford… he is the Man With A Horn, playing it smoothly, brightly and with great conviction! This slickly produced and intensely melodic debut album fires up rich bass lines and hip-hop grooves, creating a proprietary blend of Smooth Jazz, pop, funk, soul and gospel for the Sacramento alto saxman. Raiford’s roots took form in a house of worship, where he played sax for the first time at his late grandmother’s 75-year church anniversary. While showcasing his highly spirited style and emotional range, this collection reflects many styles of musical inspirations, from the exhilarating Raiford-penned originals that the world will surely take notice of, to a select and fun handful of covers from Bruno Mars, DeBarge and Rihanna. Man WIth A Horn from a man who has arrived. ~

Hamburg Spinners - Skorpion Im Stiefel

A tight little quartet from the Hamburg scene – a combo who really get back to basics with a strong focus on organ lines and guitar! The groove is maybe a more complicated take on the territory of Booker T & The MGs – longer tunes, with more variation in the rhythms – but still served up with the kind of simplicity and focus that made that group so great! The organ tones and notes are perfectly chosen throughout – and the drums get nice and funky, with a few great break moments too. Titles include "Haschrebellen", "Der Optimist", "Pharisaer", "Der Kiezpanther", "Maries Mexickaner", and "Bambule In Der Thadenstrasse". ~ Dusty Groove

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