Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mark Winkler’s “I’m With You: Mark Winkler Sings Bobby Troup”

A popular and prolific songwriter, recording artist and globally renowned performer, Mark Winkler has developed an enduring affinity for the great Bobby Troup. While perhaps best known for his spirited standard “Route 66,” the legendary singer, pianist, tunesmith and master lyricist left behind a deep and wild treasure trove of quirky/playful and heartfelt/melancholy songs from which Winkler has gotten his kicks since releasing Mark Winkler Sings Bobby Troup in 2003. 

Having recently discovered new overlooked gems in the Troup canon, the singer pays homage to his kindred spirit once again on his latest album I’M WITH YOU. The 12-track collection is a unique gathering of freshly re-imagined Troup songs. This project came about when Troup’s two daughters, Ronne and Cynnie, and Ronne’s husband Bob Bayles, gifted Winkler with a box of Troup’s personal sheet music and eight CDs of Troup tunes. 

“It’s as easy as pie for me to sing Bobby Troup songs,” Winkler says. “Once I choose the tunes I want to create new arrangements for, I approach the songs very easily. I feel like I understand him. We’ve got things in common. He swings and I love to swing. He’s funny, clever and whimsical, yet could also write and sing the blues. As a songwriter, I am always aspiring to achieve that same range of emotions.” Longtime Winkler fans will feel the familiar coolness with his vibrant takes on these gems.

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