Thursday, December 22, 2011


Quintin Gerard W. is blazing the trail and catapulting Urban/Smooth/Contemporary Jazz music into a future of substance, strength, and popular appeal! Before It’s Gone, the newest CD project for Quintin Gerard W. is an amazing collecting of melodic moods, with funky beats and satisfying sensual grooves! It starts with a funky, sweet, soulfully atmospheric soprano groove, and then eases into a hypnotically trippy chill mode, complete with cool ambiance, spacey sound effects and clever sax/flute harmonizing! Quintin also sprinkles in a lovely and soothing female voice for flavor, while never losing his dynamic sax improvisations. This CD also keeps the mood upbeat, lighthearted and he even throws in a bit of high-energy 90s house music! Before It’s Gone also taps into Quintin’s love of gospel and adds graceful flute touches. Quintin proves he is a true multi-instrumentalist as he handles some of the album’s keyboards himself. However, he emphasizes that he “plays keyboards and piano as a songwriter and producer only,” and he delivers with an incredible collection of tunes that are full of rich, powerful vibes that proves this music is

Before It's Gone Tracklist:
1. Sweet Ladies 4:35
2. Our Day Will Come 5:29
3. Like This Like That 4:15
4. When Things Don't Go So Well 6:52
5. Before It's Gone 5:22
6. Night Time Pleasure 1:39
7. The Asymptote 4:11
8. Foster's Child 4:15
9. Be Happy People 4:06
10. Words Can't Explain 4:47
11. Buy That Ring 5:20
12. Nevada Nights 5:45
13. Test My Love Again 4:54

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