Sunday, March 13, 2011


Barry White was the ultimate Love Man; known for his sensual deep voice, size, and highly romantic image. From his own records to his own orchestra and "girl group," Barry has ruled the heart of his fans for more than four decades. He is a five-time Grammy Award-winner with his greatest soul, funk, and disco successes in the 1970s as a solo artist. Barry White has many gold and platinum albums and singles, with worldwide sales of over 100 million albums. He also appeared on many television shows such as Soul Train, The Today Show, and even guest appearances on The Simpsons. Now Barry White is about to have a digital presence via the Penté Group, a leading developer of entertaining applications for mobile devices and social media based on entertainment personalities' licenses, today announced an exclusive digital media partnership with the estate of Barry White to create and develop mobile and social applications while controlling and maintaining The agreement will create a unique experience around Barry White who was known for his deep, seductive voice and sultry music.

"Penté Group has the experience and understanding of the music industry to know how best to develop and host creative web sites, mobile media applications and social networking for any artist," noted Jack Perry, Management, Barry White Estate. "Their idea of fun and entertaining mobile apps featuring Barry White will please every fan. Barry would have loved taking his legacy to the next level with the technology Penté can provide." Under the partnership, Penté Group will be developing a series of mobile and social applications for multiple platforms while controlling and maintaining a new web presence for Barry White and plans to roll out iPhone and Facebook platforms in 2011 and will likely add other popular platforms in the coming months. The applications will reflect Barry White's unique personality while leveraging his voice and music to create both novelty and fan driven applications.

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