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A seminal album by this legendary Philly instrumental group – essentially the house band at Sigma Studios, and an incredible ensemble filled with top-shelf musicians! The sound here is virtually the blueprint for Philly soul of the 70s – a blend of wickedly tight rhythms and fuller orchestrations – served up in a way that's never sleepy, never overdone – and which has a careful balance that none of the group's imitators could match! Production is by the team of Gamble & Huff – already well-known associates of the group of musicians that includes Bobby Eli, Lenny Pakula, Leon Huff, Norman Harris, Vince Montana, and many more! Most of the titles here are instrumental remakes of familiar tunes – all given a Philly soul sound, and one heck of a groove! Titles include "Family Affair", "Freddie's Dead", "Back Stabbers", "Something For Nothing", and "Poinciana". CD also features a bonus track – "Family Affair (7" single version)". ~ Dusty Groove


A pretty bold assertion from Peggy Lee on the title – but she backs it up nicely in this obscure album of "guy" songs from the end of the 50s! There's a playful feel to the music that fits Lee's vocals very well – as do the bouncy arrangements from Jack Marshall, who turns out to be one of the best musical partners that Peggy could ever hope for! The set's got that nice jazzy groove that really makes Lee's return to Capitol Records so great – and titles include "Good For Nothing Joe", "Charley My Boy", "Jim", "Bill", and "It's So Nice To Have A Man Around the House". ~ Dusty Groove


No drummer's corpse here – as, if anything, the sound of the album is more than enough to keep the drummer alive and well – thanks to work from percussionist Mike Pride, and an array of other guest players too! The title track takes up the whole first half of the album – and features Pride on drums, gongs, organ, and more – with help from an array of other percussionists who include Bobby Previte, Oran Canfield, Russell Greenberg, Tyshawn Sorey, Ches Smith, and John McLellan – all working in a very layered approach to sound that almost feels like a drum-based take on a Glen Branca score once it gets going. There's a bit of vocals layered somewhere in the mix – and on the second track, "Some Will Die Animals", the percussion is much more spare, just handled by Pride, with guitar from Chris Welcome, bass from Eivind Opsvik, and some added recitations too. ~ Dusty Groove

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