Tuesday, March 08, 2011


iNetRadio, where you can hear "what you want, when you want it," now offers users a unique selection of music channels that have become scarce on the traditional radio dial. Thanks to an outpouring of requests from iNetRadio users, classic formats ranging from Big Band Standards to 50's Rock to Beautiful Music have all found a home at iNetRadio. This includes Blues and both Traditional and Smooth Jazz. iNetRadio allows users to combine their favorite music channels with instant access to news, weather, sports, and many other programs, making iNetRadio stand apart from other sites that just offer either music or talk. Users can also add their favorite podcasts to iNetRadio, making the choice of content virtually limitless. It's all together in one versatile player so there's no need to search the net for content, save a lot of sites as favorites, or download a different app for each site. "While these formats may not garner enough support in a given broadcast area, they have a significant following throughout the U.S. and around the world. We've heard from these listeners, and now they have a place to hear their favorites," said Bob Bayne, Co-Founder and VP/Music Programming at iNetRadio. Even some newer formats, such as the recently launched "90's Dance" channel can be considered niche as most radio stations don't focus full-time on specific decades. iNetRadio offers several music channels organized in decades, including Hits, Country, and Rock. "Many listeners have a music period that they're fond of, that brings back memories. We want to give them a pure experience regardless of the era or style of music," commented Bayne. iNetRadio is available as a free app and as a player for desktop or laptop computers.


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