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The new album from the Grammy® nominated producer featuring new songs with Akon, Ne-Yo, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jordin Sparks and Stephen Marley.  Musical mastermind Salaam Remi has cultivated the sounds of countless Grammy®-winning artists including Amy Winehouse, Fugees, Nas, Alicia Keys and Miguel. Now he takes the role of artist himself on his new album, One: in the Chamber. The album features new songs with guest vocalists Akon, Ne-Yo, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jordin Sparks, Estelle, Stephen Marley, Lamar and CJ Hilton in addition to orchestral songs composed by Remi. One: in the Chamber demonstrates Remi's strong musical chops taking the listener from a cool bossa nova backbeat to a soulful Curtis Mayfield style-flow to elliptical reggae, accompanied by a host of talented vocalists. Listening to the album, one thing is for sure - Remi knows how to transform a moment in the studio into an indelible, classic song. "I'm a musician, composer and arranger that loves great music," says Remi. "This is my first expression as a body of work with all those things involved." Every song that Remi selected for the One: in the Chamber is personal and profound. The title track, "One in the Chamber" is the result of a conversation Remi had with Akon in the studio about someone who had received news of an unplanned pregnancy. On "Chocolate Brown Eyes" Remi captures the joyful spirit of vocalist Jordin Sparks. With Ne-Yo, a longtime collaborator, the intuitive process resulted in the infectious track "Everything I Need." The songs were recorded in studios all around the world supported by a live Prague-based orchestra that Remi assembled. ~


It's always difficult when you have set the bar so high as Cindy did with her groundbreaking and highly heralded second recording 'Unscripted', voted 'Critic's Choice 2011' by Jazziz Magazine, and one that spawned back to back #1 Billboard singles, to not only follow but to continue to stretch higher. With the release of BLISS, Bradley's third she again finds Grammy award winning producer Michael Broening at the rudder steering the ship and together again they not only grab hold of the bar they set, but leap over it, carried forward by the current of her wave of popularity.Bliss is the apropos title for this set of musical sketches that continues to expose the many facets of this extraordinary artist who laid bare her emotions and challenges in 'Unscripted' and now finds a place in her life where she is finding great peace and joy through her perseverance and increase in capacity. These musical portraits painted with a variety of different brushes and strokes cover the gamut of moods and emotions, open, honest and revealing. From her trademark swing and sass to the beauty and sensitivity through which she caresses the muted Harman, it's all here. Her jazz chops are in full display on 'Squeeze Me' a wistful rendering chock full of artistic expression and interplay. Gospel, Funk, House and blues all find appearance in this new exploration of what is Cindy Bradley and the results are robust and satisfying. Radio is licking its collective chops and Bradley's legions of fans will line up and welcome with full embrace this long awaited expose. The sails are set and this ship is prepared to leave port for destinations unknown. Welcome aboard. ~


Over the past years, Felix focused on being a bandleader and composer, in addition to playing with numerous projects. This versatile drummer’s music consists of fragile melodies and energetic explosions; an emotional sound filled with contradiction. Schlarmann earned his reputation in the Dutch jazz scene as the drummer of the power jazz group BRUUT!, with which he has performed all over the globe, as well as with the famous Dutch saxophone player Jasper Blom, with whom he brings the music of Franz Schubert to the big stages with the group Mechanical Duck. The musicians in Schlarmann s group belong to the rising stars of the young Dutch scene: piano player Franz von Chossy created a name for himself all over Europe and beyond; saxophone player Lars Dietrich earned his stripes working with many great musicians such as John Escreet and David Binney; Floris van der Vlugt has worked with countless artists in the Netherlands and just started his own all-star septet Windkracht 7; and young British bass player Pat Cleaver has managed to become one the most-wanted players in the country, in just a few years! ~

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