Tuesday, June 04, 2013


After the continuing success in 2013, Images is the latest release by Dee C’rell on Holm Records. All three compositions expertly combine alternative music making elements within jazz related practices, and are further examples why Dee C’rell is regarded now in such high esteem within contemporary-electronica, and jazz related music worldwide.

The first track is entitled Falling Backwards which comprises modern jazz music techniques and electronics. Creating sensitive use of rhythm through both the inner and outer structural characteristics of the piano only, and with the refined overlaying harmonic and melodic approach of both piano and electronic music making devices, Falling Backwards reflects the modern relationship personally for Dee C’rell within contemporary electro-acoustic jazz and song composition.

Tia (featuring Tia-Francesca, Helmut Neugebauer) is a delicate elaboration on a circular non-resolving theme. Playfully reshaping continuously the composition, Tia is a modern lounge-jazz composition, which includes Austrian jazz saxophonist, Helmut Neugebauer. Dee C’rell’s young eight year old daughter also appears for the second time since the composition Form 2 alongside her father, with her own unique choice of words that reflect an innocent childlike view of the world around us.

Looping at the Spree is taken from the Berlin recordings, Looping at the Spree captures the intensity of Dee C’rell on piano through live improvisation on piano and electronics. Expressing the value of art music in jazz improvisation, Looping at the Spree is one of the finest examples of why Dee Crell is regarded in such high esteem by many of his peers. Looping at the Spree takes the listener on an intricate journey within the piano.

Dee C’rell’s Images is scheduled release date 7th June 2013.

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