Thursday, September 01, 2022

Ruddy Thomas | 'First Time Around" and "Reggae For Lovers"

One of the most accomplished Jamaican singers to first make their mark in the mid-70s, Ruddy Thomas found considerable success on both sides of the Atlantic with a succession of reggae chart hits throughout the tail end of the decade and beyond.

His most successful early works were recorded for arguably Kingston’s leading producer of the period, Joe Gibbs, with hits including his hugely popular interpretations of ‘Every Day Is Just A Holiday’, ‘Let’s Make A Baby’ and ‘Loving Pauper’, which was Jamaica’s best- selling single of 1978.

Now, at long last, his debut album finally sees its official re-issue on CD, with its original tracklisting expanded to include the best of his remaining work with Gibbs, plus the very best of the producer’s romantically-themed productions from the period.

Including a dozen tracks new to CD, the collection is an essential acquisition for all fans of both the sound of lovers rock and late 70s reggae.

Track Listing:



  1. That’s What Friends Are For
  2. Ticket To Ride
  3. Poorer Side Of Town
  4. Loving Pauper
  5. Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
  6. Little Jeannie
  7. Go On
  8. Let Me Know It
  9. Sad Eyes
  10. Someone To Love
  11. Bonus tracks
  12. Memories (By The Score)
  13. Mama Say
  14. Feeling Soul
  15. (Every Day Is) Just A Holiday
  16. Time To Leave Daddy
  17. Close To Me
  18. Let’s Make A Baby
  19. I Can’t Stop Now
  20. When I Think Of You (7” mix)
  21. Don’t Go Changing aka Just The Way You Are
  22. Emotion (7” mix)



  1. Since I Fell For You – George Nooks
  2. (Riding On A High And) Windy Day – Ruddy Thomas
  3. Why Girl (7” mix) – Earth & Stone
  4. After You (What Am I Gonna Do) – Wayne Wade
  5. Gypsy Woman – The Mighty Diamonds
  6. Working My Way Back To You (7” mix) – George Nooks
  7. Nice First Sight Loving (7” mix) – Freddie McGregor
  8. Everyday Is Just A Holiday – Hugh Griffiths
  9. Just When I Needed You Most – Tyrone Taylor
  10. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (7″ mix) – Derrick Lara
  11. Gonna Get You AKA I’m Gonna Make Me Love You – David Isaacs
  12. Hey You – Jimmy Riley
  13. Something Precious – Shirley McLean
  14. You Body’s Here With Me – Nehemiah Heild
  15. Sadie (7” mix) – George Nooks
  16. (This Is) Party Time – The Mighty Diamonds
  17. It’s So Nice To Be With You – Hugh Griffiths
  18. Got To Get Your Love – Delroy Wilson
  19. Being With You (7” mix) – Ruddy Thomas
  20. Left With A Broken Heart (12” mix) – George Nooks

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