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With her perfect intonation, impeccable sense of time, and mellifluous timbre, Danish vocalist Sinne Eeg has earned the admiration of fans and fellow musicians across the U.S. and around the world. Considered the preeminent jazz vocalist in Scandinavia, DREAMS is Eeg’s ninth CD as a leader. Eeg is firmly rooted in the tradition of the great jazz vocalists, and although she can swing like the best singers from an earlier era, she approaches songs from the Great American Songbook with a more modern sensibility. Eeg is also a formidable songwriter. Six of the tunes on this disc are her own compositions. Her writing encompasses a variety of styles, from romantic ballads to groove-based tunes. For the first time, she tackles contemporary issues with a song about Aleppo. Eeg is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Danish Music Award (Denmark’s Grammys), which she won three times for Best Jazz Vocal CD. She’s also the first vocalist to receive the Ben Webster Prize, and she’s also the recipient of France’s prestigious Prix du Jazz, awarded by France’s Academie du Jazz.


A fantastic set from drummer Teppo Makynen – an artist whose work you might know from the Five Corners Quintet or The Stance Brothers – but who moves here in a style that opens up whole new territory for the Scandinavian scene! The core sound comes from a trio – with Makynen on drums, Antti Lotjonen on bass, and Jussi Kannaste on tenor – but Teppo also brings in these other sonic elements too – adding subtle samples to the acoustic core – not in a way that feels like a remix or something of that nature – but just some wider tones and colors that work wonderfully with the mix of tenor, bass, and drums! The style is less groove-oriented than some of Teppo's previous groups – sometimes straight jazz, sometimes more abstract – but never too loose or laidback, and always with a straightforward consciousness that shows that he's making all the right choices with these added elements. Titles include "Desolation", "Stars", "Formality", "Winterline", "Five New Ducks", "Flaig", "Empty & Still", "Flaigology", and "Iran". ~ Dusty Groove


A beautiful trio album from bassist Ross McHenry – an artist here who works with just piano and drums, but somehow manages to make so many new and personal sounds flow from their combination! The songs are all originals, and McHenry's got a style that's visionary, yet also straight ahead – a mode that never needs to go too far outside to realizes something strikingly special – as he fits perfectly with the talents of Matthew Sheens on piano and Myele Manzana on drums – three players who seem to know each other intimately, and really burst forth with the kind of energy these songs deserve! McHenry plays electric bass, but at a level that's much more like acoustic use of the instrument – and titles include the long "Outsiders" suite – plus "Us & Them", "Those Lost Days", and "It's Now How I Remembered It". (Includes bonus download!) ~ Dusty Groove

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