Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Citrus Sun - Ride Lile The Wind, featuring Bluey & members of Incognito

Incognito founder Bluey presents his third outing with his eight-piece band Citrus Sun, featuring guitar legend Jim Mullen and key members of the Incognito line-up. Citrus Sun is a project born of Bluey’s love for the guitar playing of UK guitar legend Jim Mullen, who features once again following his debut on People of Tomorrow Incognito regulars Matt Cooper (keyboards), bassist Francis Hylton, guitarist Francis-co Salas, drummer Francesco Mendolia and trumpet player Dominic Glover also re-turn. 

The obvious difference from Incognito is that Citrus Sun is largely instrumental, with stunning funky instrumentals like Refugee and Calling Mr Wolf. There is also a five-part Krabi Suite, which closes the album and was recorded in an idyllic studio on the Thai island of Krabi. Says Bluey: “In terms of sound it is more sparse as it features the sole trumpet reminiscent of Donald Byrd. At times it is obvious that this is the Incognito rhythm section and for that we make no excuses, instead celebrating the fact that this is a new project by the same band with me at the helm.” 

One highlight of the album is the assured vocal debut of the band’s percussionist Joao Caetano singing in Portuguese on the 1981 Marcos Valle-Leon Ware song Von-tade de Rever Voce. Imaani handles lead vocals on Ride Like The Wind” the worldwide Christopher Cross hit while Natalie Williams sings lead on Send Me Your Feelings, originally recorded by New York-based Japanese jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino.

01        Refugee        
02.       Ride Like The Wind    
03.       Calling Mr Wolf
04.       Vontade de Rever Voce
05.       The Stallion Rides Again

06.       Send Me Your Feelings
07.       All Mine

08.       Long-Tail Boat To Railay        
09.       My One And Only       
10.       Don't Tell Me What To Do       
11.       Reno And The Queen Pin
12.       Back To The Moon

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