Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: American Songbook Vocalist, Ken Greves with his new CD “Night People”

Ken Greve’s third recording,“Night People” embodies the language of love in an American Songbook style of performance that personifies the journey of the high’s and low’s of finding joy on the other side of disappointment.

“Ken Greves has been a friend to The Jazz Network Worldwide for years and has shared his last two recordings with us. We are excited to jump on his bandwagon once again featuring his latest recording of “Night People”. The high caliber camaraderie of musicianship was beautifully executed on these timeless classics. Musical director Frank Ponzio on piano, Peter Donovan on bass and drummer Vito Lesczak are a cohesive force, giving Ken the perfect backdrop to sit comfortably in the artistic seat of driving the deep reflection of the aspects of love and all its sides” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

“Night People is an homage to my early youthful days, when I haunted and habituated the night scenes and nightscapes searching for the unnamable thing or experience. This divine restlessness was always seeking newness, satisfaction, release, and ultimately peace.” says Greves.

For Ken, the lyrics are the jewel for which the music provides the beautiful setting. This is not to say that sheer musicality does not play a major part in this music. Ken’s approach in both the arrangements and the manner in which he blends his superb vocal artistry with his musicians is of the highest order, fully conceived within the concept of synergy that is essential to the greatest tradition of jazz. – Marty Khan, OutVisions “Night People”

“The performance of the ensemble is first rate, responsive in every way and, if anything even more remarkable is the work of the vocalist, Ken Greves, displaying an exceptional expressive range of tone and dynamic.” ~ Raul da Gama “Night People”

To compliment the release of “Night People”, Ken launches a brand new website that encompasses his musical journey as well as the different business and entertainment services he offers the marketplace. He is an avid supporter of those in the industry and has made his expertise available to those artists that are looking for defined systems and structures for their careers both financially and production-wise.

In addition, he is seeking non-exclusive worldwide agents for representation, Greves is looking to tour globally in venues that present the American Songbook style performances.

On Monday, July 2nd, 2015 Ken will be hosting a CD release party presenting “Night People” to his friends and fans at Cafe Noctambulo in New York City undoubtably to a full house!

Be sure to check out Ken’s feature on The Jazz Network Worldwide at www.thejazznetworkworldwide.com as well as his new website www.kengreves.com.

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