Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Dallas guitarist Michael Walker releases new CD entitled “A Smoother You” on Spectra Music Group. The CD is co-produced and written by Quentin Moore (also of Dallas, Texas), and exhibits a style that infuses Smooth Jazz and “Southern Soul”. Walker began his musical career as a blues guitarist influenced by the legendary B.B. King.

During the year 2000, he switched to R&B and became leader of a local cover band known as“Chill Factor” playing mostly throughout Texas and Tennessee. After 12 years with the group, he turned his interests towards Smooth Jazz, leaving the band to create the “A Smoother You” project. After sending a few preview tracks to producer/guitarist Paul Brown, Michael forged ahead with his project and has recently released his latest CD in available world wide in stores and online.

In addition to production, writing, and guitar skills, Michael enlists Drummer Kenny Washington II, Quentin Moore (Keyboards, Wah Wah guitar, Bass & Vocals), John Robinson (Bass), Vandell Andrew (Alto Sax), Dunye Nasuhoglu (Congas, Percussion),  Karen Bernod (Chaka Khan and Erykah Badu) (Vocals), Angela Blair (Background Vocals), and Earl “Tee” Harris of the Los Angeles group “3rd Scenario” (Vocals).
Tracks include:
 *Let’s Do It
It’s Time
I Wanna Love You
*Brother To Brother (Featuring Karen Bernod)
A Smoother You
The Moment
*Sweet Swag (Featuring Earl “Tee” Harris)
*I Need Your Love

(All songs written by Michael Walker & Quentin Moore BMI, except “Sweet Swag” and “I Need Your Love” written by Quentin Moore)

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