Tuesday, October 30, 2018


‘12 Little Spells’ finds Spalding conjuring in the medium of musical creation, through an exploration of the body, human energy and healing. Working alongside Esperanza on this project are visual artist Carmen Daneshmandi, opera/theater director Elkhanah Pulitzer, wardrobe specialist Diego Montoya, and video artist Ethan Samuel Young. Each collaborator is creating key elements of ’12 Little Spells’ without hearing any music, having only the project title and spell names as inspiration.

Read a statement from Esperanza on ‘12 Little Spells’ here: https://bit.ly/2QZn7dA

In the coming days, Esperanza will also reveal details of a series of 12 pop-up shows.  Each performance will focus on a single spell and feature an explosion of music and words, color and movement. No two events will be the same. The performances will be recorded for a live concert film that will be released next year.  Exclusive limited music and items will be available only at these shows, with a full deluxe package to be released by Concord Records in 2019.

‘12 Little Spells’ arrives just one year after ‘Exposure,’ in which Spalding composed and recorded a new album entirely from scratch in just 77 hours, while livestreaming every minute of the process to the world.  In 2016 she released ‘Emily’s D+ Evolution,’ which earned her a Pitchfork Best New Music review, inclusion on several year-end critics lists, and appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Late Show, Real Time with Bill Maher and beyond.

‘12 Little Spells’ was composed by Esperanza Spalding.  It features Spalding on vocals, Matthew Stevens on guitar, Justin Tyson on drums, Aaron Burnett on saxophone, Burniss Travis on bass, Corey King on background vocals, and Rob Schwimmer on continuum.

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