Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Guitarist Curtis Robinson's new CD Dancing In The Street: A Tribute to the Musician's and Music of Motown salutes the iconic Motown sound

Chicago born now Las Vegas based guitarist (The Doctor) Curtis Robinson's new CD Dancing In The Street A Tribute to the Musician's and Music of Motown salutes the iconic Motown sound with the new and well deserved perspective of the musicians particularly the group of musicians that was the musical foundation for many of the label's hits known as The Funk Brothers!

Largely a self taught musician who began playing professionally mostly on weekends at age 11 and has performed with the R&B vocal group and Chicago's own The Emotions, Johnny Hartman, Smokey Robinson, Jack McDuff, Kenny Burrell, Esther Phillips, Phil Perry, Ramsey Lewis and many more has richly prepared Curtis Robinson to under take such a daunting task!

"The inspiration for  Dancing in the Street is actually two fold says Robinson. One is the fact that none of these instrumentalist called  The Funk Brothers got any album credits until Marvin Gaye recorded  What's Goin On and the second is that the tunes I selected just swung so hard"! 

While the 10 tune set is loaded with musical highlights led by Martha and the Vandella's classic  Dancing In The Street  recorded here as very hip blues or the Stevie Winder classic Sir Duke that segue's to I Wish that's played at a break neck speed and also on display here is sensational drum work from long time now former  Ramsey Lewis drummer, Leon Joyce Jr.

Of course what would any Motown themed release be without What's Going On which stays committed to the original melody until midway through Curtis shift gears and takes it to new heights, and the spirit of Curtis' number one guitar influence Wes Montgomery is evoked!

"Most people don't know that The Funk Brothers were some of Detroit's talented jazz and blues players" Curtis comments, which makes this musical approach so appropriate and the passionate guitar playing of Curtis Robinson as meaningful and further displayed on the CD's remaining tracks.

Another musical highlight is the Curtis Robinson composition, final tune and the only none Motown tune on the CD, Wes and Pat no doubt inspired by  Wes Montgomery and another guitar influence Pat Martino. Featured here along with more soaring guitar lead are outstanding solo's from pianist Michael Logan and again drummer Leon Joyce Jr!

Curtis Robinson has assembled and outstanding group of musician including both bass players  Chuck Webb and Larry Grey who soundly hold's the bottom down as all Motown hits of the era had,has arranged and produced this unique set of Motown gems that's certain to stand the test of time, again!

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