Thursday, October 02, 2008


As a result of so many major-market radio stations dropping the Smooth Jazz format, it’s no wonder that Greater Media has officially partnered with AccuRadio to produce, described as a new, unique online music station which provides Philadelphia’s dedicated jazz and R&B fans with a place to hear all of their favorite Smooth Jazz artists. Greater Media, if you recall, is the same company, who after two years dropped the smooth jazz format over at WJJZ in Philadelphia on September 9. Then they turned around and resurrected the format online in partnership with Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN) founder Kurt Hanson. This should satisfy the 20,000 or so core smooth jazz fans over in Philadelphia who were nothing short of pissed when they tuned on the radio one day only to find that the format has changed. is the worlds' first multi-channel Smooth Jazz radio station, offering six different channels of Smooth Jazz. These options include a main channel, plus Smooth Piano Jazz, Smooth Guitarists, Smooth Saxophones, Smooth Jazz Vocals, and Smooth Instrumentals. Once listeners launch a channel, they can personalize it to their individual tastes, including skipping songs they don't like, or even "deselecting" artists they don't want to hear. Additional channels slated to be unveiled later this month include Broadway Jazz, Groove Jazz, and a Smooth Jazz channel devoted specifically to Philadelphia-based musicians. In addition, the "Other Channels" tab on the media player will provide Jazz fans with access to 14 channels of Mainstream Jazz. The webcast is available now at

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