Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The Soul City and Bell recordings of the original line-up of the 5th Dimension—Billy Davis, Jr., Marilyn McCoo, Florence LaRue (Gordon), Lamonte McLemore and Ron Townson—have been amply reissued in the digital age, with reissues of all their albums and collections too numerous to name. But Earthbound, the final album they recorded together after moving to the ABC label in 1975, has, due to some contractual confusion, been lost in limbo for almost four decades. Now, after years of persistent efforts, the legal logjam has come unstuck and Earthbound has been “unearthed,” with two bonus single sides (featuring the original version of “Love Hangover”) to boot, all on CD for the first time! 

This album’s use of synthesizers marked a real departure for the band and moved them in a new, funky direction; it also marked a highly anticipated reunion and final collaboration with legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb (“Up, Up and Away”), as Webb produced and arranged the record and wrote half of its songs. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision, with liner notes by Joe Marchese and added photos and memorabilia—this Real Gone reissue fills a major gap in the discography of one of the greatest pop-soul groups of all time!

1. Earthbound/Prologue—Be Here Now / 2. Don’t Stop for Nothing / 3. I’ve Got a Feeling / 4. Magic in My Life / 5. Walk Your Feet in the Sunshine / 6. When Did I Lose Your Love / 7. Lean on Me Always / 8. Speaking with My Heart / 9. Moonlight Mile / 10. Earthbound/Epilogue /  Bonus Tracks: 11. Love Hangover / 12. Will You Be There

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