Thursday, May 29, 2014



The coolest work we've heard so far from this Patchworks side project – a record that fuses together equal parts 70s jazz, funk, and soul – with just the right smattering of global influences as well! There's a tightness to the set that we really love – careful instrumentation and production that make the whole thing feel like a Fantasy Records jazz funk project that might have happened down in Rio or Lagos – with slight Afro or Brazilian elements sifting in next to a core groove that comes from really classic basslines, keyboards, and drums! There's some vocals on a few tracks – mostly chorus-type that flow along with the grooves – and tracks include "City Rocking", "Candyman", "Hips Shaking", "Gimme All What You Got", "South Street Walk", "I Get So Crazy", and a surprisingly great cover of "I Can't Go For That". ~ Dusty Groove


A solid entry in the Brownswood Electric series – this one compiled by Alex Stevenson – and featuring a hypnotic batch of abstract electro-steeped cuts by an up-and-coming roster of underground talent! The thing we love most about the series is the forum it gives some truly unbridled creative spirits out there – from artists/combos to beatmakers and producers – who defy trends and deftly mix styles. The selections feature elements of classic and futuristic house, footwork, tripped out hip hop, club soul and well beyond. Volume 4 is heavy on the instrumentals, but it's not without some moody vocal turns – and the tracks include "Shoulda Known (GANZ Remix)" by Louis Fulton, "Radiated Light" by Nikitch, "L" by Monk, "We Killed Our Probation Worker" by Glenn Astro, "Breakdown" by Deft, "Green Eyes" by Adam Elemental bfeat Ravdeep Singh, "Rollercoaster" by Feral, "Four Days Alone" by B Lewis, "Youth Group" by Brrd and more. ~ Dusty Groove


A unique Afro Funk group from Finland – and one who work in territory that's a bit different than most of their contemporaries! The guitars here take center stage instead of the usual horns – and criss-cross in this really beautiful way that's complex, yet rhythmically intense – like some of the more obscure funk rarities from the West African scene of the 70s – served up with a lean, powerful sound throughout! The whole thing's got a very exotic feel – from the cover to the instrumentation to the Finnish language lyrics – an appeal that's similar to some of the trippier African work reissued in recent years, but very different than the originals too. Titles include "Suksee", "Sunnuntaibrunssi", "Pikajuna", "Taaksepain", "Avarusshissi", and "Hei Suomenmaa". ~ Dusty Groove

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