Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Releases: Love Unlimited Orchestra - The 20th Century Records Singles 1973 to 1979; Love Unlimited - The Uni, MCA, & 20th Century Records Singles 1972 to 1975; Shamie Royston – Beautiful Liar

Love Unlimited Orchestra - The 20th Century Records Singles 1973 to 1979 (3LP set)

One of the greatest soul instrumental groups of the 70s, finally given their due – here in a massive package that brings together all their great singles done under the guidance of Barry White! White was a genius at the time of these tracks, and he worked with Love Unlimited at a level that was different from other groups of its nature – and which really helped pave the way for so many styles of soul modes to come! Love Unlimited Orchestra was a large studio group with plenty of strings, but they always worked with a great White-crafted groove – forged in the years before disco, and an undeniable influence on that mode – but often cut with the sophistication of blacksploitation soundtrack styles too – which makes for a really fantastic sound. The package brings together all the group's singles from their great mid-70s run, then also includes a few of their 12" mixes too – when they could really stretch out. A fantastic amount of music for the price – with titles that include "Sweet Moments", "Rhapsody In White", "Barry's Theme", "Satin Soul", "Find The Man Bros", "Theme From Together Brothers", "My Sweet Summer Suite", "Theme From King Kong", "Always Thinking", "Midnight Groove", "Only You Can Make Me Blue", "Baby Blues", "Forever In Love", "Brazilian Love Song", "Hey Look At Me I'm In Love", "Theme From Superman", "Whisper Softly", "Theme From Shaft", "Don't You Know How Much I Love You", "Hey Look At Me I'm In Love (disco version)", "Brazilian Love Song (disco version)", "Theme From King King (disco version)", "My Sweet Summer Suite (disco version)", "Blues Concerto", and "Don't You Know How Much I Love You (disco version)". ~ Dusty Groove 

Love Unlimited - The Uni, MCA, & 20th Century Records Singles 1972 to 1975

A fantastic selection of work from one of the hippest girl groups of the 70s – the mighty Love Unlimited trio, three singers who all worked under the genius of Barry White in his prime! Unlike other girl trios of the time, who often used an older soul mode refitted with disco grooves – sometimes acting more like a chorus than a lead act – Love Unlimited always brought their full vocal strengths to play, and do a fantastic job here working in modes that rival some of the best male harmony groups of the early 70s – especially the sweet soul groups from New Jersey, New York, and Philly. And yes, Barry does kick up the groove a bit at times, but even then things are usually more in a midtempo mode, not a disco one – which makes for tremendous sounds throughout. This is the first-ever proper collection of the girls' singles from the early 70s – and titles include "Oh Love Well We Finally Made It", "Fragile Handle With Care", "Are You Sure", "I Should Have Known", "Is It Really True Boy Is It Me", "Walkin In The Rain With The One I Love", "Under The Influence Of Love", "It May Be Winter Outside", "I Love You So Never Gonna Let You Go", "I Belong To You", "So Nice To Hear", "People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today", and "Share A Little Love In Your Heart". ~ Dusty Groove

Shamie Royston – Beautiful Liar

A fantastic album from pianist Shamie Royston – an artist who's been making records for a few years, but really knocks us out of the park with this one! The set's got this perfect vibe right from the start – music that's deeply soulful and spiritual, but also swinging a lot too – maybe a bit like the spirit that Wayne Shorter hit on his first few albums for Blue Note – with that balance of individuality, modernism, and deeper traditions. Shamie really hits all those elements perfectly here – really finding her voice, and getting tremendous work from a group that also includes Jaleel Shaw on alto and soprano, Josh Evans on trumpet, Yasushi Nakamura on bass, and husband Rudy Royston on drums. The two horns are tremendous together – really soaring over Shamie's beautiful compositions – and bassist Nakamura is a real revelation, as his round, bold tone really helps shape the songs. Titles include "Beautiful Liar", "Circuloso Vicioso", "Sunday Nostalgia", "Push", "Dissimulate", and a version of the Bill Withers' tune "Lovely Day".  ~ Dusty Groove

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