Wednesday, June 05, 2019

New Music Releases: Tony Strong - If I Could Only Talk To Daddy; Bobby Oroza – This Love; Cotonete & Di Melo - Atemporal

Tony Strong - If I Could Only Talk To Daddy

A multi-talented R&B vocalist and choreographer, Tony Strong has lent his talents to such groups as “The Perfections”, “Blue Magic”, “The Intrigues”, “Taylor Made”, “The Ebonys”, former Motown recording artists “Ron Thorpe & The Hearts of Stone”, as well as lead vocalist for the best variation of the original Intruders, dubbed The Philly Intruders. Joining heartfelt dedications like "Dance With My Father" and "Color Him Father", here  Tony teams up with renowned Philly Soul producer Butch Ingram to give us yet another special song for families around the world to enjoy on Father’s Day. Joining Tony and Butch in the studio to lend the production the correct feel and authenticity are Billy Ingram (guitar); Butch Ingram (bass); Johnny Ingram (drums, background vocals); Jimmy Ingram (keyboards); Timmy Ingram (percussion); Sharon Ingram (background vocals); Bianca Ingram (background vocals) and Keith Elmore (background vocals).

Bobby Oroza – This Love

A really fantastic full length set from Bobby Oroza – a moody take on blue-eyed soul, with a vibe that's completely its own! Oroza has some fantastic help here – production and music by Cold Diamond & Mink, the combo who've given such a fantastic sound to Timmion Records soul singles over the years! Bobby's got a sweet soul style that's already great – but it really takes off here in the company of the Finnish musicians – who also recorded the whole set with Bobby at the Timmion studios, which makes the whole thing sort of a joint project between the two creative forces! The lean, sinister quality we always love in Cold Diamond & Mink's music really helps shape the sound of the vocals – and Bobby himself also plays guitar and organ on the record. Jimi Tenor adds guests flute in a few spots – and tracks include "Bobby's Mood", "Your Love Is Too Cold", "Keep On Believing", "Maybe Maybe Maybe", "This Love", "Down On My Knees", and "There Can Be No Love".  ~ Dusty Groove

Cotonete & Di Melo - Atemporal

A legendary soul singer returns to the fold – the mighty Di Melo, who's best known for one killer Brazilian funk album in the 70s – working here with superb support from contemporary French combo Cotonete! Di Melo's vocals maybe sound even better than before – with a raspy charm that only deepens the soul, and which has this tremendous power, even if you can't understand his Portuguese lyrics – and Cotonete provide grooves that move between tight funk and airier moments, often drenched in Fender Rhodes, which gives the whole thing the right sort of 70s echoes to take us back to Di Melo's classic material. Really tremendous, and long overdue – with cuts that include "Canto Da Yara", "Papos Desconexos (parts 1 & 2)", "Linhas De Alinhar", "Verso E Prosa", "Kilario", and "Mulher Instrumento (parts 1 & 2)". ~ Dusty Groove

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