Thursday, October 13, 2011


Seasoned pianist Walter "Spicy" Band & Climate Change are releasing its new international CD entitled Sweet Gumbo to the world through The Jazz Network Worldwide. It is centered on the creative talents of its leader Walter "Spicy" Bland, pianist, composer-extraordinaire, educator, inspirational leader who has toured the globe and performed across the United States. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts to a family of artists. Educated at Emerson College, Berklee College of Music and the Springfield Conservatory of Music in Massachusetts. While studying at Berklee College, Bland was introduced to music from many cultures which is reflected in his musical compositions to date. While at Emerson, Bland had a unique opportunity to put his musical signature on Steve Hemingway’s television production for CBS Playhouse 90 and the soundtrack for Hemingway's show "Brother love," the first African American sitcom produced by African Americans. The first black news program, 'Black News' on Channel 7 also presented Blands compositons. Moving on to composing music for NPR specials, an HBO series entitled “OZ”, television commercials, dance companies and the New African Theatre. Walter was touched when he was awarded the "Action for Children's Television" award for his work on the PBS series "Infinity Factor”.

Climate Change is taking its place on the jazz scene with their new international release, Sweet Gumbo. “I want to explore the synthesis of different music with jazz and different art forms.” says Bland. “I want to be engaged in the arts globally and to make a difference socially. I teach piano and composition and enjoy how today’s technology offers that possibility. I love the flower garden of cultures, I have collaborated with painters, writers, dancers, and poets. I love it all. I want my music to connect the right opportunities so that I can become what I want in my heart without compromising my soul.” It is about finding the 'right synergy' . “The Jazz Network Worldwide is excited for Walter’s new project for it truly has a potpourri of flavors that capture a multi-genre layering that blends with a signature all its own” says Jaijai Jackson, creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide.

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