Friday, April 12, 2019

New Music Releases: Billy Paul - Me & Mrs Jones – The Billy Paul Anthology; Rosie Turton - 5ive; Alan Broadbent Trio - New York Notes

Billy Paul - Me & Mrs Jones – The Billy Paul Anthology

The full scope of genius of the legendary Billy Paul – one of the hippest, most important singers in 70s soul – a righteous talent that we'd put right up there with Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers at their best! Like both Marvin and Bill, Billy Paul had this way of embracing newer, more powerful ideas – while also delivering them with a style that was maybe more confident and proud than politically overstated – which means that his music had this subtle power that helped to transform generations, and win big new audiences over to the message in his songs! Billy's voice is completely distinct – he sings like nobody else before or since – and there's sometimes currents of jazz, sometimes more straightforward modes – all crafted perfectly to fit the spirit of each of the distinct songs that make his 70s catalog so wonderful. The set list here is great – 31 tracks that perfectly define the man and his legacy – titles that include "Let The Dollar Circulate", "Am I Black Enough For You Baby", "Brown Baby", "This Is Your Life", "Ebony Woman", "I Was Married", "I Think I'll Stay Home Today", "Let's Fall In Love All Over Again", "False Faces", "People Power", "The Whole Town's Talking", "Thanks For Saving My Life", "I Trust You", "Let's Make A Baby", "Sexual Therapy", "How Good Is Your Game", "Bring The Family Back", "When Love Is New", and his classic "Me & Mrs Jones". ~ Dusty Groove

Rosie Turton - 5ive

Album opener ‘The Unknown’ recently received its first airplay on Worldwide FM and typifies her most recent exploration into composition. It’s fearless, fizzing, and rhythmically adventurous, with bursts of raw emotion from her trombone and the violin of Johanna Burnheart. The rhythm-heavy ‘The Purge’ rolls along on free-flowing melodies and counter melodies, while ‘Stolen Ribs’ features Luke Newman on vocals and is a deeply meditative piece based on Turton’s experiences in India. On the track, she says, “Stolen Ribs is based on raga, called the Yaman raga from India and I wanted to experiment with it and bring it to Jazz musicians and take the idea of the scale and see how everyone interprets it and bring a new energy to it”. Turton’s growing maturity as a musician with a unique voice in the UK jazz community continues on an imaginative re-working of Herbie Hancock’s ‘Butterfly’ while closing composition ‘Orange Moon’ proceeds with an extended bass ostinato before Maria Chiara Argiro’s gentle piano-led rhythmical flow and Turton’s trombone take centre stage. In 2003, Jazz re:freshed created a weekly residency for musicians in the jazz world who wanted to experiment and push boundaries when few opportunities to try these experimentations out live were available. These musicians inspired a lot of the cream of today’s UK Jazz scene who have also graced the stages of Jazz re:freshed’s events.

Alan Broadbent Trio - New York Notes

Rock-solid work from pianist Alan Broadbent – a musician who's contributed so much to so many, we sometimes forget the greatness of his talents! Broadbent steps in with the confidence of an old school pianist – swinging things with a mix of bop and lyricism that hearkens back to the old New York scene – beautifully matched by the thoughtful basswork of Harvie S, and given the right kick at the right moments by drummer Billy Mintz. Piano moods seem to spin effortlessly off Broadbent's fingers – whether the tune is swinging or mellow – and titles include "Clifford Notes", "Minority", "Continuity", "Crazeology", "Waltz Prelude", and "371 East 32nd Street". ~ Dusty Groove

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