Thursday, October 30, 2014


Soul Jazz have done it again – and really knock it out of the park with this tremendous collection of Crescent City soul! Yes, there have been plenty of New Orleans collections over the years – and yes, most of them are pretty darn good – but there's really something special going on here – a very fresh take on the Nola sound, with lots of lesser-known tracks by some of the bigger names on the scene – and a special focus that goes way past the hits, and which also shows some real overlooked nuggets from the early 70s too! The tunes all still have that great New Orleans mix of grit and groove – but there's often a nice sense of warmth, too – less of the cliches you might associate with the scene, and some surprisingly mature modes on some of the later tracks too – almost as if deep soul modes from farther north in the south were filtering down to the city to change up the groove. As usual, Soul Jazz have included some copious notes to support their excellent music choices – and quite frankly, we're even more impressed than ever with their work on this project – and we've been stocking their albums for almost 20 years! Titles include "She's On My Mind" by Aaron Neville, "Caught You In A Lie" by Robert Parker, "Don't Pity Me" by Curley Moore, "Steppin Out" by Lionel Robinson, "Being Without You" by Maurice Williams, "Congratulations Baby" by Barbara West, "I Don't Wanna Hear It" by Betty Harris, "Back Street Lover" by Ernie K Doe, "I've Never Considered" by Inell Young, "The ABC Song" by Diamond Joe, "Tell Her That I Love You" by Jimmy Hicks, and "She'll Never Be Your Wife" by Irma Thomas. ~ Dusty Groove.

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