Friday, November 07, 2014

Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of 1959 - Every U.S. Charted Single

Complete 60s Records has  collected every U.S. pop instrumental hit of the 1960s produced three spectacular box sets, but when they found it impossible to go forward past 1962, collectors demanded they turn back the clock to 1959, another great year for instrumentals. So now, on two jam-packed CDs, they have collected every charting U.S. pop hit from 1959 in sparkling fidelity, all 66 of them! Nearly a third of these (21) are CD debuts, tracks that appear on CD for the first time ever.

Even more exciting, Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of 1959 sports EIGHT iconic 1959 songs in real STEREO for the first time. These aren't just minor hits, but the biggest hits of the year in spectacular new STEREO that will knock your socks off. Check out the sound samples available elsewhere (search for CD Title + Listen). You won't believe your ears!

Starting with two #1 hits, "Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnny and "The Happy Organ" by Dave "Baby" Cortez, they have alsoincluded the original single versions (in STEREO) of "Red River Rock" by Johnny & The Hurricanes, "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" by The Virtues, "Petite Fleur" by Chris Barber and "Wild Weekend" by The Rockin' Rebels (recorded in 1959) even more. There haven't been this many new Stereo debuts of major hits from this long ago on a single collection EVER!

But beyond the new stereo, there's real depth here: these 66 songs offer a snapshot of 1950s instrumental music: rock & roll, orchestral pop, exotica, big bands, jazz, novelties, and more. Some of these singles spotlight specific instruments: guitar, clarinet, organ, trumpet, drums, or steel guitar. Others combine styles in surprising ways, like the rockin' strings of Franck Pourcel and Enoch Light, or the R&B/swing fusion of Ernie Fields' "In The Mood."

Many of the biggest names of '50s music are included: Duane Eddy, Billy Vaughn, Chet Atkins, and Ray Anthony, as well as many one-hit wonders like the (original) Intruders and the Megatrons.

The research team at Complete 60s combed the vaults for the best possible sources for these wordless wonders, making sure to always locate the original hit versions and compare them to the original 45rpm singles for authenticity. Then, two top sound engineers carefully remastered the original recordings until the twangy guitars, pounding drums, and soaring strings practically leap out of your speakers. You'll be speechless! Thank goodness, however, writer Greg Adams wasn't at a loss for words. His detailed 28-page liner notes include biographies of all 48 artists, plus release notes and chart information for every track.

The same creative folks who lovingly compile those great Eric CDs in the States produced this set for Complete 60s, so you know there's the same commitment to high-quality sound and attention to detail missing from so many oldies collections. Why settle for less? Why take chances with risky, off-brand, mediocre MP3 downloads of dubious origin?

This is a historic, must-have collection that no true instrumental enthusiast can be without. Simply put, if you love instrumentals of any kind, Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of 1959 is the ginchiest!

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