Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Electronic Music meets Brazilian music in Om’Dub from Marcelo Vig

Through his own interpretation of Dub, Marcelo creates a unique musical experience that fuses the DNA of Brazilian and Electronic music, with a vivid presence of both calf skin drums and digital drums, human voices and electronic music textures.  Indoing so he creates an entirely original combination of styles that distancethemselves from the ubiquitous 4-onthe-floorpatterns.

Produced between Rio de Janeiro and London, Portuguese titled tracks add charm to the artist’s 1st album and draw inspiration from people like SBTRKT and Laurent Garnier, all adding fuel to an irresistibly authentic project.

The tracks “Carimbstep” and “Phat Samba” are shining examples of how Brazilian music can add to those electronic rhythms that grow ever more global by the day. However in “Estadio”, which is a previously unpublished track by Fausto Fawcett (Brazilian poet), good old Rock’n’Roll crops up as a striking alternative to the synths and more organic instruments, and has the special feat of Vulgue Tostoi (band from the Grammy winner producer, and renowned producer/guitarist Jr. Tostoi).

The project that started late 2013 and gathered momentum with the arrival of Bernardo Pauleira as a Co-Producer, has many special guests and writing partners such as Mary Byker (Apollo 440 and Pop Will Eat Itself), Pedro Luís and Marco Andre(famous Brazilian singer songwriters who co-wrote “Carimbstep”), Marcos Suzano, Vulgue Tostoi, Lucas Vasconcellos, Humberto Barros, Jam da Silva, Gabriel Muzakamongst others that popped in and contributed with their talents, helping create a diverse, yet strong unified musical identity.

In his search to accomplish the sound that he had in mind, Marcelo Vig invited the London-based producer Glenn Skinner to mix the tracks which build an invisible, yet tangible thread between Rio and London.

Marcelo Vig is both a carioca* by birth and a Londoner by affinity. For the last 15 years he has lived between London and Rio, where he is now based. In the UK, Vig played drums with Patrick Wolf with whom he recorded two of his albums and toured extensively around the world. As a drummer has worked with name artists from both sides of the Atlantic: Eminem, Will Smith, Avril Lavigne, Stacie Orrico (TV sessions), Cass Fox, and has recorded with Bishi, Jason Donovan, Debbie Bonham and many others.

In Brazil he has recorded with Gilberto Gil, Lenine, Roberta Sá Pedro Luís, Zé Renato, Vulgue Tostoi amongst others and was a member of the band Tantra (Universal Music) in the 90’s. Vig also works/worked with: Lobão, Marcelo Bonfá (Legião Urbana), Léo Jaime, Pedro Luis, Alexia Bomtempo, Katia B, Julia Bosco, Vulgue Tostoi, Letuce, Marina Lima amongst other famous Brazilian artists both from the mainstream and the indie scene.

As a composerVig was awarded with Best Sound Track in Italy’s Massimo Troisi Film Festival in 2003, with the track “Magic Eyes” and has had one of his tracks included in “My Life as Liz” the American MTV series and often takes part in international actions for brands such as Bacardi, BMW etc...

As a DJ Vig started off in a course in London at the S.A.E. school in 1998. Between ’99 and 2001 played in Brazil in the emerging electronic scene, having played in the Rock In Rio Festival in the dance tent. After moving to Europe in early 2001 Vig played in Lisbon and held a residency at the Guanabara Club, and also presented the radio show Caipirinha Appreciation Society.

Marcelo Vig also takes part in his own Collective Conecta in Rio and plays drums and DJs with Brazilian sax player Rodrigo Sha, in his Live PA. In 2015 Vig has started his own dance music event named Cool Lab to bring DJs producers and musicians together to create live collaborations to spice up the dance floor.

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