Tuesday, October 07, 2008


SIRIUS XM Radio has announced an unprecedented offering of new programming packages and better pricing. The company's "Best of Both" programming options and A La Carte channel choices are available effective immediately. For the first time ever, XM subscribers can add select SIRIUS channels to their existing service, and SIRIUS subscribers can add select XM channels to their service. These "Best of Both" packages will be available at a monthly cost of $16.99, which is only $4.04 more than the cost of a monthly subscription to one of the services. Most subscribers can add the premier programming without purchasing a new radio.

XM subscribers can add "The Best of SIRIUS" featuring Howard Stern and his two 24/7 channels; Martha Stewart Living Radio dedicated to entertaining, cooking and more with Martha and her lifestyle experts; SIRIUS NFL Radio and play-by-play of every NFL game through the regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl; SIRIUS NASCAR Radio and broadcasts of every NASCAR race; and the smart and sexy exclusive talk of Playboy Radio. XM subscribers will also have access to play-by-play action from the country's leading college teams.

In addition, SIRIUS subscribers can add "The Best of XM" channels featuring Oprah Winfrey and her full time channel, Oprah & Friends; The Virus featuring irreverent radio personalities Opie and Anthony, as well as comedic daytime hosts Ron and Fez; XM Public Radio featuring exclusive interviews and documentaries from the award winning Bob Edwardss play-by-play of select NBA and NHL games; and live coverage of all the events of the PGA TOUR. SIRIUS subscribers will also have access to play-by-play of select games from college's biggest conferences.

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