Monday, August 15, 2016

Multi-Grammy® nominee David Arkenstone shares his latest take on classic lounge music - Songs from the Aqua Lounge

On August 23rd, fans of composer, musician and performer David Arkenstone’s brand of ‘chill’ music will be delighted with his latest lounge offering, Songs From The Aqua Lounge (a QDV Recordings release).

It’s a sexy album,” says Arkenstone from his home overlooking the Pacific. “It was inspired, in part, by the lounge records of the fifties and sixties, like Martin Denny and Antônio Carlos Jobim and their unique sounds. “This is equally groovy!” says Arkenstone, holding up the limited edition 3D lenticular CD cover, complete with Lava® lamps.”

Recently awarded Best Vocal Album 2015 by One World Music for Inamorata, Arkenstone says, “I don’t often have vocals, so Songs From The Aqua Lounge is unusual in that there are five songs that feature vocals.” What also distinguishes this album from Arkenstone’s previous ‘chill’ recordings (World Café, Celtic Chill, Native Chill, Christmas Lounge, Chillout Lounge) is that some tracks border on smooth jazz, particularly “5 a.m.” featuring award-winning flugelhorn player Jeff Oster.

I was thrilled that Jeff was available to bring his artistry to “5 a.m.,” says Arkenstone. “I wrote “5 a.m.” with flugelhorn in mind. And I finished writing it at 5 a.m. This is the first time I’ve written songs that so prominently feature flugelhorn and sax. “Midnight Cruise” features David Crozier on sax. I’ve been working with David for years, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to feature him. Stylistically it was a good fit. I’m really pleased with Jeff and David’s creative and expressive solos. Also featured is guest artist Luanne Homzy on violin. It was fun collaborating with so many artists.”

Award-winning vocalist Charlee Brooks lends her stunning stylings to the album. Songs From The Aqua Lounge is her fourth collaboration with Arkenstone.

A lounge is a place where people are comfortable and congregate,” says Arkenstone. “Songs From The Aqua Lounge is music to relax to, to put you in a good mood, to play in the background, and to accompany all sorts of activities!”

Music and Media Focus reviewer Michael Diamond states, “Ever the sonic adventurer, veteran recording artist David Arkenstone embarks on another journey into the ultra contemporary world of Chill music on his latest release Songs From The Aqua Lounge. Drawing on elements of ambient, electronica, and smooth jazz, the album serves up a groove-based blend of sounds that range from dreamy to driving. A perfect example is a track called “Take My Soul,” that features atmospheric synthesizers, electronic beats, and the misty, sensuous female vocals of Nahara that evokes a vision of Tangerine Dream and Enya performing together. If this album illustrates anything, it is that with David Arkenstone one thing to expect is the unexpected.”

About the featured track “Take My Soul” Arkenstone says, “I wanted to write a sexy song, and now we’ve made a sexy video to accompany it. Nahara made it come alive with her distinctive delivery.”

The “Take My Soul” music video will premiere live at an exclusive VIP event at Mixology 101 in Los Angeles on August 16th (see details below).

Live from Mixology 101 in Los Angeles, CA, chart-topping, multi-Grammy® nominated musical visionary David Arkenstone is throwing a major Hollywood shindig to celebrate the release of his latest disc, Songs From The Aqua Lounge. David and special guest artists will perform a few key tracks from this new album AND debut the super-sexy music video for the song “Take My Soul” featuring Instagram sensation Carlotta Champagne and actor/model Aaron Mann.

Guest artists include award-winning Jeff Oster on flugelhorn, David Crozier on sax, percussionist Stevie Ray Hernandez, Best Vocal Album winner (with Arkenstone) Charlee Brooks, and vocalist Nahara.

There are 2 ways that you can attend this event from anywhere in the world!

In person:
A special limited edition half-price VIP package tickets to the exclusive event are being offered by Goldstar Tickets. Attendees will enjoy the mini-concert and music video debut, receive a limited edition CD of Songs From The Aqua Lounge with 3D cover, a signature ‘Take My Soul’ drink, light hors d’oeuvres, meet & greet with David and guests, and a chance to win a Lava® lamp!

Attend ‘virtually’ on Concert Window:
Tune in free to Concert Window and enjoy the mini-concert and music video debut live. Concert Window participants who tip $10 or more will receive a download of the entire "Songs From The Aqua Lounge" AND have a chance to win a Lava® lamp! For $35, participants will receive an autographed limited edition CD with 3D lenticular cover, as well as a chance to win a Lava® lamp!

Track list for Songs From The Aqua Lounge:
1. Temporary High (featuring Nahara) 4:38
2. Midnight Cruise (featuring David Crozier) 4:30
3. La Grande Corniche 4:00
4. Take My Soul (featuring Nahara) 4:13
5. 5 a.m. (featuring Jeff Oster) 4:09
6. Boarding Pass 4:14
7. Charade (featuring Charlee Brooks) 5:01
8. I Don’t Mind The Rain (featuring David Crozier) 4:20
9. Reflections on the Highway 4:30
10. Be My Muse (featuring Nahara) 4:12
11. Water On Mars 4:08
12. Don’t Say Goodnight (featuring Charlee Brooks) 4:43
13. Sakura Ascending (featuring Luanne Homzy) 4:31

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