Wednesday, January 14, 2015



Compilation of 42 tracks from some of the best work by French disco legend Cerrone! Alongside bonafide classics ‘Love In C Minor’ and ‘Supernature’, The Best of Cerrone Productions gathers over 20 tracks of the drummer and producer’s own tracks, plus a bunch of his material for the likes of Don Ray, Kongas, Revalacion, Brigade Mondaine and Cristal. The label has also thrown in a selection of remixes! Tracklisting: Cerrone - Supernature; Don Ray - Got To Have Lovin'; Cerrone - Love In C Minor; Cerrone - Midnite Lady; Cerrone - Freak Connection; Revelacion - The House Of The Rising Sun; Cerrone - Look For Love; Don Ray - Standing In The Rain; Kongas - Why Can't We Live Together; Cristal - Phonic; Cerrone - Striptease (B.o.f. Brigade Mondaine I); Cerrone - Call Me Tonight; Kongas - Africanism; Cerrone - Your Love Survived; Cerrone - You Are The One; Cerrone - Club Underworld; Cerrone - Love In C Minor (Dimitri From Paris Remix); The Shoes & Beth Ditto - Cerrone's Supernature; Kongas - Africanism Gimme Some Lovin (Get A Room Remix); Cerrone - Hooked On You (The Reflex Revision). Cerrone - Give me Love; Cerrone - Cerrone's Paradise; Cerrone - Love is Here; Cerrone - Music of Life; Cerrone - Vaudou aux Caraibes (suite); Cerrone – Experience; Cerrone - Je Suis Musique; Cerrone - La Secte de Marrakech (suite); Cerrone - Panic; Cerrone - Rocket in the Pocket; Cerrone - Generique Fin; Cerrone – Soumission; Cerrone - In the Smoke; Cristal - La nuit pour nous; Cerrone - Take Me; Cerrone - Cycle's Woman (feat. Santana's Band); Kongas - Tattoo Woman; Kongas - Dr. Doo-Dah; Cerrone - Music of Life (Alan Braxe Remix); Cerrone - Misunderstanding (A-Trak & Codes Rework); Cerrone - Je suis Music (Armand Van Helden Remix); Cerrone - Give me Love (Frankie Knuckles Remix).

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