Thursday, June 28, 2018

Louie Vega – NYC Disco

The mighty Louie Vega pays tribute to the New York scene that gave him a start – and which he helped transform with his classic club work of the past few decades! The set's a fantastic celebration of the spirit of disco, but is delivered with a very contemporary vibe – not straight house, but that warmer blend of the music that first started hitting the Paradise scene in the second half of the 80s – when folks weren't afraid to go back and borrow some of the best moments of the 70s, and work them into leaner grooves for the new generation. 

Vega was a key part of that generation – and there's a spirit here that's very much in keeping with his early Masters At Work material, especially when it got collaborative – as the record features work from guests, and a lot of classic tracks that are transformed in Vega's hands. 

Louie mixes lots of new music with his remixes – so the album is quite different than a remix record – and new guests include Josh Milan, The Martinez Brothers, Patrick Adams, Anane, Rochelle Fleming, Barbara Tucker, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Tony Touch – amidst older work by John Davis, Sylvester, Luther Vandross, Rhyze, Greg Henderson, and Klassique. 27 tracks in all – including "Rebel Nation" by Louie Vega with Patrick Adams & Cloud Two, "He Promised Me" by Bebe Winans, "Love Having You Around" by Louie Vega, "Get Myself Together (Louie Vega rmx)" by Luther Vandross, "Dreamin (Louie Vega rmx)" by Greg Henderson, "This Beat Is Mine" by Vicky D, "Cosmic Disco" by Dub Disco Band, "Get With The Funk" by Louie Vega, "Dance (Disco Heat) (Louie Vega rmx)" by Sylvester", "Somebody's Loving You (Ray Reid 12" mix)" by Klassique, "Let's Do It (Louie Vega interpretation)" by Leroy Burgess & Convention, and "Gotta Get Outta Here" by Lucy Hawkins.  ~ Dusty Groove

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