Monday, June 01, 2015

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: Contemporary Jazz and R&B band E-Life7 debut CD “Miked Up” featuring Michael Pennick

E-Life 7 has united some of the finest musicians for their debut CD project entitled “Miked Up”, released on Three 2 Go Music Records.

E-Life7 is the brainchild of Ron Walker and Mike Pennick, who are long standing members of Buffalo Music Hall of Fame’s recording artists ‘The Exoutics’. Both decided it was time to explore their ‘jazz alter egos’ and discover what was hidden underneath the style of music they were so familiar composing throughout the years. 

E-Life7 (short for “Enjoy Life 7 days a week) is a sophisticated combination of musicians spanning many musical genres. “Miked Up” is a unique compilation of collaborations of funk-pop-bass driven grooves embellished with rhythm and blues stitched with soulful dance grooves that is ideal for getting their audiences on their feet. Mike Pennick (for whom the project is named) exudes his artistry with grace as he walks up and down his bass guitar with his natural flow of spirited-musicianship. 

Also shining brilliantly on “Miked Up” are local legends Rodney Spears, Charlie Crymes, Jr., Walter Kemp III and Van Taylor (keys), Ron Walker (guitar), Tim Webb (drums and percussion), Ken Whitman (tenor sax), Joey Diggs, and Dee Osbourne (vocals). Each player’s performance is a thing of great beauty, art and skill, magnificently laudable, perfect in pitch, timing, and taste. In short, E-Life7 makes fusing genres with contemporary jazz flavors seem effortless. 

“Music lovers around the globe will appreciate the sheer musical expertise of E-Life7. Not only do they tap into the genres of music that we all know and love but its the way that they execute its fusion of the arrangements, it truly is ‘feel good’ music” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide social network. 

Mike Pennick and Ron Walker not only have a great band that is looking to be booked for festivals and special events worldwide for 2015/2016 calendar, they have been on the lookout for aspiring musical talent seeking to conquer the music business and its live stages. As partners with Three 2 Go Music label, they have embarked upon two rising stars who they will be showcasing at the upcoming Midem conference this coming June. 

"Three 2 Go Music Alliance has a mission of “delivering musical excellenence with independence”. As a partner I’m very much anticipating the global introduction of Omeri’s debut CD 'Day Dream’n' in July. With the Midem conference happening in June this year the timing could not be better. Melissa Kate and Omeri are enthusiastically looking forward to performing live, entertaining fans and making new friends while having a great Midem conference. ~ Ron Walker, E-Life7 & Three 2 Go Music Alliance, RW Music Video Production 

Three 2 Go Music Alliance will present Buffalo, NY recording artists Omeri Monroe (pop/indie artist) and Melissa Kate(international jazz and blues singer), performance in Cannes France. We are pleased that our 2015 featured artists will attend the MIDEM music conference. Monroe and Kate will each deliver 30 minute performances at Plaga La Mandala on Saturday June 6th.
In addition to delivering outstanding musical performances, E-Life7 lends its philanthropic arm and charitable support to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Sickle Cell Disease Association and Western NY Food Bank.

Be sure to come by and check out their feature on The Jazz Network Worldwide at To purchase and learn more, go to

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