Friday, December 16, 2011


A great balance between piano trio energy and larger group musings – a set that features the core combo of pianist Paolo DiSabatino on all tracks, but also adds in some great reeds and trumpet on others, too! DiSabatino's work on the keys would be more than enough to draw us in – warm, lyrical, and plenty darn soulful – gliding with this graceful approach to the music that's really wonderful – filled with life and joy, and always with a fresh, personal quality that set's the record apart from others of its nature. But throw in the horns, and things really start to take off – tenor from Gianni DiBenedetto, trumpet from Andrea Sabatino, and soprano and baritone from Javier Girotto – working together in tight formation on the heads, then stretching out with their own inflections to really broaden the sound of the record. Trio members include Glauco DiSabatino on drums, Marco Siniscalo on bass, and a horn section consisting of Javier Girotto. Among the best songs songs here are breezy "Shadows" , a convincing "The Nearness of You", the beautiful orchestration of "Giant Steps" from Coltrane, and the delicate melody of "Wendy" by Paul Desmond.

1. Calypso (P. Di Sabatino)
2. Piccolino / Lullaby for Louis (P. Di Sabatino)
3. Night And Day (C. Porter)
4. Shadows (P. Di Sabatino)
5. The Nearness Of You (H. Carmichael-N. Washington)
6. Floating (P. Di Sabatino)
7. Giant Steps (J. Coltrane)
8. Wendy (P. Desmond)
9. South of the Moon (P. Di Sabatino)
10. Pick yourself up (J. Kern-D. Fields)

Paolo Di Sabatino - piano
Marco Siniscalco - bass
Glauco Di Sabatino - drums
Javier Girotto - soprano sax and baritone
Andrew Sabatino - trumpet and flugelhorn
Gianni Di Benedetto - tenor sax

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