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A legendary figure in the world of film scoring Henry is perhaps best known for his work on Breakfast At Tiffany s and Moon River yet there are many shades to Mancini. He can shift from the lullaby of Slow And Easy, to the cookin Moanin and the noir infused beats of Peter Gunn, perfect for what ever mood you re in. CD1 The Lighter Side 1. Moon River Cha Cha 2. Walkin The Rock 3. The Soft Touch 4. Slow And Easy 5. Goofin At The Coffee House 6. The Little Man Theme 7. Tipsy 8. Breakfast At Tiffany's 9. Misty 10. Robbin s Nest 11. Moon River 12. Lujon 13. Baby ElephantWalk 14. Dream Of You 15. Mr. Lucky 16. A Profound Gass 17. Orson Around 18. The Big Drag CD2 The Jazzy Side 1. Moanin 2. Castle Rock 3. Everybody Blow 4. Big Band Bwana 5. Crocodile Go Home 6. Sorta Blue 7. Session At Pete s Pad 8. The Floater 9. Brief And Breezy 10. Walkin Bass 11. My Manne Shelley 12. That s It And That s All 13. Sing, Sing, Sing 14. The Brothers Go To Mother s 15. Odd Ball 16. Blue Steel 17. Chime Time 18. The Beat CD3 The Darker Side 1. Touch Of Evil (Main Theme) 2. Background For Murder 3. Peter Gunn 4. Fallout! 5. Spook! 6. Floating Pad 7. Big Noise FromWinnetka 8. Tooty Twist 9. Experiment In Terror 10. Nancy 11. Experiment In Terror Twist 12. Teen-Age Hostage 13. Final Out At Candlestick Park 14. The Sounds Of Hatari 15. Blue Flame 16. New Blood 17. The Blues 18. Borderline Montuna. ~ Amazon


A range of rare recordings from singer Doris Drew – a vocalist we only know from one full album, but who also made some of these appearances as a guest on other instrumental dates! Doris has a great approach – one that's slightly warmer than the ice blondes of the west coast scene of the 50s, yet which often carries some of the same modern elements too – supported here by work from players who include John Williams on piano, Don Fagerquist on trumpet, and Herb Geller on alto – plus arrangements from Williams, Jack Fascinato, David Caroll, and Lew Raymonde. Titles include "He's My Guy", "Tea For Two", "I Cried For You", "Pennies From Heaven", "Put The Blame On Mame", "You're The Cream In My Coffee", and "Be My Lovin Baby".  ~ Dusty Groove


With 21 charting albums, 53 chart hits, and countless appearances on television and radio to his name, Perry Como has been awarded with virtually every accolade the music industry has to offer. But there remains one facet of his career that remains underappreciated: his skill as a live performer. That’s because, from 1948 through the early ‘70s, Perry almost never toured, spending every waking and working moment out of the recording studio preparing his beloved television specials. As a result, only a small percentage of his fans ever got the chance to see him work his magic on stage. Luckily for the rest of us, though, Perry left behind this marvelous live album, which was recorded in Chicago in 1980. Clocking in at a remarkable hour for a single-LP release, Perry Como Live on Tour captures Mr. C not only performing huge hits like “Temptation,” “It’s Impossible” and a medley of “Till the End of Time”/”Catch a Falling Star”/”Round and Round”/”Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes,” but also displays all the warmth and charm that made him such a commanding presence on the small screen, with some extended (and very funny) bits of crowd interaction. Como’s long-time musical director Nick Perito provides the accompaniment, and the great arranger Ray Charles—who first started working with Perry in 1948—directs the choir. This Real Gone CD debut reissue of this classic live album features liner notes by Matthew Long and photos from the Sony archive featuring images taken on this very tour, while the remastering by Sean Brennan at Battery Studios in New York ensures that this release actually sounds better than the vinyl version ever did. An essential look at a forgotten side of a superstar! ~ Real Gone

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