Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Simenona Martinez has released the game-changing, genre-bending album Equilibrium

Simenona Martinez has released the game-changing, genre-bending album Equilibrium on Anonemis Records on May 19, 2018. Containing 14 tracks ranging from R&B and Hip Hop to Jazz, Latin, Rock and Pop, the album displays her eclectic range, and highlights her growth as an artist since her 2012 debut EP, The Awakening. It is a uniquely powerful, high energy collection which exhibits the artist's amazing vocals and refreshingly innovative, yet nostalgic sound.

Equilibrium features the hit tracks "Dreamer," "Mixology," "Sexy," "Addiction," and "American Dream." The highly cerebral lyrics range delve into topics such as social issues, empowerment, faith and healing. Listeners are sure to be captivated by the deeply moving lyrical content as well as the intricate musicality of each track, all written and co-produced by the artist. One of the most captivating elements of the album is Simenona's vocal range and powerfully soulful, soothing vocals. Her vocal control captures ears by balancing smooth crooning with the grit of powerful rock n' roll. Equilibrium is a rare album whose musical depth carries over from track to track, from the firt note to the very last.
The  release date pays homage to the late playwright Lorraine Hansberry on her birthday. Hansberry's biography, To Be Young, Gifted and Black inspired Simenona to continue being bold and innovative to help inspire the younger generations. The album is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon every major digital and streaming service, and was released on Simenona's own record label, Anonemis Records.

In addition, the former Disney Channel actress has also released her first book of art, The Anonemis, a collection of hundreds of pieces ranging from paintings and drawings to amazing digital compositions. The colorful collection plays with abstraction and surrealism while making commentary on society and politics through mixed media. It is available now on Amazon.com.

The album Equilibrium, and the book The Anonemis display the multi-talented artist's gifts and range of creativity. From acting to directing to inventing, writing and signing, Simenona is a woman of many talents. Simenona's Equilibrium is an album which speaks for a generation; it is sure to turn heads and garner the attention that it truly deserves. Music lovers worldwide are sure to fall in love with each uniquely beautiful track. This is an instant classic album that will stand the test of time.

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