Thursday, June 11, 2015

Saxophonist Person Natalie Releases New Contemporary Jazz Album 'Deep As Ocean'

'Deep As Ocean' is the name of the second album the saxophonist known as "Person Natalie" has released with Australian composer and producer David Lewis Luong of Relaxation Cafe fame.

Natalie cites a wide range of influences for her musical ideas and songs, with a prior single release entitled 10-59 Charlie, as well as an EP she self-produced with the help of her father, a guitarist/bassist. When she was approached by Mr. Luong to record some tracks with him, "I was more than thrilled," she says. "I really enjoy David's jazz compositions, in particular his piano playing is so inspirational and beautiful. And the fact that he plays trumpet, I am a big fan of brass instruments, so I was very happy to be working with him."

What was great about this album was David's flexibility and approach to it: "He suggested that I come up with some of my favorite melodic riffs, whatever I like, then he would tailor the songs around where the saxophone was going. I really liked that idea- it offered me a chance to expand on a couple of different things, with no restrictions as to a specific set of chord changes or form."

The result is a contemporary jazz album, or acid jazz lounge, as it is referred to by Mr. Luong. It has some ethereal sounding bass that seems to both simultaneously float out into the stratosphere in 'Azure Sky' and effervesce into the depths of the deep blue in the title track 'Deep As Ocean'. Add to that some mellow and pensive guitar riffs that have a nice layering effect, some funky Rhodes keyboard grooves, cool trumpet sounds, and of course Natalie's mellifluous alto sax. Overall, a real feel-good album with a nice chill vibe. So take a dive into 'Deep As Ocean' which is available for download now on itunes, amazon and spotify. You can check out a few of the tracks from the album at her website as well as some of her previously released material.

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